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  1. Keep us updated on this. My gut instinct was perhaps it was a RAID issue and the new BIOS changed your RAID settings meaning it was looking wholly in the wrong place for its NVME disc, obviously I have no idea if you've previously changed default settings though. However, this might be why swapping to the other SSD worked for you. That said, locking BIOS like ASRock have is really unhelpful!
  2. THIS! However, I don't think players can use too much real world logic such as "how many tins of beans do people eat in a day" or "how many enemies by number is there in DC". It is, after all, a game...think of it as a D&D game perhaps. Exactly how many Goblins ARE there in this world? The adventure party seem to have killed 1,000's yet more seem to appear in the dungeons they go into? Why? Because the GM keeps populating them! There's no point to a finite number of enemies or enemies who act naturally and in seeing a dungeon cleared by an adventuring party don't go back there "because its dangerous". However, there's no logic to the rotation that I can see. Some people have actively cleared the maps in one game session...but before they finish CP's are retaken as fast as they're liberated. We really need to know the mechanisms at work, I think we'd feel better about this if we did.
  3. In theory we only have a day or so before the next major patch hits...which SHOULD... solve some issues, and at least keep us busy as its completely changing how the blueprints and recalibration work! I foresee hours spent in the White House remaking all our builds. Then, Raids are "meant" to come. I think Div 2 is a victim of its own successful forumla to be honest Levels 1-30 progression is at a decent pace, TTK is perfect generally, loot plentiful. Once you hit Tier 1 though it seems the same formulas don't translate so well....suddenly TTK slows to a crawl but with loot still dropping like rain and progression still pretty fast you suddenly find yourself at Tier 5 and ... wondering where to go now. CP's and "Invaded" modes don't feel as satisfying as there's no real backgroud or build up to them. Its always the same blockade, same place, same settlement. CP's change hands with no real reasoning. I massively enjoy this game but there needs to be motivation added, logic behind "why" things happen as they do in order to give the player some push to fight. This, for me, is the biggest issue I have with the game past level 30. Not only is the introduction to Invasion pretty poorly written and presented but once you start fighthing back you REALLY don't change anything. I can't believe this is how Massive ultimately wanted the game to play out. It season 8 of GoT!
  4. The moral of this story is... make sure the leader of your group has done all the solo dark zone missions BEFORE you teleport into a DZ entrance...
  5. To be clear, I have no idea what the trigger is once you get to Tier 1-5 on how CP's change hands. There seems to be no basis on the supplies they hold or if there's an actual enemy attack. I have tweeted asking, have to see if it garners any response. I think once we know the mechanisms we'll feel better/work to combat it. However, I suspect its purely RNG and aimed at keeping "idle Agents busy so they don't complain about lack of content"...which is NOT they way it should be.
  6. CP's flip far too rapidly. I've secured CP's, opened the map to see an enemy attack coming, I've fully resupplied the CP, travelled to the WH, opened the map again and .. the CP is taken by the enemy. Do they even fight when you're not there to see it?? The impression I got (1-30) was if I kept the CP's stocked they could defend themselves...expending the supply points with each attack and once the supplies got low it would be over run. Get to tier level and this seems to go out the window for CP's changing hands based on some random BS RNG. I've seen CP's change hands when enemy attacks weren't even attacking them on the map! It is ... for a PvE Roleplayer style player like me...very demoralising.
  7. Since updating my set up I've struggled getting nice, smooth recordings to post. In-game whilst I'm recording, I experience no issues at all, frame rates are good and there's no lag etc. However, when I review the recordings (especially if they're co-op, i.e. in someone elses world or with a group) the frame rates are terrible! They obviously spike, then lag back to single figures, even stop. I'm experiencing none of this whilst I'm actually playing the game?!? What could be causing this? I'm playing at 1440p resolution, 144hz, high settings, recording using Filmora at same resolution and "best" default settings. Rig being use: Ryzen 5 2600 (OC'd to 3900mhz) AMD MSi RX580 8Gb Armor Edition 16Gb 3200Mhz RAM (twin channel) Game is running fron an SSD, recordings saved to a 7200RPM HDD (though I had same issues when the recordings were being saved to the games own SSD). Any suggestions? My initial thoughts are I need to scale my gameplay back to 1080p and 60/75hz but that would mean my 2k monitor is pretty I'm wondering if its something else or I need to upgrade my processor or graphics card maybe?? However, I admit, I didn't really have this issue when I ran my i5-6400 & GTX1060 3Gb system...which, should be, a weaker one for this! Then again, that was running at 1080p/60hz so maybe that small bump is the only reason?
