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    Have you reported this on the Official Ubisoft forums as a bug? Does it do the same in the PTS (if you're on PC)? Note, this site is a fan website and we cannot correct or report individual bugs to Ubisoft/Massive.
  2. Good for them! They must not let themselves be bullied into releasing more content before its tested as much as possible, including a couple of weeks worth of PTS data.
  3. Unfortunately, I guess the biggest argument against any of the Ai being real players is that each players game world is individual. Its not a shared for each player (several hundred thousand at a time), Ubisoft would have to employ a handful of people to run the NPC's. Unfortunately, if you do the maths you'll see its a non-starter. If the game had a fully shared open world, like WoW, it could work.
  4. PUBLIC TEST SERVER IS LIVE! *PC only* *Your current in-game characters will be available to test with* *Approx. 46Gb download* *You will have to download and install a completely seperate client (same as Div 1)* *There are no NDA restrictions* Please report ANY AND ALL issues on the dedicated Official PTS forums: The Division 2 - PTS [Forums]
  5. Not even slightly, as I said with the Hunters in particular I still have this niggling in my mind they're PC's and not NPC's. I wonder how we could find out though?? I want to know, step into the Matrix kinda on this. I mean, it might even be economical sense. Spend a ton developing an advanced Ai or pay a Chinese farming company to employ "players" for NPC roles 24/7 over 3 years? I think the Chinese option works out not only cheaper or equal but with a better effect in the game perhaps? Its a valid question & suspicion you've voiced for sure!
  6. YIKES!! Sounds like Ai getting a little "too" intelligent to me *scary* Personally I'd like to be an NPC in some of the games I play... come'on me to be a quest giver! (D&D Dream come true)
  7. Every time I play against a Hunter I think this to be honest but .... ..."Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs could get stuck in a T-pose when being killed out of view." Patch notes from restart 16th April. That said, I'd LOVE to find out the advanced Ai in the better games like this one turn out to be a secret hive of actual players hired by games companies!
  8. Ooooo... Linking to the fact that the Tom Clancy universe is all linked.... BTSU = Ghost Recon. *ouch* That'll hurt in the feels! Ghost Recon units are military but not typical as they're Tier One/SEAL operatives. There's (in theory) a decent number of them spread around the world on various ops. External Ops are likely to have been cancelled and GR units recalled following NYC. They have the assests available...and off-shore initially so potentially have access to the equipment we've seen. ...if we see BTSU using stealth suits in a future DLC I'm calling it!! Kelso, there's good support for her being at least a double agent. Jury is out for me as I'm not sure how much is just poor writing/bad animation lol Keener - I still, actually, hold out hope that he's going to turn out to be some form of Anti-hero in DC, rolling in with a handful of 1st wave Agents to take out the last paramilitary coup threat before leaving again.
  9. Either we don't know why ... or ..Alice is falling down a large rabbit hole.
  10. So who might the Black Tusks be? Plenty of conjecture before they were in the game...some after....that they were a foreign power (China/Russia) but there appears no evidence in-game for this. Some options have greater weight than others though: - A Covert US Government Black Ops Paramilitary Agency option - This is the most likely scenario but still has holes in it. Not least the, how do you hide such a clearly VAST military budget expendature (and DARPA links) and all the men/woman/material that they seem to have had immediately to hand, issue. However, they appear to be American accented, have close ties to "acting" president Ellis & known to the CIA (the two agents who murdered the vice president must have had prior contact with BTSU). However, which faction or what was the purpose of their Agency BEFORE the apocalyptical scenario we find oureselves in? One theory I've been presented with and, which seems actually pretty likely, is that "Black Tusk" is a ... clean up ... Agency. We have Directive 51, using The Division to use armed paramilitary embedded Agents to directly and aggressively restore order and governmental control after a national disaster. However, what if the fear was The Division needed a counter measure. What if, Division Agents went Rogue, didn't lay down their arms, or hand over control, what if...things got out of control so far The Division just couldn't contain it. ...not to point fingers but...that's exactly what happened! *shock* What happens then? Well, the idea is that Black Tusk is the Agency that goes in to clean up. Civilian Militia, Rioters, looters, unrecognised paramilitary factions and also Division Agents still active OR Rogue...all...Cleaned...up. The idea of wiping the slate clean in one final swoop using a highly trained and techologically advanced force in numbers seems to have appealed to Ellis for sure, as long as he was the one placed in charge at the end. - A military coup d'etat option - Next down is a simple coup d'etat. Whilst this leads into the first option nicely, it seems not to have been instigated (as we know yet) by a military leader...rather a political one. No reason however to expect this to not turn into a military coup in the end though. Betrayal is a key element in this world. - Foreign Invasion option - On face value this seemed a likely scenario, with plenty of possible background (including Russian involvement in the development of the Influenza virus). Firstly, the mass of material having NOT been hidden in the US itself but a military invasion from somewhere like China or Russia via bases in South America seemed very plausable and likely as there would be no need to hide these assets as such. The budget issues also can be explained better if this is actually a military from another country. Unfortunately this seems to be dispelled by the nature of the "invaders" in the game, who all seem to have impeccable American accents....or are they too impeccable? Is it that the leaders are just highly trained Foreign Agents to present a familiar face to the population and those they work with as traitors in the US?
