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  1. Yeh i'd love a good JTF gear set, all my NYPD Backpacks and Weapons are too much of a over level. There should be away to level up weapons such as the Police Shotgun from level 30 to a better level.
  2. Myself and a Frind have been rping on it since release, we're just trying to get people to release, They arnt alone. There are ways around the DPS as i've not have a great lot of trouble. We do tend to stick away from the PvP but its fun once we get a crew down.
  3. We are currently looking for members to join a new but large Roleplaying Community which has sections on different games. We have only just opened up to The Division but we are keen for anyone to join. We have sections including the NYPD and National Guard. Each section has its own area of duty and weaponry. Go to to sign up and check us out.