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  1. does this have to be on challenging or can it be done on hard? and do you happen to know the drop rate?
  2. What im wondering is what missions drop special items, Gear, and Weapon Skins. i did Lincoln tunnel on Challenging last night and got the Awesome Pink Weapon Skin Mod. my questions are: What missions give you gear above 163 what mission give you better Gun Skins? What missions have high % to drop High end gear above 163 What challenging missions drop the highest Gear and what gear score is it, and what are the % chance to drop them? i play both Hard missions and Challenging missions and later at night i run Falcon Lost on Hard mode 2 or 3 times. my gear score is 183 id like it to be closer to 201 or above.
  3. yeah ill add ya. i have a few members that i roll through it with, but they are not always on. ill grab one of them and we will run it 5 or 6 times. maybe get ok drops.
  4. on that note, here is another one of me ;) id be the one flushing the toilet but this may or may not be true ;)
  5. lol, im doomed. i started a week or so ago i have a gear score of 178 now, and i struggle to beat it on hard with randoms. i here people have issues making it past the first 2 shotgunners at the staring tunnel.
  6. OMG (O.O) had no clue there was 240's Xp i thought it stopped at 214's for sum reason, mostly because most players are at 170's to 210. i know most of the 214's have been crafted so how are these wonderful 240's acquired?
  7. Looking for Players that want to beat Falcon down Incursion more than once, and at least make an attempt to run it 3 times a week. I have completed it allready but would like to get a permanent team to run PVE waves on Incursions and maybe if you guys want a few Challenging runs on missions. I'm not a picky person, I only require that you be: Level 30 Gear Score= 160+ A cool respectful person Must be willing to have fun... you must wan't them Green Exotic gear sets Must have <<<Mic>>> communication is a huge thing with me. esp. on Falcon down. if you'r interested in grouping up with me, shoot me a reply below with your Xbox One Gamer-Tag, good games and Peace out ;)
  8. im Gear score rank 178 if thats high enough for ya, i have completed it once already with randoms. im working on getting some more Exotic gear sets. have 2 tacticians and 1 Strikers piece atm. trying to get a full Strikers and Sentry's Green Exotic gear set. my Gamer Tag is: ESG Jagged
  9. i was thinking strikers or sentry's. i use snpiers alot in pve. but for PVP i was thinking Strikers atm i only have 2 tacticians and a strikers piece.
  10. i feel ya, it seems that stuff is to easy to obtain as of now, i agree with dropping high end Mods and maybe crafting materials instead of a 100% drop rate. I haven't even played a full week and i have somewhat of a full build. it has made it far to easy and i feel no accomplishment for getting said gear. my build has 182 GS items and above except for 2 weapons and 2 gear items being 163's. i have a couple 214's in there. and this is just week 1 for me, since i started late and got the game a full month and a half after release.
  11. what exactly is Exotic damage, all i know is it helps alot, just not sure what it covers?
  12. i will soon aspire to elite after i catch up to members like you with great knowledge on this game ;) just wanted to thank you for helping me so much in forums and Private Messages. i feel like i have very good gear now thanks to you. i took your tips, basically you told me, save my credits till level 30, collect/farm materials, and just use random drops from missions till 30, i did, and now i hit the Hard modes up like crazy and went from rank 24 to 30(max Level) and a Gear Score of 166 in a matter of 3 days. i then Recalibrated many of my gear like you said, and focused the talents and perks on my Gear so that it leveled out my Build to go in one direction and more balanced while still having DPS. i thank you. what it looks like now is: DPS with my AK-47M is: 116,563 (163 gs) Health: 38,609 Stamina: 6018 which i know needs to be highered. but the point i was making, was even with my lower end High end Weapon i have for my gear score, high DPS with that gear score weapon. and i still have mad health because of what he told me on focusing on the perks and skills of Items instead of raw, DPS/Health/Power. i have My firearms is at: 3560 (which increases my weapon damage by 3,560%) Crit Hit Chance: 22% Crit hit Damage: +75% Accuracy: 80 Damage to Elites: +10% Health on kill: 21% (which does 21% of my max health) Damage to Enemies Armor: +6% Armor: 4166 (which mitigates 58.4% damage dealt to me from weapons.) Exotic Damage Resistance: 23% Bleed Resistance: 142% all of this makes me a threat at my level while still being tanky, i am still improving it as i go, but what i wanted to point out was, you helped alot, and i would like to know what you think so far? i know i need better weapons, like 182's or above, but im not that great on challenging without a permanent team. i like talking and knowing how players work with me, and just know what to do when i do something, ill take anybody, but i wan't to play with them all the time so we can Sync together as a team, and beat things like Incursion Falcon down! what do you think @Xeromaus
  13. whats the best way to get Awesome Green Gear Sets: Sentrys Call / Striker's Battle Gear? question #1. Is Path Of the Nomad even worth it? i hear its glitching and not reviving after death? question #2. should i invest in Crafting 2 of them from BoO blueprints? (and if i do what are the requirements to craft them? how many fabric and so on...) question #3. is it easier to run Incursions for them or run Challenging mission's? (whats the odds on both?) i know i might have a long ways to go first, since im only gear score 138 but when can i get these and what is the best way of acquiring them?
  14. i hear ya, but every time i matchmake with them randoms, they don't like that i can't fully talk to them, i grew up speaking 2 languages, and because so i suck at both to be honest. but i am having much luck at soloing the hards, i have been completing all of the ones you tols me, the one i found to be the easiest was Hospital right next to B.o.O. i now have a gear set of 108, and have gotten HE holdster, High end Neepads, a high end AK, and many HE mods. ill upload the pic so u have an idea: of my items stats.!822&authkey=!AFHs5pIx7vKGMm4&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng i honestly forget what all i have, but i got all those drops today, ohh yeah i also got a HE LMG, and i would give it to someone but i don't know how to give it to anyone. i think its a 182 GS it almost feels like a 100% chance to drop a gear or Weapon on the missions on hard now, don't know if things changed, but the first time i played them i got HE gear on each mission. but when i replayed Hospital and it started giving me HE performance mods/Attachments each time. if i keep playing the same one will i get another gear, and do certain missions only drop a few pieces of gear or do they drop different ones every time?