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    We still have GRW forums? Damn. Oruro-00105 is a connection lost error. More than likely coming from your end. Try everything mentioned in @Oh. daesus post. Port forwarding is probably going to be the most confusing for you. Here's a more in-depth guide on it. If your still confused on how to do it, I'd go to youtube next.
  2. At least they were respectful to your corpse.
  3. Jeeeeeesus! That's a hardcore player right there!
  4. Confirmed it. I got it without needing to do Stolen Signal. HVT's are also an excellent way to gather GE and Phoenix credits. I'll run my D3 set, I can finish them all relatively quick, and then I'm loaded on them. Honestly, I got all the masks within 24 hours. This is my 2nd day playing the GE, and I have 13/19 commendations for Onslaught also. I appreciate it being so easy, since I'm a casual player, but also because I'm a total completionist.
  5. Woah. Don't ever remember seeing that...
  6. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    Glad you found a laptop that satisfies you gene, game on brother.
  7. Freaking love The House. Best SMG I've ever had. Only got Vulcan mask so far here though. Last time I tried going for Rictus, my ally shocked me. Grrr!!!
  8. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    Hopefully you find a laptop that will suit your tastes gene. Sorry I wasn't much help on this one.
  9. That does seem weird. I'll try getting a weekly cache here soon and see what happens with me.
  10. Somebody get some Kazoo musicians in here ASAP!
  11. Only when he has his helmet and cape.
  12. Go with the rivets my friend. They can hold anything together. Except the Titantic.
  13. We don't discuss how I know, gene. And if you ever figure out how I do... I will have to make arrangements for you...
  14. Lord Puppet is coming! Look busy!
  15. Aha, that would make much more sense.
  16. Who the hell let you out of your coffin?
  17. Hey all, Saw we didn't have a post on this. I've been searching around on how to get the piece of intel "SHD Transmission 1", and it seems like nobody has a straight answer on how to obtain it. What seems consistent is that you have to complete all Resistance levels on some wave between 15-20, and be on world tier 5. Anybody here already got it, and able to confirm how to obtain it?... Asking for a friend. Thanks peeps!