  11. Both the president and the vice president are dead. De-facto (unelected) president is the speaker of the house, soon left the White House to effectively join the Black Tusks! As of now, in the end game the USA has no government. This poses some heavy questions. Clearly the vice president was murdered (voice log proven). I strongly suspect the president was also murdered, a sudden heart attack? He was in his 70's but that likely makes it easier to fabricate IMO. The Speaker confirmed as a Black Tusk collaborator/Agent. Who now gives orders to Division Agents? There appears to be no civilian morale compass for the Division Agency now..perhaps a minor issue given the rest of the issues around! Hyena's were armed by the Black Tusks in an attempt to perpetuate the instability between the three main DC factions as well. However, before we get onto the Black Tusks in more detail. A VERY interesting nugget I found on good old Reddit about the True Sons: "the true sons knew about the (impending) black tusk invasion, ..... head on over to the Lincoln memorial and look at the giant map in the war room, this is a story mission you play before it all goes down so they obviously knew, they even set up and underground logistic route to avoid the plan of assault of the black tusks" Considering the True Son's were PMC/Rogue Military, is it possible they found out about this "invasion" long before the game even starts? Was this the catalyst for Ridgeway to want to funnel away material and men? Consider this, Ridgeway was a respected military leader before he went "Rogue", if he found out about this issue...perhaps he couldn't feel ANY of the civilian leaders at the time would believe him and given the situation and the fact he was given all the men and materials he really needed, its very possible that he acted in a way to firstly fully contain those civilians under his control (by blocking up the quarantine areas), then mobalising his forces with the aim to resist the incoming invasion force? Sure, to someone outside, his methods seemed insane but in hindsight perhaps this was one of the few courses of action he could take?? He had (in theory) the military manpower to resist a major enemy incursion/invasion BUT his assets are all tied up guarding and maintaining a civilian population. Time is short and there's a mix of no one else he could trust and civilian leaders unwilling to listen. Then...Division Agents get mobilised and take his structure down from the inside BEFORE the Black Tusks arrive??!! Then who stands to defend against them? Mmmm...convenient that the final act is to take down the True Son's isn't it? Who ordered it? Ellis? Sure he did...and now we find out he's actually part of the plan. Who are the Black Tusks? They seem homegrown, have high tech gear. Some clear USMC equipment as can't HIDE hover craft that are bigger than the USMC LCAC's without some significant infrastructure.
  12. I set this thread up so we can have a get together to discuss the story in the game, where its going, what's happened so far and to generally throw our conspiracy theorys around. This might also promote a new love of a story line which has, so far, been skipped over. - Don your tin-foil hats - Get your documents ready - Break out the ouija boards - Grab your pentigram maps of DC ...lets go! Where's Nicolas Cage when you need him?
  13. THIS WILL BE A SPOILER THREAD!! have been warned. Contains theory crafting around the story of The Division 2, its factions, interactions as well as referencing in-game audio/video/visual collectables & hints. All posts below are unbound and can contain any possible spoilers as needed for an open discussion about the story in the game.
