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  1. They used to allow you to upload directly to youtube with it also, if I remember correctly. Not sure if that is true now though. It's been a long time.
  2. Back when I did it (yes, I actually did youtube once apon a time), I was on a old 2006 Macbook Pro. I used Camtasia 2. It was alright, best one for then Mac OSX I had. When I did streaming over the past year, I used OBS. It was free, it was easy for me to use, I loved the layout, especially the studio mode, and it worked well. For a short time, I actually used it along with a streaming rig. I cannot remember what plugin I used to have my gaming PC OBS stream to the streaming rig OBS, but if you wanted to know, I probably can find it around. I don't stream anymore though. It was fun, but not something I wanted to do long term. I have no experience with Premier Pro, just some Photoshop. And I don't watch much YouTube anymore. I'm subscribed to some channels still, but not a big user of the site.
  3. I understand the pain. I've burnt out on TD a couple times. I usually take up to a couple months to come back, fall in love again, and just play the living sh*t out of it. I'm kinda burning out again also. Because, like you, the GEs. They were great, but I put a lot of hours in, and now I'm slowing down... Been playing Assassins Creed 3 more. I personally like visiting survival. I have more hours into that than underground, or any other DLC. For awhile, the ONLY thing I would play is survival. I loved it, and still do, but not as hardcore as I did.
  4. Welcome to the forums, and welcome to the PC MASTER RACE my friend!
  5. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    I am all for refurb. That, and the used stuff in good condition. I have yet to have a failure with anything I have gotten those ways. Of course, if the refurb price is not much less than the new price, just buy it new. Otherwise, I feel refurb is always a safe way to go. Used stuff, you just have to really pay attention. For me, it must always have images, a detailed description, and the seller has to have some reputation. I more likely to buy from a ebay seller with 4 stars and 8k reviews than the guy with 3 stars and 20 reviews.
  6. Oh I absolutely agree with that. Arizona is a very gun friendly state, and I love that. No, .44 is not issued in the U.S.. All we got is a couple air rifles in .177/4.5mm. Although, I do believe we have a couple functioning M1903s, but those are ceremonial rifles. So I assume they rarely even put blanks in those. Now if people were conceal carrying on campus, I would be 100% for it. But you NEVER, EVER, announce or brandish a firearm, or ammunition. So even if these students were armed (I honestly question the mental state of some), they would be very irresponsible. I forgot to mention they were BRANDISHING the ammunition to other students. It's not as if they and their bags were searched and they came across them. Of course, that all was done after they were found brandishing it, and more was found. I had a cadet look down the barrel of one of those 1903s last week, and I immediately told him off. I don't think these city kids have even handled a firearm in their lives honestly. No muzzle or trigger discipline, and looking down the barrel? Come one now. I used to conceal a knife with me in Ohio. Typical campus policies, no knives, etc... My automotive tech garage still did it anyways. We all thought it was stupid. Tell us none of us can carry anything, but to fight an armed assailant? Okay, sure.
  7. I expect Ubisoft will first begin running the servers for the game on potatoes with sticks of RAM in them. If they could not do that, that would be fantastic. So like @Oh. daesu, I fear they're going to fuck something, if not most things, up. At least at first. Maybe they'll fix stuff later on. I do like the Washington D.C. rumor. Perhaps because I'm a bit bias, but I do feel like it would be a good location. Not quite like NYC. Bit more open, mainly on the mall. I think you could have some pretty awesome battles on the mall. The metro system there I am familiar with also. Maybe kind of have those underground tunnels, like the subway tunnels we have now? Although, D.C.'s stations are a bit bigger. I feel like that would also give them plenty of opportunity to expand the map in time. With the system going out into the Maryland and Virginia metro areas also. Other locations? London, Seattle, I do like the idea of Tokyo, but I think that may even be more crowded together than NYC. All I got for now. I want more information on the game before I say anything else.
