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  1. Hey want to kill some filthy agents today? will this video will show you how to be at the best of the best gears :DD enjoy <3
  2. Explaining all the things i can for this video pleas do share feed back if you can
  3. I mean they already give the promotion by sending me the clip really
  4. Basically, I wanted to make my own series, which is gonna be called Top 5 rogues kill of the week = I will be showing 5 clips of Rogue kills + 1 bonus fail clip if there is one And Top 5 Agents kill of the week = I will be showing 5 clip of people killing rogues + 1 bonus fail clip if there is one I wanted to make this series because I think it be awesome to see what kind of adventures or even awesome moments people had if you are interested in sending in your clips please email me at = [email protected] and I will be reviewing and downloading your clips pleas do put a description on the video and explaining what happened, I will do this weakly and post it up here and reddit and hopefully it be a very awesome series for people to look forward to! Any feedback to the idea is always appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, I will be showing you guys this really big and and awesome map made by one of my friends ChristianRiesen This is a video giving a more detail about the maps progressions and stuff as well its a really cool map should take a look at it its still in work so more stuff will be added once the game is out :D Video = Map =
  6. Hey guys I am here to talk about the guns and stuff also explaining the accuracy in this video also i will be showing you the finished spreadsheet of all the gears and guns you can pretty much find its with pictures aswel so you can see its glory if you found something that's not on the list please do tell me I doubt you can find any aha but will see enjoy the stuff Spreadsheet
  7. also added the new talents in the sheet now if you give me your email i can let you take control of the sheet aswell joker
  8. I find that weird myself The also another thing I haven't been able to find a purple m1a classic at all i have beingserver hoping for ages so the highest rate of my m1a classic was the one I have to outlast if you can open the sheet you can see the DPS and perks on it was a good one as well, even with the MP7 the purple one it had a peek on it where it gave 20% crit chance so I focused on getting Critkinda armor and damn I was doing allot of damage to people
  9. i am a bad person i know Upvote if you got reddit it be nice for exposure :D
  10. I have been doing some research on the interwebs and found all the details i could get and put them in one spreadsheet Tell me what you guys think of this! :))