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  1. I use CPs to fast-travel around the map. It's very irritating if I have to retake them in order to make my travelling more efficient.
  2. Really? Not wishing to brag I've killed lots of enemies but not a single bullet dropped. I've not changed to the crossbow in the hope something changes.
  3. I'm cooking on gas now, boys & girls. I still haven't fired my chosen specialism's weapon yet; I haven't got any ammo.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I'll be honest, this is all Greek to me at the minute but I'm one mission away from Endgame and I'm sure it will all make sense soon enough.
  5. Does anybody else get lost inside the WH or settlements? I literally have no idea where anything is and spend far too long walking around, trying to find the person I'm supposed to talk to. Last night I did a mission where you need to reactivate the SHD Network back at base. After 10 mins I gave up and googled it. The golden arrow thing that is supposed to direct you is utterly useless.
  6. Are you assuming the control point officer's gender? That's dangerous ground...........:-)
  7. That's good to know. Do you have a favourite that you stick with?
  8. I'm getting close to Endgame and wondered if you could trial the specialisations before you choose one? I'll naturally lean toward the sniper but I'm intrigued by the survivalist.
  9. Agent. I hate rogues and whilst I accept their presence as an undewhelming inevitability, I can't bring myself to being a cockwomble in the DZ.
  10. I'm about 40 hours into the game now and feel qualified to comment. For me, the most irritaing task thus far is donating supplies to CP officers. There's no end to it. I'm sure there will more banal and pointless tasks once I reach Endgame.
  11. Do I have to have reached Endgame before I can do Raid?
  12. I had about an hour or two on Sunday playing Division for the first time in months. It's certainly different but I'm not sure I'm feeling it. I really didn't know what to do. The GS thing is different and all my 264 stuff has been downgraded to 228. WTF? Maybe I need to play it with some friends? It wasn't particularly fun on my own.
  13. So, I've spoken to PlayStation Europe and can access my saved game data, which is great! On another note has anyone planted Fallout 4 and would it be suitable for my kid? He's nearly 11 and it was one of the freebies I got with my new PS4.
  14. I thought I'd offer an update. The last couple of weeks have been an absolute nightmare, dealing with people and trying to get things fixed. I won't bore you with the details but I've been persistent and secured a victory: I am now the proud owner of a brand new PS4 Pro which has come as a bundle with Fallout 4 and Infamous 2, all at no cost. It's not all good though: I'm having problems transferring my data. The knackered PS4 has gone and I've set up the new one. Having tried to download my data applications from the 'cloud' I can't find anything for The Division. I really don't want to grind through another 200+ hours after starting again to get back to where I was. Anybody got any ideas?
  15. So I downloaded the 1.4 update last weekend, in between playing some BF1. Then my PS4 went and broke. Thankfully it's covered by an extended warranty so I'm waiting for a decision from the insurance people. I'm the meantime it's Xbox One for me.