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  1. Glad to have you Agent. Be prepared to get tactical.
  2. Umbrella Corporation will have 7 Teams doing missions this Beta on PS4. "Our Business Is Life Itself"
  3. yes this is correct and many feel this is why they will have a stat tracker. link is below Agents.
  4. Im sure they will designate a Stat Tracking system.
  5. I think that sounds like a cool idea. Though with one shot one kill or even similar would ruin the rpg aspect of the game and stop people from using most of what they have at there disposal. Though I wouldnt throw it out.
  6. Thank You!! :) yup its going to be epic, i need my Division fix lol
  7. This game will be epic Agents, It will have its failures im sure, lets just hope for now that they do not go the route of Bungie and just abandon us after 10 months Umbrella Corporation
  8. Haahahaaa I see. Hey we have to get that game time in. Ya im not going to be able to smash a 50+ hour run this time, though ill definitely get a good 24 hours in. The headaches are a bummer. :(
  9. Nice!!! We will be doing a 24 hour stream as well. Cant wait to get some more game time in b4 launch Equals= Most kush job in existence +1
  10. Took the 19th and 20th off to get another grind in. Umbrella Corporation SlainByBlind
  11. Umbrella Corporation If you are looking for a well organized Clan with highly coordinated Teams, then look no further agents.