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  1. Just listened. It was great to hear a lot of Josh's questions answered by my boys @Deep-Fried Dave @BlessedDoom [RAR]. It definitely is worth the listen as a lot of newcomers questions will be answered on how the loot system and game progression works. Good Stuff - Chewyonionz
  2. Hello Agents, With 7 Days to go another objective has been made available to complete. Attached is the most recent reward for completing objective #3 from Ubisoft's Agent Intel. Lets try and see if we can find any secrets in here shall we!! Link to my twitter with the post pinned - Chewyonionz Obj-3-Reward.pdf
  3. Definitely going to have this puppy sent to my door!
  4. Hi my name is Chewyonionz, It has been just over 1 week since my last time participating in a manhunt and well... I feel a bit underwhelmed to say the least... I have noticed that my trigger finger is really itchy especially because I lost my turtle neck & Slouchy in a blizzard since my last playthrough... This next time around I am playing for keeps! #PewPew
  5. I agree with everyone's post in here that we cannot really bank on anything just yet. During the Open Beta I ran a Stamina build with over 7K & DPS at about 3.5K. I also stacked heal ability & pulse with critical hit bonus. I ran a superior MP7 & the 870 as I have seen things go close quarters really quick. I managed to survive about 90% of my encounters with rogue teams of 3-4 even when running solo at times. It really was a great combo for me. -Chewy
  6. Im glad they went the 30 day route and not a year like Bungie did with Destiny. By the time I played it was old hat.
  7. @CarpeAdam79 I suggest checking out @Boomslangg's Youtube Channel, as well as @arreksgaming, Open World Games & MarcoStyles. For Podcasts Listen to at least the last 2 episodes of Rogue Agent Radio ( There are also some other great podcast on this site as well but I have not had the time to dive into every single one of them. Also there should be some "directions" that come with the beta on how to play. With that being said there are a lot of threads on this site that you can really glean off of. If you are playing on Xbox I am more than willing to help you out GT: Chewyonionz
  8. nice i just saw this! This is great!
  9. Hey Everyone, For those of you that will be joining me in the DZ via XB1 what are your thoughts or personal preferences on Mapping your elite controller? Curious to know what you all think. Happy Open Beta Week, Chewy
  10. Yes, this would be a perfect example of what to do!
  11. A head shot will mark them like the pulse does for ten seconds. You will see then as a red figure through cover and objects
  12. Every weapon you find will have different Talents.. For example you and I could both pick up an M1A and have different Talents attached to them at random each time. Each Talent then requires a different semi-random amount of Firearms, Stamina or Electronics points in order to access said talent as you know. With this being the case it will be impossible to know exactly what you will need, but rather trying to find a weapon that fits your play style & getting it to fit your your desired character build. That is great feedback though man. I know that in the full release the higher the rank and rarity of an item the more likely all three categories will get a great boost. Its all about the loot hunt my friend! I can see myself spending WAYYYY to much time trying to figure this out lol!
  13. I will refrain from speaking about what happens in my pants! Anyone on here Big Brother? You are privy to the mumbling!.... I think its going to have to be a multi faceted spread sheet. Starting with what your end goals for the build are. Pick you goal DPS/Healer, DPS, TANK ,support... Its almost almost has to be more preferred play-style rather than a set character build. Then it would narrow down the direction you might want to go with things... Obviously with the different rolls you get via talents specific guns will not work but rather gun classes and related talents would be more appropriate. LMGS, DMRS, ASSAULT, SUB, PISTOLS, SHOTGUNS etc... Like you said Dave definitely not your average spreadsheet and class builder that is for sure.
  14. Yes what ^^^ said... If you search online you can get confirmed weapons that were in the Beta. Other than that we do not know other weapons included.. They have been tight lipped about this.