  8. Due to having to rush a family member to hospital last Friday morning I've been pretty much offline and hands off with regards the clan, clan development, promotion and even gaming. An apology to all members who haven't noted the announcment in Discord. I hope to be getting back gradually over the next few days. Thank you for understanding. Quinch
  9. Its a fact that the intended way to get the best gear/blueprints is via open play. This is how the game is set up, how it was set up in Division 1. However, there is clearly a % pool of blueprints that rotate through the vendors. Drawback is that the vendors change only once per week and there's only a few of them. Blueprints - If you want blueprints the best way currently is either running Missions that gurantee a blueprint OR clearing Control Points of level 3 or higher. This is the intended way it seems to filter Blueprints into the world, by achievements rather than just purchasing for the vendors. Again though, Ubisoft/Massive have made it clear they've done all they reasonably can to not divide the player base. This means ALL items are available by ALL means but with significantly varying degrees of drop rates. Example: An exotic has the opportunity to drop from an enemy, a control point cache, DZ landmark box etc. How HIGH the chance it drops from these is different, with a higher chance of it dropping from the activity the developer felt when they made the game was the higher risk task. Remember, when we work with game development we are working with drop rate percentages of 0.004% very often. I'm serious here and I don't believe many people realise, in order for the systems to work a game virtually never works with a full percentage value as that works out far too high based on the number of times an action is undertaken by a player. So mostly for rarer drops a percentage hit is around the 0.004% rate. These are drop rate calculations I've seen in many games I've worked with, proviso here is I haven't been privvy to the actual drop rates for Divison 1 or 2 as yet but I work on the same assumption as they're calculations that work with other MMORPG's. This is why a guaranteed drop is always a nice touch. So rewards of missions on higher levels, or clearing control points is currently the best option by far. WHAT blueprint you do get however is, again, based on a drop rate % (see above). Another way the game is more inclusive is with exotics you build. BTW - you can collect parts in any order, however, blueprints only drop AFTER you have all the parts and the levelling up blueprint only becomes available once you've built the exotic at its 450-490GS. However, these are open to all players...solo or groups and I feel the materials have a scaling drop rate. You're first drop will be fast, then it scales the % back as it goes along. What is clear that as you get further into the game "useful" items drop less and less unless you engage in the higher risk activities (higher level missions, PvP activities, DZ, ODZ and eventually Raids). This is completely intentional as its intended as a form of brakes to slow you're progress down so you DON'T hit end game before the game is expanded.
  10. "I think the cycling on the True Patriot buffs and debuffs takes too long. By the time I get the Full Flag on an enemy, I have either already killed them or they are just a few shots away from death. " If you mainly run solo this is absolutely correct. I can't think of a scenario where TP is a good enough option. You want to take down the enemy as fast as possible..this gear set isn't built around YOU killing enemies. This set relies on you building debuffs on a large number of enemies gradually over a few seconds. Whilst Red enemies die too fast to really make much of a difference, when you face a handful of Elite enemies plus a couple of heavy minigun guys its easy to get full flag debuffs running on all of them. Whilst I currently use an LMG with this build, I feel it's aimed at a DMR build (semi-auto rifle) with a decent magazine size.
