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  1. Lol does anyone have a BETA CODE?!?!?! i thought I would be able to use my old one but I guess not...

  2. ​And if this is the case then no one will want to go rogue or they will lose their gear.
  3. ​This isn't my information but I saw it in the comment section in the link above. "of course all this sounds small but since it is a 1:1 adaptation you look at around 9.18km² of explorable world here. For Comparison: Fallout 4 has 9.90km² although part of this is just water in which you wont find too much so you could say that this map is around the size of Fallout 4, which is not small at all. This Map looks small because it also shows all the unplayable areas around it but in the end i think it is better than most here expect it to be."
  4. That sounds good! ​I just had a feeling that this could have happened.
  5. ​No Man's Sky is literally the craziest game I have ever laid my eyes upon.
  6. I have a prediction about Dark Zone PVP that I hope is proven false. I have read and read through this Forum and have found that everybody wants to be the ones to fight the Rogue Agents and hunt them down. Well yeah that sounds awesome, but what happens when everybody is a nice guy? No PVP... Yeah you might find a few noob players who don't realize the repercussions of going rogue nor do they realize they now have a huge group of people who want to hunt them down are after them because they went rogue but they may catch on quick. No one is going to go rogue... this is a huge problem. I don't know if this will actually happen, but I can already tell that from my feelings for the game, everyone else's feelings for the game, and the overall atmosphere and tone the developers set in the game people are going to want to play the noble and honorable survivalist instead of that cheap troll who tries to kill everyone. I definitely don't want to be a troll and kill everyone I see but don't be afraid of going rogue... It's a part of the game, and I'm afraid that because of everybody's feelings towards the Epicness of the game, they are almost afraid of it becoming Call of Duty in the Dark Zone. I get that, but still, in the Dark Zone it's supposed to be Dangerous, I want people to be afraid of going into the Dark Zone, and I'm going to make sure they are... Watch out -Stew
  7. I was wondering about the Gold Edition compared to the Regular Edition. How much money would I save if I got the Gold Edition with the Seasons Pass compared to buying the Regular Edition and buying the DLC's separately? How much does an average DLC cost? Also, How much is everybody willing to spend on micro-transactions? Anything? Would you get gun skins or try for outfits or Go-Bags? I think I would spend money on Outfits. I want to be recognizable.
  8. It's almost like what I have been waiting for is so close, yet so far. Now instead of counting down until the Beta Release Date is released, I'm just counting down till the Beta is released and it's still as agonizing.
  9. I have been playing Watch_Dogs to give me a feel for the cover shooting and the third person but still nothing hits the spot... Not until The Division comes out.
  10. I actually like the idea being a hit man. Going rogue for a price maybe... I wouldn't mind being infamous or everyone afraid of me. I think it would be so amazing if people were afraid to go into the Dark Zone because Stew might be in there. I do want to play fair though. I don't think I would kill everyone I see. I would also stray away from being a troll and killing for no reason.
  11. I'm definitely excited about team work. The fact that people can take roles within the squad is awesome!
  12. I haven't gotten one. I'm going to pre-order though when I get the money!!!
  13. ​So this Virus would obviously have to be synthetic. It would have to be able to live on a banknote. Can Rabies and other illnesses do that? If not, the people who developed the virus could have made it do anything.
  14. Where did all the infected go? Did they all die? The virus made people lose there sanity and be overtaken by rage. Is there any evidence suggestion there will be any other enemies other than The Cleaners and The Rikers?
  15. Coming from someone who has never been a part of a Beta before, nor been a part of a pre-order, there is nothing more disheartening than joining a game, when it first comes out, and everyone being better than you. I think it's a good idea to start everyone over. Giving everyone an even playing field. Besides the Beta is a test not an early release for people to get ahead.