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  1. Yep, seems they have. My red glasses used to come through my Hunter masks but now they don't. In fact it seems the glasses get removed automatically when you put a Hunter mask on.
  2. Never really got in to it. The kids both enjoy playing though. The fighting and missions can be fun in a Halo sort of mindless blasting way but the grind and number of different parts required for different pieces which then need to be combined to form one item with the build times added in to the mix where just too painful for my liking. The card aspect was good though.
  3. I still run out of ammo but not as much if I have the Liberty Pistol equipped (holstered) as its talent gives free ammo back. 3 reds (if lined up nicely) usually take 1 AR mag and this is pretty much the same as TD1 for me. I like the post mission stats screen but I would question the figures on there sometimes. Ignoring snipers, I see averages of 40-50k damage from some players and saw one with 144 million skill damage over the mission. I didn't even notice anyone else really using skills. I am guessing seekers with the multiple homers and they have heavy explosive damage buffs. The heavies in the OW are just too weak. Challenges tend to now be when there are multiple mobs that spawn on me due to the lack of cover on all sides and weight of fire. Challenging CPs are like the old Hard levels (when the alert level changes you get a notification of the level inc the difficulty name now. I haven't tried Heroic yet but then... why would I. Heroic missions are hard but mainly due to one shotters (war hounds) / Drone spam / fire grenades. We were up and down like yoyo's in the Tidal Basin boss fight. Multiple enemies sending drones plus 4 war dogs plus a couple of grenadiers. Did a bit of exploring and collected some more shade tech I had not bothered with previously. Was good to find new areas. Loot is a bit better but still, why purples at all.... My skill build has currently 3.5k skill power but really does not feel that powerful. The turret only does 6k damage. My AR does 25k with that skill build. Surely the turret should be better if you spec that heavily in skill.... With the raid out of reach due to no matchmaking, it is just back to the usual cycling challenging missions which gets pretty boring fast as it did in TD1. Where is survival .
  4. Bear in mind the interface seems to be very console centric and so some common expectations for mouse and keyboard do not work as expected. Sometimes double click does not action something and you have to press space to put items in slots etc. Modding an item or weapon requires selecting it and pressing "F" to mod (IIRC) rather than just double clicking it as you do in TD1. Sometimes there is no consistency like; Favorite an item in Inventory with "R" Favorite an item in upgrading station "V" which is mark as trash in Inventory.
  5. I have completely the same impression as you do so I tend not to read there. I did post once or twice but then got the extreme posters who like to take it right to the opposite side of whatever point I was making and I am assuming they are just doing it for fun. Not a lot of point joining in. Whilst I do feel sorry for the mods, they are also doing it to themselves by allowing the free-for-all environment. That is one of the worst forums I have been on (yes I am sure there are far worse out there). The one time I did find it worthwhile posting there was during the Alpha and Beta testing when the people were limited and there was the threat of pulling access if they were not reasonably well behaved. Would also mirror your comment on the community here (small as it is). People are generally very helpful and informative.
  6. 50% obtained including the first mask. The side kick pictured above I got from the first event .
  7. Locking the Raids behind a Clan wall is very disappointing. Other challenging content is not restricted in such a way on both TD1 and 2. Stolen Signal is my least favorite Incursion in TD 1 but it is more to do with the last phase where you pretty much need 3+ people running a tanky shield build to deflect the miniguns and coordination between them as to who covers what. Whilst I have completed this with randoms the pass rate is not very high. Dragons Nest on Heroic is also pretty doable with randoms. Even though you have two buttons that need to be pushed at the same time at 4 different points in the last room, more often than not I get a positive outcome. We did capital hill heroic with 3 clan members and 1 random and it was not too bad. The occasional callout the random could not hear but no regimented coordination. Same with the Tidal Basin on heroic with 4 clan members. Coordination was not really needed most the time even though the mission was pretty hard at the last battle with the multiple one shot dogs and exploding drone spam. With the Clan organising raids on evenings UK time (which is understandable as the majority of membership is based around there and, I am guessing, US), it means me in Asia cannot join as it would be around 3am my time which locks me out and the only way to get to play is to leave the clan and join another... which also uses English in Asia . Maybe a AU or NZ Clan may work but like the clan I am currently in. I appreciate I am very much an outlier in my situation and location but it is still pretty frustrating. Getting a bit bored of the Endgame so was hoping this would keep it fresh. Found myself longing for a Survival like experience over the weekend.
