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  1. this is not a yes 😉
  2. Yes. Once at level 30 you will be able to earn points for specialization. Not before. You won't even be able to open and look before then. ...gene
  3. First - we are a fan site. We have no affiliation with UBI, Massive or anything. So what I say below is MY opinion, and I have lots of those 😆. According to UBIs EULA this would be a prohibited cheat. Anything that provide more intel "in game" than the game itself provides (they have a lot of lawyer gobbledygook) in essence is a cheat. But hey, its your money - all they can do is ban you. ...gene
  4. Hummm, this is in the right direction.
  5. Yes, I saw that. I have not played since the patch. Too many things to work on in WarFrame. And I am still burned out. But I do plan on seeing what impacts to my play this patch does. ...gene
  6. genedjr

    Prime Shield

    Interesting. I got this once it was activated. I would check the official UBISoft TD forum and post there. ...gene
  7. I am sure the email is auto-generated, but I did get one imploring me to play The Division 2 more. Interesting, Steam has never sent me anything when I stopped playing through them for months at a time. ...gene
  8. OK, this can be 'solved' - you can carry '1' extra round. So if you have 7+1 and and fire 2, reload, that will take the extra round and you'll be able to pick up just 1 (not two), reload and pick up another for 7+1. It does not happen all the time, but generally happens when you don't empty the gun. at least for me 😉 ...gene
  9. So, this is great, but... I am not seeing anything around fixing my issues with NPC toughness or item drops or being able to get a raid going. I will give it a shot and see. ...gene
  10. Yeah, it would really be an impact to have talents update the recalibration score. But hey - they put the slider in there, its just not working for weapons. I am sure Massive/UBI will make the game better. But some of the new direction with this new game just takes away from the flavor and fun I had with TD1. ...gene
  11. Absolutely agree. It's not about actual play, its about bragging rights. Yeah - its more about the satisfaction of a max build that works. In TD1 this was pretty obvious and I had several different gear sets with a couple of max builds that worked well. I like that approach, but as I really don't PvP... And in the DZ GS is not shown, or is it? ...gene
  12. I resemble that remark 🤩 +20 ...gene
  13. OK, ASRock acknowledged receiving my MB, but now an engineer need to inspect it - 4 to 7 days. Do they really expect a customer to be without a system for weeks? So some good,. some not so good. I still commend ASRock for the RMA, but the timing needs to be in hours not days. ...gene PS I am sure they are kicking themselves for not including a HUGE BIOS chip. I bet they fix that for the top boards like the Taichi. It's a $2 part.
  14. OK, as a baby boomer - I played PONG in a bar! <snicker> ...gene