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  1. Ban hammer needed for South Korean spammer name of SHUNGporeL

  2. Xeromaus

    Forum Ranks

    it's more that I know I'll end up being a guinea pig and you have a ton of time to think about it lol
  3. sure: ....and now we wait. Still early for the majority of our users, but I'd expect you should see at least a hit or two in that thread by tonight or tomorrow.
  4. He's trying to see if he should buy the game, and wants to know if our membership would be willing to join up with him and run! How about it? Got an alt he could level with you? New to the game yourself and want to share the wonder? High level player seeking a squire that he/she views as an equal and doesn't treat like a squire?? Get some RobertBraunton today before he's sold out!!!!!
  5. I don't play on your platform, but we have a pretty thriving section dedicated to joining clans/groups here. It's where I and many others found the squads they run with routinely now.
  6. Xeromaus

    Forum Ranks

    -After 1500 posts, you're now a Community Master *drool* -At 2000 posts, you can now choose your own rank, which I will create an image for. You can also choose the color(s) for your rank. That red bit is frightening.
  7. I'm/we're running almost the same way, but I actively TRY to make CHC hit 0%. Knowing that this is my goal, I make sure to stack enough pure base damage (at least against npcs; 50%+elite damage, 50%+ armor damage, and around 200% headshot) that even when I'm not pulsed, I still melt enemies.
  8. I mean, yeah, you CAN debate it, but the numbers are the numbers. As you stated, the only "debateable" bit is whether or not you can hit your target lol.
  9. Curse you being on PC, your clan and ours would have some EPIC battles.
  10. 99% agreed. I'll still grab purple caches if I have a slot to fill and others are full on the way to the extraction, but it's just for the non-item goodies inside (DZ currency and division tech). I'm only picking up 204 weapons that look useful, level 31/32 mods that also look useful (can't resist an angled grip for a shot at double stability), and anything green/teal. Everything else just gets left behind.
  11. It's not debateable at all. Just swapped my 102% mag size/ 13.5% wep damage mag for a 107% mag size/30.10% RoF mag on my mp5 st (which now has a rate of fire of 1k+!!), and the boost was ungodly in the damage department. Not per shot of course, but in time to down an enemy. It chews through ammo like a fat kid through cake, but I'm carrying almost 2k rounds for it now, so who cares. The rest of my clan swapped in RoF mags in place of wep damage mags as well on augs and the like, and the results were similar or exactly the same. The other side of that is "chance to apply" talents/bonuses, crits that heal you, and other effects of the like. Higher RoF applies them more often/faster, creating more benefit more often.
  12. I had stuff to say here, but @quinch1199 friggin nailed it all. If you like the things he had to say, buy the game. If not, don't.
  13. The armor cap has been raised to 75%, and exotic resilience is easier to come by than ever, but you can also build to do 20-30k per headshot to players with an smg, so it seems pretty balanced to me. As per usual in these types of discussions, you won't reach that level of damage alone, it takes a group. My job in my group is to make things dead, or at least stun them. As such, there are damage stats I don't have to focus on, or even have any at all, like crit hit chance or electronics. Our tech/electronics guy takes care of maxing that out for me with pulse, allowing me to stack higher damage stats in place of it. In turn, he only needs to stack up electronics and health, with no worry at all about weapon damage. We're both FAR stronger using the group to our advantages than we would be solo, and that's the way the game was designed. Trying to do everything yourself just makes you mediocre at everything.
  14. Unless it's a new thing, I remember getting pounded by a few 99s when I was around 20-25...
  15. I honestly have no idea. When I was near teh bottom of the barrel, I never messed with the DZ, and only started really running it when I would have been in the top bracket anyway.