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  1. I love The Division 2 but really was surprised with them bringing in elements of Division into Ghost Recon actually but maybe you guy's will have a different view if you try it out
  2. Hey guy's I been playing The Division 2 and started playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint have any of you tried the new Ghost Recon out and if so what's your take on the game. Thanks CYF
  3. I like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday's
  4. I will try that idea see if I can get it I let you know how it turns out Oh.dasu Thanks
  5. I'm a little stump trying to get this SHD Cache in Downtown West I'll post 2 Pictures to show where it's located maybe somebody here can help with this Pic #1 is the spot Pic #2 is the zone Thanks Chow
  6. Sure am I got the pre order actually start it playing 3 say's early I find the new game really interesting to Division I like the change actually so far
  7. Hey everyone haven't been on here in months what's new and have I miss much
  8. See Ubisoft sent me a email about the patch with a trailer telling what was to come as of August.31/2017 I been on Division sense then didn't see anything new so maybe my Xbox One didn't get this patch yet but I will keep checking here and on the web see what is going on Thanks again guy's for the help
  9. Can anyone on here please give me the run down on Patch 1.8 update I been away for a while with a new job and stuff I went to play the game didn't see anything new like they show coming with this patch did I miss something. Thanks ChowYunFats
  10. They had it hidden away I found it but wasn't put in the same place as Narco Road was but all fix now thanks for the help everyone
  11. That's the one but it's not showing in store for Xbox One on the console for me which is strange
  12. Ok I don't know how many others our having this issue but I do have season pass for Wildland's went to get the new DLC but it's not showing for me on the Xbox one anyone else having this issue today Thanks Chow
  13. I might have to look a little more I even tried that but thank you @supercat but maybe they might try what they did with Division but other then that I love the game myself
  14. I remember them telling us with the release of the new DLC about monthly missions to earn reward's did anyone find where we go to find this I thought it be like Division open our map and see what you need to do but I haven't found how about anyone else? Thanks ChowYunFats