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  1. Now as much as I do like a Challenging game. There's a point where it's too hard. The Tunnel mission isn't that hard I've completed it with a couple of people. It's in my opinion easiest of the Challenge missions. The Russian Consulate is the next hardest. And The Warrengate Power Plant is by far the most ridiculous. Especially when they don't give you a bigger timer and the enemies are multiplied by 3 and all are elites.
  2. Challenging for the most part. Except for when it comes to the Power Plant Mission that mission is damn near impossible on Challenge. Now maybe I'm just a noob. But why is the other Challenge missions not as hard as the Power Plant one? I mean everyone needs to be geared out just the right way. And I myself only have 4 High-End pieces. Just something I've noticed that for some strange reason that mission is so hard on challenge. Even when I went through it for the first time on hard it was challenging. Never played a mission that was so frustrating that it actually made me want to give up playing the game for a bit and come back.