  8. That is some very good advise. Had a battalion formation at 0700 this morning (of course, you arrive earlier than that), and I was the only one from my company to show up. Mama mia. "Best company" my ass! The only company that didn't show up. And apparently, last week, 3 privates on the company were carrying live .44 rounds on their persons... How stupid do you have to be to bring live ammunition onto a campus? 2 of those privates got suspended, but reported in again this morning, and I am nowhere near happy with them. I believe one was expelled, but that may be incorrect. All I can say is if they want to be the best, they better start acting like it. And fast...
  9. He's a good example of cadets who eventually enlist or commission. I'll try not to get too political here, but during the Parkland shooting in Florida, a group called "Code Pink" came up, and apparently they're looking to remove JROTC for "militarizing" students, despite the courage of other cadets. Cadet Private Peter Wang held doors open to get people out. He was killed, posthumously awarded the Medal of Heroism, and was given full military honors at his funeral. Along with 2 other cadets, Alaina Petty and Martin Duque. Another cadet, Cadet Second Lieutenant Colton Haab, protected up to 70 students with kevlar backdrop.
  10. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    18.74lbs?! I may as well put that in a rucksack!
  11. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    Weight wise, just don't get one of those ridiculous laptops that fit a desktop size GPU, and you'll be fine I'd think. But I'm not carrying a 12lb laptop.
  12. Already got Cage and Bug myself. First GE masks I've ever got. Only just started coming back to The Division big time. So far no regrets.
  13. Callsign_Gloves

    Gaming Laptop

    I think I have mentioned on other posts that I am not in the gaming laptop scene. I have know too many people who all had too many issues with them. Especially with Alienware, that has been the worst. Back when I was a Desktop Support Assistant, we had employees order Alienware laptops, and the screens ended up being dead. ASUS and MSI I have good experience with so far in other departments. All I have to say on this. I'm sure you have put a lot of research into this subject yourself. So you may know even more than me.
  14. Got in the battalion Tuesday. Got my tour from the Major, and man, the place is a literal bunker! Steel door, stairs down to what they call the "basement" of the school, smaller than what I'm used to, but defiantly cooler. Got assigned my unit for now, only 9 weeks left at this point. It's my first year as a cadet, but again, I'm placed with upperclassmen. They plan to move me into the 4th years next year. Very many things are different. More than I originally thought. Couple additional things in marching, but they don't do much of it. Sequence is MUCH shorter and simpler than what I did. They do, however, place more emphasis on addressing people properly. Cadet Lieutenants are simply called Lieutenant, Same with Sergeants, and vice versa. And more responsibilities for those roles. Promotions are done by passing a promotions test. You have to score 100% to pass. It's all very basic stuff however. But they still only have 10% pass it. Which tells me a lot about the dedication of the battalions cadets. It clearly reflects from my company. Alpha company is typically awarded as the best company, but their performance is not impressive to me. Nobody seems to keep bearing, their are even worse at marching than my old flight. I thought my flight was bad, and they did a longer and more complicated sequence. But they look good compared to this company. Everybody loves to talk, chewing gum, won't listen to the platoon sergeant, just all around terrible. The platoon and first sergeant, along with the sergeant first class and Lieutenant have their acts together thankfully. The first sergeant is by far the best there. Does everything just perfectly. I have transferred over as a Corporal, despite having some things to learn. It seems all are very impressed with me so far. Hopefully we can keep things that way. I hear we'll be target shooting and rappelling soon as well.
  15. Christ Almighty, 1000 hours?! I only got 323! I used to go to a career center where my old AFJROTC Squardon was at where I did automotive stuff. Before I went in there, I didn't even know what the hell a brake caliper was. Under the supervision of a Master Technician, my knowledge greatly expanded. Defiantly more into cars now. Got any repair horror stories?