  14. yeah, gameplay was smoooooooth.... really nice and surprising. The audio issue is my end, its not just you who's very quiet for me so I'm going to rummage in Windows audio settings. Keep an eye open for each other, make sure we're in a voice channel when online and gaming and we're get together.
  15. We're still recruiting and still accepting players! Clan is progressing well now, we've built a good base of players and have started working in groups more often. Also this means we're attaining the Clan XP to gain cache's for everyone. The clan thread on the offiical forums has had some traffic as well which is nice. I'm not so much of a hands-on leader in this as I'm not online as much as needed perhaps BUT its nice to see the development of a clan based on quality of players rather than us attempting to just get a mass volume of anyone to join and then players feeling lost. Keep up the good work and if you want to join we're open for business in-game.
  16. OMG What a great idea! It would make Pulse actually worth carrying. Great tip. Never knew that but makes sense as the gas is a corrosive against non-organic compounds (yes, Massive did actual research into corrosive gases that will damage/melt anything except skin & flesh). It was great to finally get hold of you online! Pity I struggled to hear you though. 😞 I still have an issue hearing other people via Discord for some reason which I need to resolve. I can hear one or two people fine but the majority I'm playing with at the moment are whisper quiet for some reason...even though I've boosted their input by 200%.
  17. What I need now, is to stop playing the game so much so I can get to my crafting bench and put together the ISAC unit! I have pretty much all the materials I want to make the prop.
  18. Thank you! *blushing* Patches are from a UK manufacturer - stitchmeup - One shown in the shoot was a Thermal imaged patch purchased two years ago for Div 1. I thought the wear on it more appropriate as I haven't weathered my new embroidered ones yet. Arm patch and holder from same place. You can contact them regarding international shipping. I have one embroidered one for the front of my rig, not included in these photos. If I get decent light, I'll take photos of kit on its own.
  19. Slowly working on a cosplay based on the Agent Johnson figure. Progress photos to be added as they're available but I did a mini-shoot this morning, courtesy of my photographer daughter.
  20. There's a disparity that happens at some points in the game where the player levels up but his gear doesn't match the level he's on really .... no with the actual level of the gear (gear score etc) but with things like damage output, damage mitigation etc. Instead of making NPC's "less spongy" I think Massive need to look at gear scaling. In particular, currently, gear score items roll at a wide variation of actual performance. Very often you can pick up a GS500 item, and it underperforms compared with a GS450 of the same type for example. There are a few factors. 1) Gear Sets - they offer some significant power boosts but people still don't use them for various reasons, often its a lack of drop rate. 2) Possible overlap in the RNG power scores. Remember each piece dropped has a good handful of scores and each time it drops in the world the game engine rolls each one of these for type and power level from a table. My guess, at the moment, is that these tables overlap too far. This would allow low GS items to potentially out perform higher ones...compounding this issue is that a lower GS item is more likely to drop (maybe an example is a purple drops twice as often as a legendary) the number of times the game rolls is twice as many, so the sheer % chance of getting a better rolled Purple is at least twice as much! I'm hoping this is sorted out but I feel patience from the community is needed. Its not an issue of De-buffing NPC's, its a matter of ensuring drops are of a good enough performance for the players to recalibrate or work with so they can keep one step ahead of the NPC's in whatever level they're in.
  21. All that I've said regarding the game, difficulty etc seems to be known and on the radar to solve by Ubisoft (as per last SOTG) is seems to good times! I know they can't change the whole game and swap out Ai mobs but we will see what they come up with. Those sledgehammer guys are nasty...especially that burst of speed they have! Wondering if they can be held with a shock from something...we need shock grenades or similar.
  22. My own system is a Ryzen 2600 (OC'd to X series speed), & RX580. I'm a little disappointed in the AMD card...not performance wise but software wise. I haven't liked the capture software or the updating processes at all. Personal preference I guess but if I had the money again I'd go Nvidia and get a 1660.
