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  1. Where did President Ellis go after his betrayal of The Division? Intel showed the former President was taken to the north of Washington D.C. There is a presidential compound called Camp White Oak.
  2. April would never have imagined vaulting into the Dark Zone. But she had a mission. One that sustained her through freezing nights and starving days, keeping her focused, giving her something to live for. She had to find Warren Merchant.
  3. The larger factions are fighting for domination, while there are minor factions seemingly only looting. Ambushers roam on top level looking for loot, while the Underground dwell in the sewers. Let's take a look at their story.
  4. We're travelling to the Manning National Zoo, the Pentagon and Coney Island, New York City. We're there to hunt down Emeline Shaw, the Black Tusk leadership and Aaron Keener. Let's take a look at the new lore, story and locations.
  5. The endgame, consisting of Strongholds and Raids on Heroic difficulty, are tough to beat. As a combat medic, your healing and support allows your group members to focus solely on DPS, in turn increasing your group’s effectiveness massively… pun intended. Download the build brief here:
  6. Joining the fight together with the other Specialists is the Gunner. Equipped with a minigun this Specialization puts an emphasis on damage output and damage resilience, a so called tank. Let's take a look at the signature weapon, skill tree and gameplay.
  7. The dominating faction for a long time, the True Sons were responsible for the desertion of a large part of the JTF, the creation of the Outcasts, actively caused the forming of the Hyena Council and wiped the Castle Settlement from existence. Let’s take a look at how they managed this.
  8. New York City, NYC. The epicenter from which the Green Poison spread. Hostile factions ruled the different districts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. But, what happened in NYC in the six to seven months that have passed?
  9. Aaron Keener. The First Wave’s prodigal son. Keener’s story is filled with many questions. Why did he decide to go Rogue? What are his plans after he disappeared from Manhattan? And where is he now?
  10. Little to nothing is known about the Hunters, as no intel has been found in New York City or Washington D.C. However, their goal, behavior, appearance and other intel provides us with clues upon which many have speculated. In this brief, we're taking a look at the current running Hunter origin theories.
  11. We have uncovered a fair amount of intel on the Black Tusk. You might have many questions: where did the Black Tusk come from? What is their objective? And who is their leader? In this intel brief we’re attempting to answer those questions.
  12. In the recent history of the Green Poison outbreak there have been three presidents: President Waller, President Mendez and President Ellis. Not too much is known about what happened to the presidents, which is what we'll go in-depth on in this video.
  13. In this intel brief you will be briefed on the hostile threats that await you in D.C. Currently eight factions are roaming the capitol, with four fighting for dominance of the city.
  14. Something is hiding down below, in the darkness of D.C.'s sewer system. Rumor has it there is a giant roaming the tunnels, dressed in chains and thick armor - carrying a chainsaw. He's followed by a small, but aggressive pack of humans. Let's explore the depths of D.C. and find this monstrosity.