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  1. A reddit post today highlights a DPS calculator and theorizes how it is calculated in game. For those who love data should check this out. There is a webpage and videos (short and long versions) discussing how everything works.
  2. Create your own ID card from the SHD.
  3. I think so. My understanding that DXRacer chairs use larger wheels than most of their competitors. Maybe having a larger diameter wheel may help with carpet.
  4. Thanks guys. I have been looking into DXRacer. They seem to have a very good reputation within the gaming community. I am hoping to find a local store that carries DXRacer and other brands. @Grank I agree about buying furniture online.
  5. During the closed Beta I had the upper left and right paddles assigned to LB and RB (skills), respectively. I also have the lower left and right paddles assigned to health kit and grenades, respectively. Lastly, I have my triggers locked to the hair trigger setting. With this setup I can keep my index fingers on the triggers and my thumbs on the sticks at all times (except the right thumb for reloading and cover). I have yet to adjust the sensitivities of any of the triggers or sticks. Some good stuff here... May have to play around a bit! Thanks.
  6. Maybe the Coney Island bosses would be Joey Chestnut and Kobayashi! :)
  7. A week? That is awesome! I am looking to take a day off. Any illnesses going around... Would Division withdrawal count??!
  8. Anyone see this over at reddit? Nothing confirmed, but The Division's raid is Rikers Island and will be available after 2 weeks of the game's release. It will be a 8-man raid for Agents at level 27 and there is a hard mode at level 30. Appears two story lines will be required to unlock the raid.
  9. Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but check out the skill calculator originally reported at VG247. Credit goes to Miodec. It is incomplete, but has a similar interface as the in-game menu. Hopefully Miodec will complete this once more information is available and/or release.
  10. I have been wondering the same thing given we can switch skills to build specific styles of gameplay on the fly. Unlike other other games we are not stuck with a specific character or have to pay with some in-game currency to change the distribution of skill points, etc. Do we know if we can share loot between toons yet? If not, well... I guess having another alt will allow one to run solo/with friends like DIR3_W0LF said.
  11. It is all the same just like other games as others have mentioned. I found myself calling the items using RPG terms (common, rare, epic, legendary) during the Beta. Guess I'll have to learn, or get used to, these terms.
  12. Hi everyone... Argentum047 here. I have been thinking of buying a video game chair and started doing some research. Currently, I play console and use a large bean bag from LovSac. My Sac is great, but it would be great to have more support overall. My research has lead me to few brands. Namely DXRacer, X Rocker, Merax, Maxnomic, and Arozzi. I know I do not want a chair with speakers. Therefore, most (if not all) of the X Rocker chairs are likely out. Money is not really concern. I have seen some chairs around $500, but ideally I would want the best chair for money. However, I would be willing to pay for quality. Other info that may help: I am 6' tall, 210 lbs, and longer in my torso than legs with longer than average arms. Comfort and support are important. Color options and looks are secondary. So this is were you come in... What are your thoughts, opinions, and recommendations on chairs? Would you buy yours again? Have you ever had a negative experience with a particular brand? Etc...I appreciate any and all feedback here. Thanks for reading and helping a fellow Agent out!
  13. My bio: Twitter: Dr_BK Twitch: Argentum047 (note: have not streamed before, but capable) Xbox GT: Argentum047 YouTube: Bryan Katzenmeyer, Ph.D. Thanks for spreading the love!