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  1. For those of you that have it there is a documentary called "Playing Hard" running (at least where I am). Whilst it is not about The Division it is about the making of another UBISoft game, For Honour, and walks through, at a high level, the 5 year journey to get it out to market. Was a pretty interesting view in to the time and effort required to bring a AAA game to the public.
  2. I believe in the social tab you can request a different server but you can not specify, you will just get a new allocation. You may have to select your agent name in the social screen for it to appear (like you do to leave a group). I haven't need3ed to use it but AFAICR that is where I saw it.
  3. But who Black Tusks the Black Tusks.... Are we back to the old lady who swallowed the fly...
  4. Yep but when you beat the mission with Black Tusk it will return to the Hyena version (or what ever faction that mission is usually for) until the weekly invasion rolls around again and it will change back to Black Tusk until you beat it again. The boxes change depending on if it is Black Tusk or other faction version of the mission.
  5. The boxes should be the same as usual but do change if that mission is in Invaded status. After you have cleared the invasion then the boxes return to the original faction boxes.
  6. That is really strange. The rest of the team can hear me fine and I can hear you. I can boost at my end but don't want to blow everyones socks off . If you are around at a good overlap time next weekend maybe we can do some testing and find a reasonable compromise. Oh, one other thing I was quite surprised about is the lack of lag, considering our locations, when we all teamed up. US, UK and Asia all running together at times and I didn't see any big lag at all.
  7. Guess someone gave him some concrete thigh length boots. Must be a bit tricky when he wants to use the bathroom .
  8. The bosses (sub bosses) are tough but I find a flame turret (out the way so they cannot smash them if possible and / or fire grenades usually help with the sub bosses. For the minigunners I try to break their ammo feed which puts them on their knees and then fire grenade them (as they are not moving). After that it is throwing a wall of lead and firebombs every now and then. For the sledge guys it is a case of running and diving whilst the rest of the team lay in to them and setup a path of pain for them so as the chased leads them through the other team members can grenade / fire turret them. This is difficult to do with randoms though. The flamer heavy I have seen someone just run tight circles around them and they just spin on the spot. One of my builds has 90+ damage to elites and they are still spongy.
  9. You'll have to do it quick. I hear they are looking at the differences in difficulty between Challenging and Legendary and based on past experience, I suspect they will nerf the Legendary . To my mind; Normal: For players with stuff. Hard: For players with high end GS stuff for that WT Challenging: For players with some synogies in their builds and some skill / experience. Legendary: Highly tuned stuff and good skill / experience. There are of course grey areas of overlap between experience / skills and stuff and I mean skills as player ability not turrets or hives. The problem is when there is a vocal group with GS500 stuff and they cannot do challenging / Legendary. Ran with the clan over the weekend, geared someone up and got Invaded Roosevelt Island done with @quinch1199. Hopefully now we can get to have another go at getting through Tidal Basin Invaded on Challenging. That one has been smacking me and two others down hard with the grenade and exploding drone spam. Add the War hound 1 shot kills and snipers and .... well is wasn't pretty . I think pulse should have an emp version that disables drones and turrets for a set time like they have and use against us. Oh and one tip for those who may not know (like I didn't until last weekend), Warhounds are damaged pretty well by the toxic gas.
  10. How about the blind firefly (or is it the drone) ?. That may work if they don't get shot down.
  11. Oh, the only time I have seen all the green guys die I came back and the Control Point was unclaimed (grey). I then fired the flare and awaited the counterattack. Have had a couple where the greens had died and I could not fire a flare after capturing as another team had been sent and had to wait until they arrived. Haven't done them in a while though so maybe they changed something.
  12. Nope, a 450 Sweet Dreams should be fine for upgrade. I upgraded my 450 Chatterbox with an upgrade blueprint. I have the Lullaby blueprint which includes the upgrade but have not seen a Sweet Dreams one.
  13. I don't think they have rigged it but I would not be surprised if they are 'fine tuning' drop rates in the background without letting people know. This could account for the fairly easy finds when the game first came out and now it seeming to be more difficult. They did this all the time on TD1 so no reason to expect them to change for TD2. For this reason I also just build for a decent build rather than grind my life away for the very best as a month later they may re-balance and suddenly that set I have spent hours grinding for becomes pretty crappy.
  14. My mistake, I think the Control Point max alert level is 4. = Normal = Hard = Challenging = Heroic Yep the sweet spot for the mobs is 3. I did a 4 with TW-Bear who I run with sometimes in the clan and we died a few times but the thing with the Control Points is they don't reset to the beginning if you die so you can just grind it out, which I am not much of a fan of but hey... Fully agree that I would have liked to have seen some mini hunter AI and challenging / heroic seems just to be throwing more of the same but tanker versions. Saying that I can generally complete Tidal Basin with randoms on Challenging but Heroic we could not get past. Too many golds and flying bombs and grenades etc. Also agree with the fall back. When playing the Island stronghold soon after it opened on Challenging no one was particularly geared up and we just got swamped in particular areas so we ended up aggro'ing the enemies and falling back to the last section where possible and taking them out as they came through. Worked fairly well but the two sledgehammer guys at the same time were a major problem. The best / worst I have seen with dealing with the boss is in the mission where you are facing the flamer boss underground (Lincoln Memorial). With some randoms the boss came out and one guy just ran circles around him right next to him and he just span around and around. Easy kill but so cheesy. They really should build something in to the AI to prevent that.
  15. Yep, this is pretty good and helps keep you a little focused on keeping your control points, however if you loose then and recapture you also get the big loot chest as well . If you knock them up to alert level 5 you also get a gun mod but they are much harder, especially solo.