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  1. So again, there's a new glitch that have been found and this time it enable players to unlock all talents in one weapon. I hope that this gets fixed as this game is slowly dying. :( Here's the glitch if you want to see it for yourself.
  2. After launching update 16 and the final paid expansion known as Last Stand back in February, Massive Entertainment provided a sign of relief to the community when they announced to continue support for The Division well into 2017. In the latest State of the Game live stream, the team at Massive revealed some upcoming changes to the game in the next server/client patch.
  3. There's an interesting Year Two mock-up of the free 1.7, 1.8 and 2017 expansions that are leaking online right now. I hope Ubi will comment on this.In case you want to see it, here's the link.
  4. So I've heard that The Division will be having some cosmetic microtransactions when patch 1.6. Well my thoughts are, if someone wants to pay for a shiny gold character then so be it, so long as whatever they buy with real £ isn't actually giving them any advantage or stat change over non-microtransaction gear or normal players then there's no issue here. Agree or disagree?
  5. Damn. These new exotic Hildr and Eir are extremely OP and need fixing asap. Here's some proof.
  6. So there has been rumors about a possible Battle Royale DLC. Any comments on this guys?
  7. Unlimited medicine glitch in survival. :P > Check it out here.
  8. So someone had allegedly leaking out some info about the upcoming update of The Division. And it includes some pretty interesting info about a new Vanity set, Dark Zone Central Park and more. I wonder how true this is? If it is, then I'm looking forward for the DZ Central Park. Now that would be awesome! Here's the link: The Division Central Park Dark Zone, New Vanity Set, SHD Tactical Terminals Leaked
  9. If you ever feel like your weapon is difficult to handle, you can always replace different pieces with stability as the main stat or use two-piece Strikers. In the end, you want the weapon to feel how you like it, however in my opinion, this is the best setup for the most damage per bullet in each category: burst, sustain, and handling. You can mix and match any of the weapon mods, such as a burst and handling mod to fit your play style. Feel free to add your input if you find stronger setups. Here's the link to the guide > BiS Weapon Mods for Each Weapon [Update 1.5]
  10. If you're looking for a new way to play in The Division, then you should try out this build. It's a Reclaimer Healer build which allows 6 seconds heal cooldown, which is a really versatile build and perfect for group PvP's. >>The Reclaimer Healer Build (6 Sec Heal Cooldown)
  11. Without a doubt, the Urban MDR Rifle is one of the best weapon that the survival update has. If you don't have it yet, then check out this guide> How to Get the Urban MDR Rifle in Tom Clancy's: The Division [Survival Update]
  12. Have been seeing a few posts lately about Reclaimer support, Sentry support, Hybrids or whatever you like to call it. Some of those posts were really good and I'm sure they were helpful to many people out there. I started to build this way when 1.3 came out and I got maybe 3-4 268 pieces and thought that with 1 electronic piece, the rest how you prefer to play and the right Skill Attributes on your Gear you might be able to max Pulse and Smart Cover, do a ton of DPS and be able to stay alive. I'm sharing my AlphaBridge build because it is the only one that I have that is 99% done. I have a maxed out Reclaimer and a maxed out Sentry. My Sentry is only a 4 piece when maxed out, I'm one pair of gloves or chest away from making it a 5 piece. Check it out here guys > Here's a Solid AlphaBridge Build [Guide] Hope you like it!
  13. Check out here a guide on effectively building a sentry hybrid. A sentry hybrid is all about bringing max skills into the table while dealing enormous amounts of damage, enabling your team to fully buff your team while also kicking ass. Here's the link guys > Hybrid Sentry Build Guide (PvE/PvP Variants, Smart Cover Tips, Counters) Enjoy!
  14. Here's a PvE DPS build for your agent in The Division, that works in 1.3 Underground. As a proof of its power, this build will enable you to run Falcon Lost Heroic Mode in 22 minutes or less. Check out the build here > The Division 1.3 Underground PvE DPS Build Guide
  15. Here's a simple build recommendation guide in Tom Clancy's: The Division after 1.3 Update. It will give you an idea on what weapon you should use, stats, talents and gear combinations. Check it out on this link > How to Create a Good Build in Underground (1.3 Update)