  8. Yeah but that is the way with the meta. People come up with a couple of best in class build and the majority jump on then all the other stuff is never used (or by only a few 'rebels') so they nerf those couple of builds to try and push more diversity. If a player is using build A that is Uber good then the other players need to also use that build or one that counters it or they have no chance especially in PvP. The one shot sniper build was a classic example. Massive are working and testing various uses of the gear and items they put in the game but when you then release to millions of players, some very dedicated and some others with YouTube channels bringing in cash if they can find the next best combination, they are going to come up with things Massive didn't anticipate so Massive have to do something to re-balance. It is frustrating but just part and parcel of this type of on-line game. TD1 was doing it all the time.
  9. Yep, three of the items you can spend the points on give an extra 5% damage each IIRC. If you use +10% explosive damage on a gear piece this also counts for the grenade launcher and possibly the crossbow (not 100% on that). There are ways to boost them up to pretty awesome damage but a lot of time you need to spec your gear in to it and if you are not running other weapons that can also take advantage, when not using your special weapon your damage etc suffer. As the special only has 6 ammo it does not seem worth it to go all out on it.
  10. I also tend not to bother with the special weapon. I used the grenade launcher once on a Sledge special in Roosevelt Island on Challenging and it didn't kill him. It was sorta fun using all the ammo when starting a battle with all 4 players on highest level World Bank mission. It took them down to around 30% strength and we mopped them up for most apart from the last boss encounters. Pulling the special weapon takes too long in my view. You have to plan or spam with it mostly. No snapshots possible unless it is already out.
  11. Like these three from open world. Easier to jump around with the 2nd and 3rd when Invasion hits. Love the first . The Civilian Officer will now revive downed players during Control Point takeover and judge you silently. Players can now select the civilian takeover icon on the map as a respawn option during Control Point takeover. The option is disabled after the enemy leader joins the fight. Players can now fast travel to civilian convoys and takeover squads from the map.
  12. The ammo was a real issue for me in the Invaded mission with the planetarium and moon landscape sections. There appeared to be almost no ammo boxes around and the dead guys were dropping very little ammo. I had to go through 4 different weapon types in order to keep firing at one point. I suspected you may have mentioned the blueprints for exotics . The specialist ammo is an irritation. Changing your specialist type and changing back again fully restocks it though. I have seen people doing that in groups in missions (one person jumps back to the WH and changes specialisation and then changes back again and teleports to the group halfway in the mission and they continue. Bit too cheesy for my liking . Haven't responded to any calls for help so have not seen that although joining a mission matchmaking from the mission start and getting teleported across the map and then having to teleport to the mission again is a PITA.
  13. So there are two parts I am finding quite troublesome. 1. Destroy all the armour pieces on a heavy (difficult to see which parts still have armour and they are usually around when green mobs spawn meaning they can get the killing shot whilst you are trying to take armour pieces down. 2. Chicken Hunter - At the Washington Monument you can activate a Hunter mission. There are some places a Hunter will spawn, just watching. If you get spotted he runs and then vanishes (despawns in a puff of smoke). If you get close enough then your HUD gets fuzzy but I am finding that by that time you are spotted and he is on the run. You then have to find him again or wait for the next night cycle. You also have to one shot kill him as well. Sorta stumped on how to spot and engage without spooking him at the moment. This one is becoming very frustrating false. What are your least favorite tasks in the game ?.
  14. As you move up tiers, you should be able to upgrade control point defenses (like you do the crafting bench) so the 'Resistance" can better fight against the attacks rather than fold like a house of soggy cards..
  15. I am still trying to work out why over 50% of drops / loot cases are purple at Tier 5 and a 497 GS..... Seems little point throwing loot at us if 50% is no use trash. At least golds have a chance to be useful.