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  1. Yes this is just for PC currently. UPlay is Ubisoft's digital distribution network for PC Games. Xbox and PS4 preloads should go live tomorrow.
  2. The Division Open Beta Preload is now live on Uplay. Get your clients downloaded/installed/updated for Friday agents!
  3. Free advice: If you don't have any footage to use of the game you are talking about just use screenshots which you can get from Google Images. It's a lot better then having Destiny playing on a video about The Division.
  4. The Open Beta starts on February 18th on Xbox One and February 19th on PC and PS4 and ends on February 21st. Since the beta is open you or your friend will not need a code. Preloading will be available on February 16th from Uplay, Xbox Store and Playstation Store.
  5. Some PS4 patch notes have surfaced on Reddit and Twitter. Really nice list of fixes here and amazing that Massive is listening and adapting to player requests.
  6. Ya I think you have a really good point.
  7. Honestly that watch menu while it looks cool is completely inefficient. After the initial coolness has worn off, you would be constantly frustrated by having to scroll through the options to get to your menu you want or if you're on the PC you would have a hotkey assigned to take you directly to the menu and would bypass that all together.
  8. Honestly this is mostly just a gamma reduction. You could basically achieve this by turning down your brightness in your visual settings. By default it was WAY too high. I had mine turned down to about 20 and it looked pretty close to those screenshots without the hit to your performance by running a 3rd party post processing application. Once the game is released there will be better ReShade techniques available.
  9. So I posted this on Reddit but I thought I would post this here in case any of you aren't on the Reddit sub. In the most recent IGN First video where a developer walks us through the Lincoln Tunnel mission I noticed that the XP requirements for leveling are higher then they were in the beta. This likely means they were reduced in the beta due to the lack of missions. It also might mean that we will take longer to hit levels then it did in the beta which is great for those worried they would hit end game too soon. Proof in the screenshots below. BETA LEVEL REQUIREMENT NEW LEVEL REQUIREMENT
  10. Honestly not that hard if you know the right tools. I could do a quick tutorial video if it would help.
  11. Thanks a lot! Ya learning Photoshop at 3am can be tough. Good thing there are all the YouTube tutorials!
  12. Thanks! I don't know what the "official" term is because I am a Photoshop hack but I went through and took him out of an existing picture and put him on a transparent PNG. Now I can use him for whatever I need.
  13. Hey guys/gals, Just wanted to get your opinion on a YouTube thumbnail style I have been working on for The Division videos.