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  1. Yeah, I almost forgot cause I almost never use my .50 cal - ni the 4+ hours of game play, I got exactly 4 rounds - pffftt. Makes it worthless. ...gene
  2. I want to take a moment to discuss the re-calibration system. In TD1 after a few tries they got the result right. You could work on your gear to change it for your play style and make it better. TD2 proposes a system of dismantling stuff and working on your gear to make it better gaining a higher GS. I really like this idea, but the execution is off, there should be leftover parts from the donating piece of gear. And I should be able to get it to the max GS for the configuration installed. TD2 PTS now has a % slider. It does not appear the GS changes when you work on your stuff. I mean, come on - how do I brag about my gear without a appropriate GS. This mechanic is broken. Also, the material costs are way out of line with the effort it takes to gather materials. Each drop is 3 to 5 of something (like Titanium) and it costs 65 Titanium for one mod. This needs to be reworked. I would expect to be able to make a mod for every hour of normal game play. So this is how I would like it to work: Have three stations as in TD1, Crafting, Recalibration and Optimization. Have an inventory for 'parts' ; Knee pad parts, backpack parts, etc. Crafting Be able to craft upgrades like 10+ to Elites for a "Bob's Awesome Gear" knee pad Use crafting to disassemble existing gear into parts. The tear it apart in the field is a bad mechanic, though simple. And as today, craft stuff - provided you have the materials AND parts Reclaibration Here is where you can swap out parts that you either crafted or have from disassembly. Here is also were you could 'adapt' a part to another brand. This should allow you to mix all available choices for that "brand" gear, this should include crafted gear. Optimization Tighten this, clean that, make it just better, like TD1 this is to max the config you have. The mechanic in TD1 is simple and would be OK, but I think given the other changes, this can have a cool set of collectibles as well. All of this would need a crap-ton of math so as to not unbalance the game, but it would provide incentive to go and get stuff to get that last part for that fantastic max build. ...gene
  3. OK, after 4+ hours today, here is what i think of the changes - bah-humbug OK maybe a little more detail is warranted. OK a couple of notes first. PTS game start on PC is extremely slow, like 3-4 minutes. Hang in there it will start. The vendors have free Field Proficiency Cache 500 - you get gear/gun and about 50% of the something else. For me, there is HUGE lag, so expect to die alot. So I don't have a team until Thursday - and this will be done. So this is just Solo. Clearing broadcasts and other small stuff to get a control point to threat level 2. Nothing hard as I want to experience the changes. The good Heavies and mini-bosses are not nearly as bullet spongy. Or maybe its just that I see more armor breaking off. Either way this is fun. Bosses are way better. They are much harder to kill but for the right reasons - movement and cover. Very fun stuff. SMG almost provides stagger - and that is good in game. Makes them actually useful. Splattering a .45 SMG is actually fun. No dice for Heavies and above. Movement in general for foe NPCs seems to be better. High level NPCs act better. Red's just stand out and die. Guns are a mixed bag, but sniper rifles are better. Much easier to get one-shot kills, but almost no chance to followup - as it should be. Turret time - seems much longer and shorter to refresh. Seeker - seems better is a weird way, maybe its just getting to target faster. More research. You can QUIT the game without login out - OMG!!! bread was not that good of a achievement. The Bad Agro - OMG!!! this is far worse than the current game. NPCs will argo you on the other side of buildings. TD1 had this issue and fixed it for the most part - Renee was the worst. While Vendors do have free caches, its totally random. I still have not been able to replicate my live built after getting over 100 caches. Waste of time. Movement seems bad, this could be the lag I get. Just bad. Actions need to happen NOW or you die - and I died alot. The UGLY Shotguns seem totally worthless. 135K double barrel does not even take down a mini boss armor at zero range (and yes I died right after that test LOL) beserker, the drugged ones - dies instantly or kills you randomly. Huge difference from encounter to encounter. I mean WTF, they should behave at least a little the same. LAG LAG LAG - for me the PTS server is not really playable. I will pull the trigger and more than a sec will go by 20% of the time. Spawns from all directions, kinda. Every engagement, with few exceptions,. while in an invaded space, showed bad guys surrounding me. It's not correct, they are not surrounding me, but give pause to wait until it clears before you can position. Damage - while NPCs do not seem as accurate, when you do get hit WOW. Face a sniper (only NPC left) and she pulled a pistol, one shot my armor was gone, next shot I was at 2% health. And I was in cover - Complete BS. Friendly NPCs are still stupid. Especially when rescued from public execution. They still try to stand toe-to-toe unarmored with a pistol against and armored bad guy NPC with a machine gun . No attempt at cover and of course they die. And And and The range of argo for mini-missions, like broadcast, civilians at risk - I was engaged in a big battle and suddenly heard hostage health is critical, hostage is dead, all hostages are dead - not even close to the battle I was in. So I am not a fan. For me, 30% of the changes make the game more fun. I hate the recalibration system. While TD 1 was OK. /sigh - But I do love this game. ...gene
  4. but note that if you want to min/max gear score, you need to start with GS500 as dropped. Those should be able to re-calibrate to GS515. I have several pieces now at GS515. ...gene
