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  1. I thought I heard in SitRep Radio EP 154 (posted 4/11) that this is being addressed in the PTS that should be live now
  2. Here's a selfie of Agent Hank at the beginning of his inaugural trip to DC
  3. DeadSockPuppet here - Twitter is @DeadSockPuppet
  4. Yeah buddy! Looking forward to another go at the beta. Actually have some time this semester to play some video games so I got to put in probably 15-20 hrs. in the closed beta. Need to see how the PvP and DZ plays this next go around, pretty much just spent time playing PvE on the closed.
  5. I’m not sure what kind of discussion might happen on this topic, but you’re welcome to try and engage the group. Please note, this is a fan site that is not affiliated with the game, so input you’d get would be from fans and not the game devs.
  6. I’ve been spending all my time on homework since the last week of August. I’ll be in this MBA program for 2 years, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to game going forward. My daughter and I spend about 2 hrs between Fri & Sat night on the PS4, but TD isn’t an option. Currently we’re playing Spider-Man and having a blast.
  7. Massive has yet to say anything about when the betas will be. I would assume closed/pre-order will be like last week in January and the open will be like mid-February, based on what they did for the first game.
  8. I'm pretty much the same as @Oh. daesu, but it 1 & 2 depend on what build/role I'm running. Most of the time I run the same as him, but when I run a support build (on occasion), I go snipers first and then shotgunners.
  9. Sad, that means its right between my two weekends of all-day classes, so no GE for me probably.
  10. Really sucks that we have to wait until after the launch of TD2. Would be a great holiday gift for this year and a great way to hype the release of the next game.
  11. Yeah, 4x the number of people signed up for the beta... means that there will be 10x as many salty people that don't get into the beta.
  12. It's been a couple weeks since I've played UG, but the last time I ran my friend and I match made and were usually able to get at least 1 random to pick up the game, no matter what we were running. The farther we got away from Challenging and multi-phase, the slower the response time, but we still would get people. I don't think we usually had the patience to wait more than like 5-10 min, but we'd start the matchmaking while we were going through what we picked up in the previous run (kept us busy for part of the wait).
  13. DeadSockPuppet


    I hear Warframe is another great, deep game that has lots of grind to it and but a bit of a steep learning curve (I guess Division has a semi-steep learning curve). Have fun with the game, wouldn't want to be burned out when the new game launches.
  14. Yeah, even before I quit I only played about 10 hrs a week, mostly Fri/Sat night. I was getting in more time during the week since coming back, but now I have to take a week or so break because I have a shitton of homework for my pre-MBA seminar classes. *enter rant* A couple weeks out they drop a ton of reading and online work. I understand it’s a MBA, but we’ve known about the classes and had profs for like 2 months and then last minute they drop a bunch of crap for 1-day classes. And yes, I would like the cheese that goes with my whine 😂 *end rant*