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  1. I was in the DZ earlier today and I thought I had switched to PvE mode but when I ran across 2 rogues, I was killed by them. Now when I hold Shift+Z it says Rogue Activation and it starts counting down, and when I let those buttons go, it says Rogue Activation Terminated and it goes into cooldown. Anyone know what Rogue Activation means?
  2. Is there a particular way to destabilize the cartel? Such as taking down the Security pillar first, then proceeding with the other pillars?
  3. I agree as a paid option. And I agree that if they add more gear sets then it would work. Since they are adding Classified Gearsets, that's how I got the idea. The prices couldn't be that ridiculous, maybe $0.99 for 1 character slot, so on and so forth.
  4. Not too long ago, I leveled up my last character on my account and was wondering, why don't we get more slots? Now, I like creating characters on The Division (kinda weird I know but it's something I like) and think this is a good idea. And before I pitch this on the Ubisoft forums, I would like everyone's opinion on this. My reason for wanting more character slots is basically this: loadouts. I know what people are gonna say 'Just put loadouts on one character' but this is just me speaking but, I don't like the fact of having one character running around with six different loadouts. From my perspective, if we get more character slots, then we could get one character for one loadout. Mainly because of my OCD, but partly because I don't like having a cluttered inventory with six loadouts and loot I received from doing Madison Square Hospital or Lexington Event Center and having to sort through all the loadout gear and loot. I would greatly appreciate everyone's opinion on this before I go and pitch this on the Ubisoft forums. Cheers!
  5. TWSFGaming

    DX12 Renderer

    Okay I see, thanks HawKShoT
  6. TWSFGaming

    DX12 Renderer

    I noticed when I go into my settings to change my screen from windowed to fullscreen (which is annoying by the way) I noticed an option to Enable DX12 Renderer. I was wondering, what is DX12 Renderer and what does it do for the game?
  7. Okay, after seeing that, I wanted to say, thanks quinch. I will return to the DZ after 1.8 drops. But I have a quick question: If I Indicate I want to do PvE, if I run across another player, will I be able to damage them by friendly fire, grenades or skills, or will all that be negated?
  8. Hello all, When I started my first character, I was kinda nervous going into the Dark Zone. Mainly because I didn't know what to expect. When I read that Rogue agents roamed inside, I was thinking PvE mainly. It was until later that the Dark Zone was a PvP place as well. Now, I'm not very good at PvP nor do I like doing it but I don't mind it until this lone incident happened. I was farming in the DZ and was extracting. A bunch of Rioters came and I threw my Seeker Mine and was about to kill them when I somehow went Rogue. A couple seconds after that, I saw another agent there and I knew what happened, one of my Seeker Mines must of hit him. So he kills me and takes my loot and I apologize to him and he says that he wanted it to happen. This guy ran into one of Seeker Mines and turned me Rogue. Now, I find that to be an asshole move and I have not entered the DZ solo since. I have gone back with a friend but I'm never going back into the DZ solo after that experience.
  9. I appreciate the compliment gene!
  10. okay, I'll try safemode and see if that helps.
  11. And how would I go about booting in SafeMode with my network... I'm kind of a noob with computers XD
  12. I don't own another keyboard HawK. Was planning on buying one in the future.
  13. Well nevermind, it's still not solved...
  14. Seems like I fixed it by uninstalling some programs I had on my computer... possibly one of them contained a program like KeyTweak... thank you all for your help. Cheers!
  15. Oh now I see, I misread it... whoops. Sorry about that, I'll check to make sure. Thanks for clearing it up!