  23. Thoughts. Currently the best value is on the AMD Ryzen 2600/2600X processors. Paired with a B450 board (Tomahawk perhaps) & 16Gb of 3200Ghz RAM. Intel processors are still elevated in price, and considering you can easily overclock even with the stock cooler you can get the cores to match Intel performance fine. Key thing is you NEED that board with lots of XMP profiles and you NEED that fast RAM. Side note at this point. It seems that both TD2 and Boarderlands have been handed to AMD for performance tweaking and to optimise for multi-core, multi-threaded processors. Graphics card is a tougher choice. Again AMD have worked to get the games working better with the AMD GFX's .. but ... the raw performance of the new generation AND price of Nvidia (in particular 1660 series) is very inviting. This is a GOOD time to rebuild! Prices are damn low. The only thing holding you back "might" be to wait for the new AMD NAVI cards due in the next few months. However, UK prices for Ryzen 2600 (£145), RAM (£90) & GFX card (1660 = £200, Ti version = £250, even a Vega 56 is £250!) means a really cheap build.
  24. Pretty sure it turns to Challenging difficulty at alert level 5. The biggest issue we've faced running an alert level 4 or 5 Control point is the friendly civilian milita dying!! Its a challenge to clear the control point, during the fight the militia get wiped...we kill all the enemies and...have to call in more militia to take the area = more enemies waves spawn again = militia die = calling in more militia = militia die = calling in more militia....etc etc! After it all and if we got lucky enough the militia leader DIDN'T die rewards just didn't seem enough. Currently running on the theory that the best pay off, time vs. effort, is alert level 3 only. You still get blueprints drop at least and you don't feel you've wasted 30mins to get two loot drops. As to what @genedjr and his experiences. I found 1-30 pretty much perfectly balanced as a new experience. Cover matters, PLANNING your engagement completely before you pull the trigger the first time is vital. Where will I take cover at first, where is my next two fall back points, can I kite the enemy into a doorway perhaps where I have good cover, are they groups so I can take a few out with one grenade or crowd control them with something incendiary etc. Yes. I did go through all these thoughts before doing anything. If I got jumped unexpectedly...I ran, I ran and ran. I felt no point in fighting on their terms at all. The issue I have now is that with WT4/WT5 the group mentality is back to - tanky enemies + DPS & armour over tactics. Challenging missions are ONLY challenging due to numbers of Ai and how unapologetically tanky they are. There are no real tactics to overcoming them except overwhelming firepower. The Ai that was interesting and good in 1-30 is circumvented as the mobs haven't kept pace with the players so the game design adds more Ai, more waves & buffs health. I'm all for ARMOURED enemies. Simply the best idea of a boss/high level enemy. I have an issue with enemies clearly NOT armoured having the same level of armour as those huge sledgehammer whielding monsters. Body armour vests, sure but the balance just seems off. Ideally the way to cover Challenging and higher (in the future) missions is surplant the base Ai behaviour and enemies completely. I had high hopes with the Black Tusks being an opportunity to fully replace the normal Ai factions in all gameplay after level 30 AND for them to have a ramped up Ai ... perhaps a step down from full blown Hunter level. Gameplay can then be adjusted with the addition or deduction of how many Ai mobs there were. A group of four "sub-prime" Hunter Ai Black Tusks should be more than enough of a challenge for a single player for example in most scenarios. Not only exhausting the players skills but also forcing the player to plan engagements as I did in the 1-30 experience. Yes, I know Ai is a deep and complex thing but since late in Div1's run they developed the Hunter Ai everyones pretty much perfect. JUST LIKE PLAYING AGAINST ANOTHER PLAYER. A Hunter literally scares a lot of players still (me included) when they appear in Div 1 or Div 2. I really think Ubisoft/Massive missed an opportunity to make a clean cut in game style after players hit World Tiers. It seems they presented it to us as that but didn't follow through with Ai development as the Black Tusks seem to work on the same Ai cluster as the irregular faction mobs do. I still enjoy the game but apart from running resupplies etc in the open world the higher difficulty missions just seem an artificial grind again which is unfortunate.
  25. What?? Now they tell me after I disconstructed