  11. I find the section about the rest of the world interesting. Nothing has really been said about it in-game but I always thought places like Europe would have been impacted very lightly. With wide access too items like disinfecting hand gels and face masks (obtainable really cheaply and in large volume to normal people) the end result would be a 72hr warning being sufficient to minimise any knock-on outbreak significantly. A similar situation would be very difficult to replicate in the EU as a "ground zero" as ... honestly ... we don't use cash! I honestly can't remember the last time I used actual bank notes to pay for anything. The outbreak of an influenza based GLOBAL pandemic, I think, its minimal. Even though the spread could be wide, as long as organisations like the W.H.O. and individual governments act on information and issue sufficient warning such a disease could be stopped rapidly. I'm not saying there wouldn't be ANY negative impact but we're not up to the "Thanos-finger-snap" level that the US in the game has experienced. HOWEVER. The main method of transmission would be via incoming infected visitors and this depends on the rapidity of when the symptoms are displayed. If symptoms weren't displayed for at least a week AND someone was infectious during that time the spread could be far more significant globally..but..the main stumbling block is the mode of transmission. Influenza being airborn (aerosol) & from hard surfaces (fomite). Its also passed from direct person to person contact but this is more localised, means that unless a patient is actually displaying many of the symptoms (sneezing, coughing) then chances of transmission are lower. This likely means that a global warning would be in effect pretty soon after the bulk of cases display symptoms. Aircraft filtration systems again minimise the spread even in such an enclosed space. Does this mean that the rest of the world, generally, is just carrying on without the US?? I'm not entirely sure how this effects the scenario in my mind. If most of the rest of the world isn't as badly effected...why aren't we helping? Is it a mix of a lack of central government in the US able to either request or formally accept an offer? It may well be, for example most emergency humanitarian aid on a large scale is normally organised by and run by our militaries. I feel the US wouldn't allow a mix of foreign military led aid missions on her soil, full scale governemnt breakdown or not! and if there's no active government to greenlight such a thing, it pretty much puts a stop to most outside aid. Seems a case that the US's own power, in this scenario, comes back to bite it.
  12. I'll start this thread on 25/04/19 as a list of achievements of all the clan members. This week in particular, well done everyone for gaining a SILVER Clan Cache this week. I can see us all working hard to gain the CXP to achieve this and its amazing. We are not a big clan, not sponsored by anyone well known in social media, no famous YouTube or Streamers, no massive multi-game, multi-region organisation. No, just 20+ hard working members. Agents grabbing their gear, their guns, teaming up and getting out there clearing the streets of DC. Running vital missions together, gathering vital and rare resources from the Dark Zones and the cold dark tunnels. I am glad to be a small part of this. Congratulations.
  13. See, THIS is an argument I can defend. Particularly in Div2 we were initially treated to a really nice balance of MMO style mechanics but also feeling guns actually did damage. Until you got to about level 20. Then it started to and continues to feel and play exactly like Div1. THIS, more than anything, I feel Massive need to look long and hard at. I have no real answers for it within the context of the game unfortunately but its a pity that lovely feeling isn't with us past a certain level of gameplay. Unfortuantely, its not an argument against rebalancing or for making a DZ PvE. Its an argument to rebuild the game mechanics though, and a damn strong one!
  14. Yup, have had two so far, one was 2.4k damage, other was 1.2k damage!! Plus side is deconstructing gives two exotic materials for rebuilding other exotics. The reality is vastly different from the perception. The zones are smaller but limited to 12 players max. Since launch I have literally bumped into ONE other player. Granted I intentionally patrol the DZ's in full stealth mode, hugging corners, checking streets are clear before crossing etc. but its a month! The one player was just clearing landmarks and didn't bother me at all. This is no different than in the LZ when you bump into a supply convoy, then another convoy comes along from the other direction...and then you aggro a nearby Territory Control area. However, its EASIER as Normalisation bumps up your stats to the max!! Ai die much faster in the DZ. Yes, it will...but in one of the last SOTG's they said 515 gear will drop outside the DZ. They just didn't say where, we're all assuming its a Raid thing. This is a persistant myth, similar to vaccines causing autism. PvE and PvP are calculated on seperate tables, modified seperately etc. This is one reason for Normalisation in the DZ's and PvP modes. In a live game, if your build is seriously overpowered..guess gets nerfed as its breaking the game. Players worrying about this need to get over it. It isn't an offline game. In any modern game, mechanics will always be corrected for gameplay reasons and to make gameplay both a challenge and fair.
