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  1. My Season Challenge objective finally get picked by Ubi-senpai.
  2. Okay. So I managed to download on time, explored the menu, and played one set match before deleting the file. I'll try to lay it out as best as I can. Progress You will start with a Level 1 and Recruit class. In this PvP, your performance will be counted as experience point. Gaining Level does not make you bulletsponge or deal higher damage. Instead, you will unlock more Class. Some classes are locked in the Open Beta, such as Medic, Assassin, Sentinel, etc. Recruit class is one of the classes that can have more than 1 person in the team. So you really have to do your roleplay here. This isn't clusterf*ck gangbang like Dark Zone. If you want a slower, tactical PvP, then this is your better place. Customisation There are new cosmetic items. Assassin Mask (a half face skull mask), Balaclava (like the one in CS), Scout headgear, Orange sport glasses, Tanker pants (basically cargo pants with steel shin armor). I have no idea whether these items will be available in the main game. You can customize your guns with gun skins. However, the gun builds and gun selection(s) are fixed by the Class you choose. One Class, one character. You can customize each class with different character skin, clothing, and gun (within the selection) OUTSIDE the match preparation. I've seen people saying they can't customize quick enough in the 30 seconds prep screen. That's bulldung; they can't read. Map The map is big enough and crafted nicely. For example, I tried to sneak past the opposite team to ambush them. And yes, I could sneak away, undetected, even with enemy's drone deployed. So that tells how large and how many objects lying around that I used to take cover. You won't sprint and meet the other end of the map in 5 seconds. Others There are additional UI added such as sprint meter. You can choose from some sort of server. Or whatever that is. I chose APAC (asia pacific) and was connected to Southeast Asian, Japanese, and Korean. The intro of the Open Beta is another developer's greeting video. At the end of it, he said they will be adding more through updates, such as new class, maps, and new game mode. Sadly, I don't think he means PvE, that would be off context, wouldn't it?
  3. Yeah. It's free anyway. And I've seen people take it like it's a final product despite of the huge title saying OPEN BETA. lmao.
  4. They dieded? Lol Btw, my internet is on maintenance. Can't download the stuff. Anyone playing can try contributing to this thread. Tell us how the customization work etc.
  5. Pre-load is open for download.
  6. Hi, I'm fashion police and you're under arrest, quinch!
  7. supercat


    You're still on the roll!
  8. Your psychotic agent match is coming soon to break the game's lore as well as most likely to severely break the PvE game balance and the future support for it, forgetting that the game was sold to be Single Player / Co-op at first. Open Beta opens 21-25 September. EDIT: 12 Classes will be available in final product. 6 Classes will be playable in Open Beta. More classes coming in the future. Update: Ghost War Open Beta will be a separate game file.
  9. Week 4 Solo - In extreme and without shooting, deploy to Koani Charlie and finish The Truck Depot. - In Extreme, without gun and explosive, deploy to Koani Charlie and finish The Convoy. (This could be interesting to share your story of unconventional way to destroy the truck. Nobody ever gonna find the truck I destroyed :P ) - In Extreme and without dying, deploy to Caimanes Charlie and complete Submarine Fleet 1, 2, and 3. Reward: Tier Booster Task Force - Use vehicle turret to destroy 20 SB vehicles. Reward: Eye Black Face Paint (paid item) Community - Destroy 300k SB vehicles Reward: Tac Shield Patch
  10. Out now. Each for 2100. Special Forces: - Reskinned SR25 with Ghillie wrap - Reskinned M4A1 with Ghillie wrap - Brand New Commando Shirt, Pants, Shoes (separate parts) - Two arm tattoos - Advanced Ballistics Helmet (that nvg helmet) - Beret and lastly, a patch Gladiator: - SPAS SHOTGUN reskin with grim look and knuckle duster - P90 reskin with leather strap - Warrior pants. A slim cargo with steel kneepads and shin guards - Warrior tops. A short sleeve shirt wrapped in a modified Heavy IBA combined with steel shoulder pad and chest plate - Arena mask. The one @Oh. daesu shared. - a couple of arm tattoo and a patch Bruh.. I WANT
  11. Helicopter landing is smoother. It has a slow down feel and more accurate. Ghillie Suits now have optional colors. Crye Shirts and Pants now have wider camo selections.
  12. Season 3 Week 3. Solo - Extreme. Explosive only. Deploy to Ocoro Bravo and complete mission The Hospital - Extreme. No dying. Deploy to Montuyoc Bravo and complete mission Full Load. (lmao montuyoc..) - Extreme. Deploy to Tabacal Charlie and complete mission Killasisa Coca Farm by getting kills only >200m Reward: Bandana (paid item) Community Challenge - Perform headshot on SB soldiers in Production Province. Reward: Stars Patch TF Challenge In any Production Province. Extreme. Perform headshots on SB soldiers. Target: 50 Reward: Tier One Booster
  13. Week 2 Solo is another Splinter Cell-ing tasks. One of them requires you to kill enemy only with Headshot. AI Syncshot is allowed as well. The reward is Tier Booster. TF Challenge is to open 24 prison cages within 4 specific provinces only. Libertad, Inca Camina, and two others I forgot. The reward is called Traditional Pants. It's a paid item. Community Challenge is to detect prison cages. The reward is a Patch.