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  1. Great work on Episode 1 !! I will make this post "featured"
  2. Well trust me and when i say.... @g1nt3r and I had a late start on the Wildlands band wagon.... its nowhere near premature....
  3. Be sure to check out our Twitter account we run. We try and give out the latest news on the twitterverse / reddit when its posted so stay tuned :)
  4. xDeadmanx

    Wildlands Hand On

    GRWL will have bullet drop :) The hype is reaL!
  5. If you start a twitter page. Hit me up on @divisionforums . I will help spread the word about u
  6. Let's keep the conversation on subject and arguments to each other via PMs.
  7. Please don't double post. This question was asked in a other subforum. No need to ask again in another forums. Thanks u
  8. xDeadmanx


    we do apologize for the inconvenience.... :(
  9. Fixed. No more red reference
  10. I will be on xbox one on launch. I'm game to jump over to people's stream/team whenever. PM me if you'd like me to join I'm off for the 8th and 9th
  11. Even the smallest idea could make this place even better than it currently is. Don't be shy and suggest something. We will read them all and take them under consideration. -Staff
  12. Please post content recorded / made in the correct subforums. *moved*
  13. ^^^ let me win on a scratch off or lottery lol