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  1. Has anyone come across any analysis or intelligence on the gear sets? I'm not talking about attributes per se; I'm more interested in which sets lend themselves to certain builds. For instance in the first game the a five piece Sentry build lent itself to a marksman, whilst one of the others favoured a skill build. There was one brand of gear that was completely sh*t and didn't lend itself to anything, and I think that's the one they renamed. I recognise that the buffs and attributes play a massive part in the style but I'm wondering if there's an overview. I've been using and it's useful to a point.
  2. Yep. Like about 10 times on varying difficulties. Did the 'story' first to get to WT5 and have rinsed it weekly since on Hard & Challenging.
  3. What are the prerequisites for RAID? The guys I was playing with have tried and failed to get me into a game. I've finished the game, hit WT5 and have a GS of 499/500, yet I can only view the yellow helicopter when I'm on others' maps. Is there a preparatory mission that I need to complete or something?
  4. Exactly! It actually discourages me from using it as I nearly always have no ammo. If Ubi really want us to embrace these specializations then they need to make them more user-freindly.
  5. If the enemies can have one, plus your turret have the capability why can your charater have one? It's a good point. Something else I've been thinking about is why we can't modify the specialized weapons?
  6. My favourite weapon in the first game was the G36C that was nerfed on one of the patches. It looked great, handled well and had a decent fire-rate.
  7. I'm glad I found you guys as I thought that I was the only "gun geek" who took far too much interest in assault and sniper rifles. :)
  8. I'm running with a small group now and had a really good session the other night. These lads are WT5 (GS499) and I jumped into their game. We rinsed a couple of missions and a stronghold and the game let me keep all the Gucci gear that was dropped. In one evening I went from WT2 (GS310) to WT4 (GS497) in one session.
  9. I use CPs to fast-travel around the map. It's very irritating if I have to retake them in order to make my travelling more efficient.
  10. Really? Not wishing to brag I've killed lots of enemies but not a single bullet dropped. I've not changed to the crossbow in the hope something changes.
  11. I'm cooking on gas now, boys & girls. I still haven't fired my chosen specialism's weapon yet; I haven't got any ammo.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I'll be honest, this is all Greek to me at the minute but I'm one mission away from Endgame and I'm sure it will all make sense soon enough.
  13. Does anybody else get lost inside the WH or settlements? I literally have no idea where anything is and spend far too long walking around, trying to find the person I'm supposed to talk to. Last night I did a mission where you need to reactivate the SHD Network back at base. After 10 mins I gave up and googled it. The golden arrow thing that is supposed to direct you is utterly useless.
  14. Are you assuming the control point officer's gender? That's dangerous ground...........:-)
  15. That's good to know. Do you have a favourite that you stick with?