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  1. DDoS attacks in Rainbow Six Siege have been a big problem for Ubisoft. In September 2019, the developer enacted a multipronged plan to stop players that perpetuate DDoS attacks, which create lag in multiplayer matches and can crash servers ... The defendants, which allegedly operate a website called SNG.ONE, sell subscriptions for up to $299.85 for “lifetime” access to the server, according to the lawsuit; a monthly subscription costs around $30. A screenshot from the complaint showed Fortnite, FIFA 20, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 as potential targets, too.
  2. Ubisoft is overhauling the central editorial team that advises on all of its productions, following lackluster sales of two Tom Clancy games that CEO Yves Guillemot blamed on a lack of differentiation in consumers’ minds. ... This change is meant to give Ubisoft’s individual franchises, from For Honor to Assassin’s Creed, more distinct identities. An unnamed source told VGC that the previous structure often meant that the tastes and opinions of one or two important people in the editorial team made it into Ubisoft’s games, making many of them feel the same.
  3. Actual, I think that might cause a "balancing"headache for the devs. They have to worry about one type of build becoming too OPed. Not that they a great track record for that thru TD1.
  4. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE Yesterday's State of the Game introduced sweeping changing to gear coming in an update following Episode 3. We wanted to rework the systems related to gear to something that is easier to understand, more rewarding for the player and further emphasize the satisfying progression of finding a key piece for your build. The so called "budget system" will be a thing of the past and "god rolls" are coming to The Division 2. Combined with the upcoming UI changes we first showcased back in December, gear drops will now be more intuitive, and you will be able to tell at a glance if your new gear item is an upgrade to your existing kit. All brand sets have been looked at with the intention of making them more aligned with various playstyles, increase the amount of fun synergies between them and lower popularity brand have been revitalized. Talents have also seen an extensive overhaul with the removal of activation requirements and made more impactful to your build. Further changes to the core attributes are also present, where they are now fixed per brand and can be recalibrated. We can't wait for you to get your hands on these changes when they are ready, and we hope that you tune in as we reveal more of what our plans are. For all the juicy details, check out the Twitch VoD.
  5. There has been some feedback around receiving duplicates in Standard Apparel Caches, and we want to improve the system to address some of your frustration. Specifically, we understand that receiving XP for duplicates in Standard Caches does not feel rewarding, and we are introducing a new type of currency in place of XP in the near future. Introducing Textiles! With every duplicate received in Standard Apparel Caches, you will automatically receive a portion of Textiles instead of XP. Once you collect enough Textiles, you will be able to use this currency to eventually make direct purchases of majority of the items on the in-game store! We hope this upcoming change will allow you a more predictable path to obtaining some existing apparel and target specific items. As always, you still have the option to directly purchase cosmetics with Premium Credits through the in-game store. THE LEGACY CACHE If you are looking for more apparel options using Premium Credits, we are providing a new type of cache containing a selection of older items. Introducing the Legacy Cache, available in-game now! Priced at 100 Premium Credits, this is a new opportunity if you aren't necessarily targeting something specific but would like more apparel previously available. If you are, in fact, after a specific item, be sure to check out the in-game store for direct purchases! Going forward, this cache will periodically be available for a limited time. With Apparel Event Silent Night over, the first Legacy Cache is live now for a limited time, and can be accessed within the Apparel Cache menu. To celebrate, we are giving everyone who logs in to The Division 2 between January 7th and 14th three Legacy Cache keys! Don't forget you can also gift the Legacy Cache to friends or clan mates who are missing apparel! Legacy Caches guarantee no duplicates, and its contents can be previewed in-game within the Cache menu. You can also read up on the contents on the official forums. A new Standard Cache pool rotation is also available, so be sure to check out the details! /The Division 2 Team
  6. And I think people were hoping for another Raid in EP3
  7. The missions are repeatable. So you will be able to redo them
  8. Merry xmas and new years , @ChowYunFats
  9. Note sure need to see them inmy toons first. By the pics i might say harrier.
  10. DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: We wanted to give you a quick sneak peek on some of the UI improvements we are currently working on. Amongst other improvements, you can now see how close your looted gear is to a "god roll". Tune in January, 2020 for more UI goodness!
  11. Iss I Known Issues with 6.1 UPDATE We're happy seeing your warm reception of Update 6.1. We can't wait to see more crazy clips and stories emerging from the Hardcore Mode and the Black Tusk will surely fear the SHD even more now once you are equipped with the Sleigher Tommygun. With that said, the Title Update 6.1 deployment did not go as planned and our maintenance was extended by 5 hours, for a total of near 8 hours downtime. We want to apologize for this and assure you that we were as bummed out about it as you were! As compensation, all players who log in before December 31st will receive an additional 3 keys for the Silent Night apparel event. TU6.1 Issues we are seeing reported by our players and are actively investigating: Invisible walls. Targeted loot behaving differently, not dropping as frequently as before. Delayed delivery of Apparel Event keys for Year 1 pass owners. This seems to fix itself after playing for a while, but we will investigate further. Crosshairs disappearing. Clan Caches are item Level 350. This seems to be a visual bug only and the items inside have the correct item level. Cassie Mendoza and other vendors not having any items in the inventory for some players.