  15. That'll be such a relief! I can't go make a hot drink every time I boot the game up. 6min loading times when using fibre optic broadband and with the game on an SSD just isn't acceptable....though obviously the issue ISN'T with the players side.
  16. Just as it did with Division 1, there is, again, an apparently massive call (or very vocal minority) for a PvE Dark Zone. Let's get this straight at the start. I am an almost completely dedicated PvE player, my Clan is 99% PvE, 99% of the players even flatly refuse to even go into the DZ's. However, I don't see what possible values there would be to changing any or all of the DZ's in Divison 2 into PvE only experiences?? I am willing to learn, to understand the reasons behind this wave of opinion. I have thus far seen no really compelling arguments for this, the main argument being "best gear is in DZ, why do I have to PvP to get it" and for me and my experiences with the DZ's in Div1 and Div2 this argument doesn't hold any water. Firstly, "best gear", perhaps you do, BUT if you play PvE, why do you need ultra high spec gear? You're fighting Ai! The game gets tough but not that tough and I find this continued push by many gamers for an "EZ-Mode button" actually insulting. Then we have "Why do I have to PvP to get the gear?", well..have you BEEN into the DZ?? There is no forced PvP! The game has multiple mechanisms to warn you of a player going or being a Rogue...also, if you can't sneak around unseen in the DZ's then you are playing this game wrong on fundemental level! Also now you don't even have to extract to get loot and i've found the drop rate of uncontaminated loot really high (which I find a little odd). However, bottom line is, i've found hardly anything in the DZ worth more than I can get in the LZ. There.. I said it...perhaps I can get more faster in the DZ but, really, its not that much different. I know this is changing but they've already said 515 gear WILL drop in the LZ via an as yet unannounced way. As I said, I am willing to LEARN and would love someone to sway my opinion but from what I've read so far the call for a PvE DZ is just another call by gamers unwilling to learn how to play a TACTICAL game tactically and wanting an "EZ-Mode". PvE is already nicely balanced, if Heroic missions are too hard, then just don't play missions on that level. The only, ONLY argument I've thought of for this is for Solo players...and yes, I can see that, a solo player wanting to become semi-Godlike so they can beat missions on harder difficulties with a view to collecting more rare gear for collection purposes BUT The Division has never really been a Solo game. I hate to say it, I played most of Division 1 solo, but its clear from all the co-operative options in these games that they're co-op focused multiplayer games, NOT solo adventures. Solo gameplay is "possible" but isn't and shouldn't be the focus. Clearly the game wasn't developed with solo play as its core. That was the choice they made and people, perhaps, should be willing to let that be. This is where I put the "change my mind" meme but I dont have one to hand. Can anyone change my mind? Sorry for this sounding like a rant but I fail to see why a chunk of the PvE community...would try to destroy a big part of the game we all enjoy or start what amounts to a civil war within the community.
  17. Just picked up 5 pieces of TP and run last night with it, its clearly a build aimed at group play so (luckily) I was running with a full squad from the clan last night. The buffs/enemy debuffs are pretty useful! I used an LMG and used the high ammo count to tag as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time in rotation. Its very helpful when facing a big wave of enemies when they spawn, you run through as many as you can get shots onto, marking each with debuff's. Getting the right combination of two or three of the debuffs planted on an enemy results in them melting really fast, even Elites. I can see a group with one running full TP (I only have 5 parts unfortunately) will find it a pretty good advantage in higher difficulty missions which focus on spawning mass waves of enemies with big armour/health pools. As long as the player running the TP GS plays it well and focuses on marking instead of taking down targets as a priority. Have to admit its difficult to change playstyle from focusing on killing targets to just marking them and stacking the marks in sequence though! An icon on your characters sholder shows what status will be applied and is always cycling so keeping one eye on that and applying stacks will take some seroius practice but my first impressions are very good actually. The Red and White debuffs are the obviously best ones though the haste buff is helpful for the team when things get hot and heavy! What it lacks though is information...what numbers are we looking at for the debuffs? How much % of armour is replaced "per bullet"? etc Remembering its just for group use really means that unless you're decently spec'd elsewhere you'll have to make use of your Loadouts to set up a specifically Solo build though.
