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  1. You know, I'm actually considering preordering PC... I've never preordered before, but it's my favorite game series... But I also have a life... So when would I ever get around to playing it?

  2. 4 hours ago, Smirk the pyro said:

    Hey yall new to the form and new to the game and late in asking this but im looking to make my character stronger better and my firepower better so as of now my fp is 25,346 with the m60 34,567 with mk16 rifle that i got in the dz my armor is at 56,788 right now and my skill is setting around 16,500 and im at level 26 any advice is appropriate sorry if im noob but like i said im new at this thanks once again

    Your not going to get far with builds until after level 30. Get to after 30 first, get some gearsets. Whether it be from the DZ, incursions, or Global Events. Global Events are going to be great for getting the classified gearsets also. And save up your Division Tech! You're going to want to use that on optimizing and re-calibrating your gearsets once you get them!

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  3. 12 hours ago, Oh. daesu said:

    Ubisoft says the number of beta registrations has set a new record for any game in their stables.

    The previous record was set by TD1 in 2015. 

    TD2 is said to be 4 times TD2.

    Cool story bro. But if they don't accept me into it, somebody ain't going to be making it home that day.

    I'll just say I'm a moderator at the forums. That'll solve it.

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  4. 10 hours ago, RimBlock said:

    First item is back dated.  The two others need to be earned from now. 3x3 phase Challenging and 1x1 phase challenging and it was done.

    Next Shield unlock is 27 days :44_frowning2:.

    20180719220215_1 (Medium).jpg

    Well that was.... Easy...


    At this rate, just give us all the shields now.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, genedjr said:

    But it works!

    But it feels like I'm carrying a child... a mechanical one.

    Just kidding. Glad your so pleased with it gene!

  6. 1 hour ago, Craig scorer said:

    How do i start a petition to see if it could be done

    DSP brought up Hamish, Yannick, and Petter. That is a better first step. I don't use Twitter anymore, so I have no idea what their handles are. @DeadSockPuppet, I imagine you have them?

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  7. 8 minutes ago, g1nt3r said:

    I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I can get behind that, you should start a petition.

    I second that. I imagine a petition is the best way to go about it.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, RimBlock said:

    Finally.... 100 hunters later I have Sting.

    Did 3 phase cycling with randoms and got the final 30 of the last two evenings.  Also ended up with 14 Underground caches.

    For this one you have to actually kill the hunter (not someone else on the team).

    Oh, the build is Sentrys Call

    20180706222914_1 (Medium).jpg

    DAMN 30 in one evening? Seems like they never come out for me!

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  9. 38 minutes ago, DeadSockPuppet said:

    Was the reward the special E3 patch that you got from asking SAM in the Club Ubisoft app specific questions?

    Yeah, something along the lines of "what's new at E3" or something. @Oh. daesu had it in his original post about getting the patch.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Oh. daesu said:

    DZ08 and DZ09 are the ones I cover more, these days. But there lies the trap I guess. I shall re-check since presumptions ...

    Here are the amount of landmarks for each DZ.

    • DZ01 - 1
    • DZ02 - 3
    • DZ03 - 1
    • DZ04 - 1
    • DZ05 - 1
    • DZ06 - 2
    • DZ07 - 7
    • DZ08 - 4
    • DZ09 - 5

    See if those numbers line up with your map. Obviously, one is missing. Once you know which DZ it's in, we'll narrow it down.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Oh. daesu said:

    The more I stare at it the more risque it seems. Not that I'm staring, of course. Just that the more you look them ore you know... *cough*

    Pop reference to a 80's film. The division is meant to be timestamped for a certain year.

    Contain yourself.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Oh. daesu said:

    Yeah, I've heard people mention the metro and that some of the capital buildings near the Library of Congress all have underground tunnels connecting.

    Supposedly, those tunnels are real. I obviously have know idea about the reality of it, I've never seen them. Another rumor was that in the national archives, the constitution, declaration of independence, bill of rights, their cases all go underground. Super cool if that is the case.

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