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  1. Jean geni


    Its been awhile since I have been on here But now I have a problem. I am playing ghost recon and for the past two weeks I keep getting disconnected in the middle of a game and it comes up with error oruro-00105 can any body help me with this? I have turn my xbox off and restarted, I can not uninstall the game as I downloaded it
  2. OK so I still love the game its all I play .I love going in the DZ!! but I'm so pissed off cause I am still getting downed I cant seem to get the build to annihilate the other players as they do me. I have tried banchi not impressed. I have 3 piece TACT chest, knee ,Back, lone mask, gold recovered hol. DPS 261.715 Tough 304.120 skill 190.311 I am using AK47 21.2k DMG my armour mit is 52.58 can some body let me know what am I doing wrong
  3. So hi me being a thicko how do I get into the survival map was on the game last night after the update couldn't figure it out at all so I went into tier 5 mode very good
  4. HI I have a major problem I have been told I may have tendonitis very painful and the bad news is I may have to give up my controller as its in my wrist. Now I cant imagine life with out my xbox or Division so my question is all you PC players would getting gaming PC help? how do you play on a key board or do you ? and what would I get I only have a bog standard laptop at the mo any suggestions would be appreciated
  5. can any body tell me when the next update is going to be xbox one cheers
  6. hey Hon I had this prob big time after the update (xbox1) what I did was at the base if you are there turn right and go for the quarantine mission you will see a mission icon after running a while do that then hopefully your maps will be okx
  7. hope fully if you do buy it you will have better luck than me and a lot more players I have just had a look at the ubi forum still no solution and I am still having a problems bringing up the map and not having a map means no play, this has been going on since the update I have not been able to play my first agent, luckily I have a second but I will reach level 30 tonight after that I have read that it will be a no go with that one till this map bug is sorted and looking at the forum they don't seem to be in any hurry !!!!!
  8. I'm still not having any luck I have installed the DLC and uninstalled it still no good
  9. Hi there yes I am having a lot of trouble all since the 1.3 update I have tried both my controller and still cannot bring up the map any suggestions please
  10. I have just sat for over an hour to get the 1.3 update now I cant get connected its giving an error is any body else having the same problem so frustrating !!!!
  11. Hi there I am in the same position as you solo no friends to call on but if you get in a group that's great on your own you don't stand a chance against the rouges But hey ho I got a partner got some good stash went to extract and he/she shot me lost the lot you are best in a group of 4 that's what I have found out any way, if they kick you their loss just buckle up and wait for the good groups I have found the best groups are American sorry folks brits have no patient's especially with females
  12. hi there good I m still at it just collecting pc to gear up, its very frustrating though being a solo player especially in the DZ I haven't geared up yet cause I don't want to be pzzzed of when I do.I want to be good and ready for FL tried it a couple of times but hey ho I'm 170 gs at the mo I will let you know how I get on when I do gear up !!!!
  13. Ok so I geared up last week and was very disappointed with the out come now I,m getting ready again to go for it, so what do I go for do I get the strickers, tact ,Sentry score 214 stuff or do I get the high end stuff score 204 I want to gear up as much as pos but I don't want my DPS to drop drastic cheers
  14. how you doing now feel free to add me I'm on most nights between 4pm till 6pm mon to thurs doing the dailies if you are around I will stay on longer the rest of the week I'm on afternoons and evenings I have finished the levels and I am on level 30 DZ cheers