  5. downloading now.... Saw this from Marco. Interesting take. As I am not a PvP player, trying to force me to he DZ is a waste of time. But I think they'll learn. ...gene
  6. hummm... maybe, but never paid attention. I think it was after the idiot officer died. ...gene
  7. OK, I love this article, so naturally I need to comment 😎 And thanks Mal for posting the article. This is in NO WAY critical of Mal. This is just great. I like have really more than three (four) factions (for me rioters/rikers were about the same in TD1.) BUT - each faction has basic elements, though as you move around they're executed in different ways. As example, each faction has a berserker - those nasty guys/gals who just charge in. They are different, but for me the tactic is still the same - don't let them close. It's the same for engineer, weapons specialist, grunt, grenade... You develop a tactic for that specific NPC type and execute. This is way fun. While my approach to individual types across factions is kinda the same, the actual strategy is not. As noted farther kills are better kills. And that goes for all factions. BUT - I really like the different strategies for the factions. As example, with a sniper (I will use this alot as my fav is sniper) - A true sniper rifle is used alot for True Sons. But a Rifle (my fav is M1A1) is great for Outcasts - yeah it take 2-3 hits but it fires pretty fast. This quote include the net two para. Just right on. Again while my tactic of a sniper is the same, the strategy is way different. I really love this AI approach by UBISoft. This part of eh article is spot on. So on this UBISoft is better. I like the diversity. I like the need to adapt aggressive combat tactics to align with faction strategy. If you stick your neck out, it will get chopped off. And for me retreating is a great tactic, they will following you slowly.... [and the next 2 paragraphs] I kinda disagree here. Most veteran and above foes can be defeated with range and movement. It's the same tactic applied real time. Sit still and you die most of the time. Move and you will eventually take the NPC out. So here I think the real satisfaction is the end, when all the bad guys are dead. But then, there is little fanfare... This could be better. OK, I will admit to cheery picking but this is complete BS. While friendly NPCs are bullet sponges (stupid, stupid, stupid) they also act stupidly. Take for instance the hammer guy, he needs to smack a NPC 3 to 4 times before the NPC appears hurt. BS. I got armor and I get hit once and I am almost dead or I am dead. Let's not forget rescues, once the fight start suddenly the hostage NPCs have pistols, even though the survey of the bad guys shows no pistols. BS And and and... Even though you are a trained fighter, you were just about to be executed - you would rarely join the fight if an avenue of escape presented itself - you would flee. For the stupid friendly NPCs to get pistols and start fighting is just stupid. Now have 5 NPCs and start the fight, 1 would grabs a bad NPCs gun that I just killed, and start in, but in cover, backing off. The execution scenario is flawed badly. [more to come, I am still reviewing, look for edits here - and I am dead tired 😴] This is a great game, but all games can be improved. ...gene ...gene
  8. not true, the vendor refresh is a week in both. BUT - there were alot more vendors and each vendor had alot more stuff. But at WT5, I have not seen anything at a vendor that I wanted. The game drops are far and away better. ...gene
  9. interesting thought, but its an AI. As noted each team is a separate game instance so if the NPCs were humans thousands of people would be needed to play NPCs. These folks talk alot of game development and game AI. Kinda interesting, but very techie. ...gene
  10. Here is a new article from Tom's HW on memory - its quite interesting for us geek types.,6064.html?utm_source=th-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190415-th And oh yeah "Samsung B-die chips" is what I could not remember above 😎 ...gene
  11. Wow - now you got me wanting to review all the items I have collected. Great write-up. I look forward to much more. ...gene
  12. On Discord - Discord was having issues this weekend. We had to switch servers a couple of times as the problem moved around. This was not only volume but voice quality as well. But last night seemed to be fine. ...gene
  13. Depends, Intel is the gaming king, but for that you pay a price. If all you're doing is gaming and you want the fastest FPS, intel/Nvidia. Now if you're cheap like me 😝 AMD offers a more cost effective solution. The R5 2600 with a B450 Mother board will provide the base. Memory is a strange and mysterious thing. You need Samsung memory - the exact chip die escapes my right now - if you want to overclock. My Hynix memory does not overclock well, but runs all day with no issues. And its hard to get just what you want. If you want more than a gaming rig and want to stream, OSB,or just do other stuff (and are cheap) AMD R7 series is for you. So - R7 2700, B450 MB, 16GB Samsung, so far. SYS disk - NVME as big as you can afford. I went from 5400rpm, to 7200rpm, to 10.5Krpm SAS to SSD to NVME and all of those were surprising upgrades. Today it's NVME. Most motherboards have at least one slot if not two. Remember M.2 is not necessarily PCIx4 NVME. Reuse your game disk. OR - SSD as big as you can afford (12TB anyone). Remember, everything on your game disk is replaceable. Now there is always a need to preserve stuff. Depending on your needs, I recommend two mirrored disks for stuff you want to keep. All MB have 6 to 10 sata slots - just get double what you think you may need 3 years from now. So if you think 5 get 10. GPU - O.M.G. - the choices are huge. For me - note above - I am after the GTX 1070ti. 8 of those sold over the weekend for under $250. GTX 1080 was over $100 more. My goal is 1+ year use at high settings. ...gene
  14. OMG - wow thanks, that is alot of work. Did you CG the patch or I WANT ONE! ...gene
  15. DUDE - now they don't have to wade through 40 min of video 😄 But I do recommend it, there is alot more there than tables <snicker> ...gene