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  1. Essentially, it is streaming games. The video, audio, interaction is streamed from a remote server. Hardware is less important (thus cheaper) than it is now. Since it is mostly graphics as most of the work is on the remote server. Downside is video would be more bandwidth demanding. And gaming would be a subscription service. I posted this as a follow up on my comments that the time between the new console version means the future console (e.g. ps6 ) would be superceded by streaming. They'd be relects by then.
  3. "Agents, we want to improve how we communicate with you - help us by filling out this survey!"
  4. Yes, so they sit on their product until their competitor is ready to release. The problem when there is only two main players. Though they could become relects depending on game streaming of the likes of Stadia
  5. Finally! The new Playstation and new Xbox have taken too long. A lot of games get by on these old spec'ed machines for years now. It's overdue. You can bet that the new xbox will be launched a little after the PS5.
  6. JTF are a faction. They're just a faction that doesn't shoot at you 🙂 . So they still count. For myself, I liked the Outcasts. The Hyenas are just callous criminals. The True Sons are fascists. While the Outcast are mostly angry about what had happened to the people. Of course, then there is the ambushers...
  7. Let's say you weren't an agent answering the call. Or an agent who answered and then turned their back on the SHD. Let's say you were a mere citzen caught up on this post pandemic choas. And having to survive, fell into one of the factions; we'll leave this open to both Washington DC and NYC. Which faction would you join?
  8. Maintenance - October 31st, 2019 Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Thursday, October 31st at 9:30 AM CET / 4:30 AM EDT / 1:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Maintenance notes: Fixed in issue that caused the incorrect gear to be shown in the project donations tab. Fixed an issue that triggered Black tusk invasion when players returned to the main map and offsite missions. Fixed an issue that prevented players from seeing each other on the Pentagon missions after matchmaking. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division 2 Team
  10. Same topic but different article by the looks of it. I think the other focuses more on ep2 content and this Intel Annex some story line
  11. THE PENTAGON & DARPA RESEARCH LABS 22 October 2019 Agents! Following their invasion of Washington D.C., Black Tusk has expanded their operation and placed the Pentagon under siege. You must infiltrate the facility and secure it, as well as uncover whatever the Black Tusk are so adamant about finding. With Episode 2, we have two main missions and an introductory mission available for everyone to play right now. We need you to confront the Black Tusk and shut down their operation before they can gain a tactical advantage over The Division. THE PENTAGON BREAK Agent Sanders has tracked the Black Tusk activities since they began their attacks. You are to rendezvous with her and get briefed on the Black Tusk Intel that she has collected. She will be your main point of contact, and provide radio support during your missions inside the Pentagon. THE PENTAGON The Pentagon, HQ of the military forces of America and abandoned shortly after the Green Poison outbreak; has become ravaged by floods and storms. Following its lock-down, the Black Tusk are the first outside force to enter the complex. These missions take you through the iconic locations of the secret military offices, rooms and hallways of one of the largest office buildings in America. Searching for the main objective of the Black Tusk within this vast military space is a daunting task. You will need to extract the information you need by confronting the entrenched Black Task Forces head on and utilize the Pentagon's computational power and resources. Since the Pentagon has fallen into disarray following the outbreak, you will come across the remnants of the lives of the men and women who worked there following the evacuation. There is also substantial evidence scattered around the complex that could give you clues as to why the Black Tusk believe the Pentagon holds resources they can exploit, and who might have given their orders. DARPA RESEARCH LABS Deep in the underground of the complex, in the DARPA laboratories, countless assets of immense strategic value remain. The Black Tusk have accessed the complex via the flooded tunnels and are preparing to utilize an abandoned Cold War tunnel network to extract vital DARPA prototypes and assets. We do not want these assets to fall into enemy hands, and we need you to confront the Black Tusk to secure these assets for The Division. Good luck taking back the Last Castle, Agents! /The Division Dev Team
  12. I think i have a few parts from doing hard and challenging for Commendations
  13. Login to pick up your free Haunted Supplies
  14. Unscheduled Maintenance - October 18th, 2019 Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance on Friday, October 18th at 11:00 AM CEST / 05:00 AM EDT / 2:00 PM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour. Maintenance notes: Fixed a scripting crash in the Base of Operation that could block progression for some players. Discovery mode has been re-activated. The Eagle Bearer should no longer drop from this mode. Kenly College now correctly requires all Investigation Areas to be completed before the Diamondback can be collected in the Chapel. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you,