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  1. Seems like it could end up being a blessing for PVP. But we won't know for sure till after the games release.
  2. Callsign_Gloves


    You know, I'm actually considering preordering PC... I've never preordered before, but it's my favorite game series... But I also have a life... So when would I ever get around to playing it?
  3. Sig Sauer MPX*. Best SMG in the game. Good with any build, but best with D3-FNC.
  4. Welcome to the forums. All the information you could ever need on The Division is here on the forums, you just have to find it! And don't worry too much about your English, it's actually pretty good.
  5. Your not going to get far with builds until after level 30. Get to after 30 first, get some gearsets. Whether it be from the DZ, incursions, or Global Events. Global Events are going to be great for getting the classified gearsets also. And save up your Division Tech! You're going to want to use that on optimizing and re-calibrating your gearsets once you get them!
  6. Cool story bro. But if they don't accept me into it, somebody ain't going to be making it home that day. I'll just say I'm a moderator at the forums. That'll solve it.
  7. Well that was.... Easy... At this rate, just give us all the shields now.
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    Gaming Laptop

    But it feels like I'm carrying a child... a mechanical one. Just kidding. Glad your so pleased with it gene!
  9. Thanks bro. @Craig scorer, hit these guys up on twitter. They'll be able to help you more than we can.
  10. DSP brought up Hamish, Yannick, and Petter. That is a better first step. I don't use Twitter anymore, so I have no idea what their handles are. @DeadSockPuppet, I imagine you have them?
  11. I second that. I imagine a petition is the best way to go about it.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Going off what @Oh. daesu said, xbox seems to be the smallest group of players. At least here on the forums that is. Hopefully it is much more populated in-game.
  13. DAMN 30 in one evening? Seems like they never come out for me!
  14. Good list here! SANTA STILL LOVES ME! I'm too old to be believing in some old fat guy in red...
  15. Yeah, something along the lines of "what's new at E3" or something. @Oh. daesu had it in his original post about getting the patch.
  16. Only the best thing ever, that you haven't discovered yet.
  17. Here are the amount of landmarks for each DZ. DZ01 - 1 DZ02 - 3 DZ03 - 1 DZ04 - 1 DZ05 - 1 DZ06 - 2 DZ07 - 7 DZ08 - 4 DZ09 - 5 See if those numbers line up with your map. Obviously, one is missing. Once you know which DZ it's in, we'll narrow it down.
  18. Nope, only one landmark in DZ01, and that's Blockade. The one I missed when I was doing it was in DZ09, The Armory. Have you come across that one?
  19. Supposedly, those tunnels are real. I obviously have know idea about the reality of it, I've never seen them. Another rumor was that in the national archives, the constitution, declaration of independence, bill of rights, their cases all go underground. Super cool if that is the case.
  20. Well, they do make Far Cry. Ubi isn't entirely PC.