  16. Yes! More character customization! Something closer to GRW's would be great.
  17. Welcome to the forums! I'd start checking here for some xbox players to tag with.
  18. Correct. Even if you switch to another squadron/battalion in the same branch, you have to turn it in. For me, switching branches and going to an army battalion defiantly warrants it. They have you turn them in so they can recycle them to other cadets. I had roughly 650$ in uniforms. If you damage them, you pay for them. Oh absolutely less obligation. I knew one guy who stayed a couple weeks then quit. JROTC has no service obligation. ROTC on the other hand, has no obligation your first 2 years. Your last 2 you do. Dad got a job with the State of Arizona's State Park Service. He's an I.T., But he also goes out to the parks if something needs done at one. And, let me tell you, Arizona and New Mexico have some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Oh the difference between here and Ohio is very different. While they were at 19F (-5C) and in a snow storm, it was 80F (25C) and clear here. Nights here can become a bit chilly though. As deserts tend to do. There is going to be some differences between the old and new units. My old one was an air force squadron, my new one is an army battalion. So uniforms, rank structure wise, different. Regulations tend to similar between air force and army as far as I have seen. Same drill regulations, same salutes, etc. As for curriculum, I have no idea what they'll be putting me in yet. It's taking some time getting in. I have the papers I need, but they don't seem to know what to do with me. Most cadets go to the school they're based at full time. Where as I will not be.
  19. This would be pretty cool. I lived in the Metro D.C. area for 2 years. Had the virginia earthquake, hurricane sandy, derecho, all that good shit while I was there. Great place for visiting, but big cities aren't for me. If they decide to do it, hopefully I'll be able to tell you how close to scale it is.
  20. You have the hormonal levels of a 12 year old. I hope your right about that second part. Hopefully it will be even better than the original.
  21. Ubisoft and Massive have announced they're working on The Division 2, and 5 studios working on it? What are they doing? Making a new country? Thoughts?
  22. Man, I have not been here for awhile. And with a good excuse. I've moved to the very sunny town of Tempe, Arizona. Hooray for no more snow, sleet, ice, salt, and cold temperatures! I did have to leave my squadron. So I turned my uniforms and everything back in, as they are government property. I was able to keep my rank, ribbons, dress shoes and socks, PTs, and a uniform V neck however. Before I left, I practiced for a couple weeks with the squadrons Honor Guard. Super cool guys (and gals). Amazing how good they can get spinning, flipping, and throwing rifles. 8.5 pound M1903 rifles. Drill rifles, so deactivated. I picked up some stuff from them, and it defiantly can become fun doing. Didn't really enjoy the regulation drill stuff, but exhibition was defiantly enjoyable. Attended a Military Ball as well, not something I typically would enjoy. But I grew comfortable with a lot of cadets at that point. Turning in my uniform was a very sad moment for me. I was very proud of the uniform The transferring process doesn't seem too terrible so far. I had my cadet record printed out from my squadron, and I'm just taking it to my new unit. I'm transferring to the Padre Battalion, 5th Brigade, AJROTC. I understand Regiment comes after battalion, but we don't really have regiments so to speak. Unless you count the states as so. Everything is divided by Region, or Brigade, containing multiple states. I'm currently talking to the Major and Sergeant First Class' there on how my rank, decorations, etc will transfer over to them. I have heard that when transferring branches, they may knock you down a grade though. If everything transfers perfectly, I would be a Cadet Corporal. But I'm not holding my breath. The end of my last day, I was awarded 2 additional ribbons, and apparently I was the first cadet in 12 years to have attended every one of the squadrons events. Some kind words from the Chief and Colonel as well. Thinking about making a shadow box for my old stuff. I've seen former cadets do them, and they come out very nice. Just going to buy copies of some stuff like my name tags, tape, and patch.
  23. Did you scan for fragmentation on those drives also? Are you opening the game from Steam, or uPlay? Keep me up to date on that sound driver solution also.
  24. I'm on 390.65 here. Could explain why I haven't had this issue.
  25. Hey Ryukp, Monitor your temps and resource usage next time you boot up the game. And please answer these questions for me: Is your OS and video drivers up to date? Have you tried verifying the game cache? Does this only happen with The Division? Thanks!