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  1. Here's my new Youtube Channel I started couple of days ago! Be sure to check it out!
  2. What's up everybody I just wanted to tell y'all about my brand new Youtube channel. It's called Freshy! I'll be sure to leave a link below if you guys wanted to check it out. First thing I want to say about my Youtube Channel is that it will be based on The Division, where I will be uploading The Division Methods, Glitches, News, & more! I currently have 3 videos up on the channel, so if you love The Divsion be sure to check out my channel. message me if you want a specific tutorial or walkthrough video, I'll be sure to upload it! Stay Fresh (:
  3. Thanks, I see your from Chile I have a friend from there. Seems like a cool place! (: What console do you game on?
  4. Thanks man! what console do you game on?
  5. Glad to here, thanks. love reading discussions about The Division. Also what console do you game on? (:
  6. Yea, hopefully I can save up to game on the PC.
  7. totally agree! I have sunglasses on and its just been buggin me.
  8. Interesting, good to be updated on what's going on in the game. Also, what is Trained Talent?
  9. Thanks! (: What console do you play on?
  10. Welcome everyone, I just want to start if by saying I love playing The Division and also making videos on the game. Im currently a level 7, just started last night and if anybody would like to make/join me in a video, don't be afraid ask. Also if anybody has a gaming youtube channel you would like me to check out, reply with the link! (: My Youtube Channel-