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  1. Exactly. Just don't bring in the Infected. I don't want this to be a zombie game.
  2. That's a big downer that a lot of companies do. They come out with a new game instead of expanding. Sure, you can import your character, but you still have to start fresh. Lame.
  3. So with the Wildlands coming out next year, to me it seems that Ubisoft is starting to head more towards a Bethesda-like feel. With that being said, does anyone know if there will be DLCs for TCTD that are located in other cities? The opening story shows the Golden Gate Bridge. I for one would like to roam new cities. L.A., Miami, Seattle, maybe even other countries. Sydney, Tokyo, London, Moscow... Just think it'd be an interesting idea. Anyone know of something like this in the future?
  4. Well there we have it. Time to start over. Back to the drawing board.
  5. This is info I wish I had a lot earlier. Time to start a new agent. Lol Seriously though, I do like starting over. It lets me kink out any mistakes I made on my first play through & 9/10 times becomes my main character. I appreciate the advice. :)
  6. I wanted to go in sooner, but I had no help. I was always solo & it was impossible for me to kill anything.
  7. So I'm finally into the DZ. Got a GS just shy of 100. But I've been having trouble because of campers. A group of folks waiting just outside the DZ01 entrance who rush over to kill everyone at the extraction point every time. What can I do? They've made it impossible to get anything out of the DZ & I'm loosing ranking & money because of them.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I like to communicate. I like to start getting tactical with the missions. Especially after Amherst's horrific mission
  9. How do my Skittles taste, Rikers???
  10. I've been part of a few random groupings lately & no one ever talks. Is it because they're just not using a mic? Do mics only work in parties & not in the actual game? Cause I don't even see a sound wave or a little icon appear when I try to say something.
  11. I've always been more of a support player. The kind to run between cover & lend aid to the front lines. Does anyone play this way? Or have any tips or suggestions on how to build up for that type? I'm inching closer & closer to 30, so I want to be prepared some when the time finally comes.
  12. Looking for some folks to do some side missions & main missions. I'm level 25, so only a few more to go, but hoping to get together with some people to help with better gear drops & to get their a little faster. Plus I'd like to meet some of y'all finally. :)
  13. HelixOverdrive


    Never played Future Soldier. The last Tom Clancy game I played was Ghost Recon for the PC a very, very long time ago.
  14. HelixOverdrive

    Dying Light

    Does anyone play Dying Light? Would love to have some folks to play that with as well.
  15. HelixOverdrive


    Looking forward to this. Although it's looking like Ubisoft is trying to be more like Bethesda with their gameplay.