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  1. Aaaah, so that's what I've been experiencing since the beta ended. Thanks for clearing that up for me ;)
  2. ​Hmm, you still see that? Edited a minute or two from that posting from code to a image.
  3. ​Everyone who pre-orders have guaranteed beta access!
  4. ​Thanks, dude! ​Thanks for the kind words!
  5. Be the good guy for the most part, and then raise hell upon those who stand in the good ones way.
  6. True, but one can only hope This is gonna be an awesome year for the gaming community!
  7. All you mentioned above will happen one day! Time is luckily on our side
  8. All aboard the hype train! GOTY for sure? Yes.
  9. Thank you! Tweeted about this forum, btw ;)