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  1. yeah the facial customization isn't a deal breaker but would def have been nice if it was more in depth.
  2. Hey guys! We at MHG want to read your funny or cool stories as the game release. If you have anything you want to share feel free to drop it here on this thread! Or leave us a voicemail on our website. We want to share the communities stories on our podcast! Since there is no bagging, aka mule-baggin, be warned I will Mule-jack you LOL!
  4. how did I miss this! gonna be useful in the open beta! Thanks boomslangg!
  5. well that stinks. Now I don't know if I want to try it lol. I read in a article about EA a few days back that they are losing a lot of subs.
  6. @DIR3_W0LF that's awesome! I have a good bro that use to work on that game at EA. Offered me a free copy once but I didn't have a PC that could handle it. :/ He made up for it though and got me the collectors edition Mass Effect 3 when it came out
  7. I don't know about you guys but we talked about this subject a little on our podcast last night. After playing the Beta I feel like when I try to play another game I feel ..... unsatisfied. I cannot remember feeling this way except for when Destiny first launched. Needless to say the hooks are in deep. So, the question is what are you guys playing to pass the time between now and the launch date? PS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the open beta be true! signed - TCTD Anonymous. (lol)
  8. So, there are tons of rumors flying around that there will be an open beta in February? Any of you guys think this is true or maybe just us fans wishing for more beta time?
  9. Honestly I would rather be in a community stream as we get to know that person a little better.
  10. Long as they don't do like Bungie and have years of exclusive stuff it will be fine for me. That is the only thing that bothered me about Destiny exclusives. I could get them but after they are not even important anymore?
  11. ​already ahead of the curve! lol following you scoop!