  18. I have to admit that I'd unknowingly collected two of the parts well before I even realised, or had heard of, the Chatterbox SMG! If you don't know where to look, go to your Inventory, across to the materials/pouches section (the one that looks like a triple 9mm stick mag pouch) and scroll down to crafting materials section. Exotic materials use the diamond icon. There you can check what you have. The parts drop from ANY Hyena which you have to farm the Bank mission for (if I remember correctly). The parts drop on ANY difficulty so you can run the missions on Normal, however, not invaded, as there's no Hyena boxes during invaded missions. Sorry, think I made an error my blueprint advice. The first blueprint drops in the BANK HQ MISSION, but the UPGRADE blueprint is available from the vendor in the White House...however.. the Blueprint won't drop until you have all three parts either way, so my advise is still 50% correct. Other ways to get the drops: SMG Canister - Hyena boxes in Downtown East SMG Creative Magazine - Hyena boxes in Federal Triangle SMG Modified Mods - Hyena boxes in Judiciary Square need to run any missions for these. Basic blueprint (490GS) - Drops in Bank HQ mission, any difficulty level, non-invaded Upgrade blueprint - available once you craft the 490GS SMG from White House vendor. Drop rate (pre-todays patch) is pretty high, I only had an issue having to run Jefferson Trade Centre about 4 times for the magazine. The Blueprint dropped first time in the Bank HQ mission. I think the difficult issue for players will be if one of the missions in the area is Invaded, as that means you need to wait a whole week! Hope the correction helps, sorry for my error before.
  19. You have a Predator fight in GR: the jungles of Bolivia. It makes the Predator canon for the Tom Clancy shared universe within Ubisoft's catalogue.
  20. The blueprint doesn't drop. It becomes available from the White House vendor when you have all three parts of the Chatterbox. SMG: Loaded Canister. SMG: Creative Magazine. SMG: Modified Mods. They drop randomly from Hyena faction boxes, so best way to farm is to go get as many keys as you can from the sewer locations all around DC then hit the appropriate missions, unlock the boxes and hope. THEN you get a 490GS Chatterbox blueprint to pick up from the vendor. THEN you need an exotic component to recraft it (from crafting bench, not recalibration) so you need to get an exotic drop, easiest way is run the Dark Zone. Deconstruct that. Then you can get a 500GS Chatterbox.
  21. Welcome incoming members and prospective members. Leave your little bio and what you're looking for or enjoy about Division 2. Quinch here! Formally known as THE Quinch (from DR & The Quinch...I wasn't happy with second billing but what are you going to do), taking a break from interseller time travel and working in comic books to game and take care of the numerous and beligerant younglings. Only slightly left wing to Trotsky, Quinch is really enjoying playing The Division 2 alongside his new clan members and friends with our to-and-fro banter, jolly insults and absolutely not telling people to f*ck off. Honest. With 30+ years of gaming history behind me as well as many years put into several gaming clans at a high level, taking part in competitive gaming and working with developers as a player representitive I thought it time to kick back a little and build a more comfortable, welcoming clan with an easy going atmophere. Have fun and tell me about yourselves.
  22. Issue some of my clan has is with bugged out missions currently. Thankfully they're able to run them in others players worlds but I may run out of alts at this rate!! One mission got bugged ... we're sure ... because he shot the rubber duck in the pond outside the last phase of the side mission (where you have to destroy contaminated crates and end up chased by a heavy with a hammer). Yeah, he shot and sunk the duck outside, entered and can't plant any explosives on any of the crates now lol!
  23. You might have... *wink*... have you played Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
  24. I'll set this going. My channel dedicated to Division 1, 2 and Wildlands: QuinchGaming YouTube Channel Only a few Division 2 videos at the moment, darn game is too much fun playing I forget to record!