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  1. Yeah, it would really be an impact to have talents update the recalibration score. But hey - they put the slider in there, its just not working for weapons. I am sure Massive/UBI will make the game better. But some of the new direction with this new game just takes away from the flavor and fun I had with TD1. ...gene
  2. Absolutely agree. It's not about actual play, its about bragging rights. Yeah - its more about the satisfaction of a max build that works. In TD1 this was pretty obvious and I had several different gear sets with a couple of max builds that worked well. I like that approach, but as I really don't PvP... And in the DZ GS is not shown, or is it? ...gene
  3. I resemble that remark 🤩 +20 ...gene
  4. OK, ASRock acknowledged receiving my MB, but now an engineer need to inspect it - 4 to 7 days. Do they really expect a customer to be without a system for weeks? So some good,. some not so good. I still commend ASRock for the RMA, but the timing needs to be in hours not days. ...gene PS I am sure they are kicking themselves for not including a HUGE BIOS chip. I bet they fix that for the top boards like the Taichi. It's a $2 part.
  5. OK, as a baby boomer - I played PONG in a bar! <snicker> ...gene
  6. First, with the news below - I will highly consider ASRock again, and as I loved the MB, probably a 1st/2nd choice. I now know what is up (the sky)! OK, so here is why... AMD, evidently, has serious updates for each generation of CPU, so much that the original BIOS memory in at least all first gen MBs is WAY to small. No X370 BIOS can contain everything. While I am unsure of others, all MB manufactures had to make choices on what to support. So hence my dilemma. And with the announcement that AMD will not support PCI4.0 on the X470 and below, I will be selling the RMA once it is returned. maybe - lol. It still may be a cheaper path to upgrade my son. Time will tell. He (and I) 'want' to have him remain Intel - and that works for our future plans, but there is the money thing.... So, ASRock gets my vote - buy them, the RMA was a very good thing for everyone. (And I assume this is so common I will get back my original MB.) 'news at 11' ...gene
  7. OK, I was going to leave this alone, but WTH - why the sarcastic, derogatory tone? I like min/maxing my toons for my play style. I like having a 'visible' maxed GS. This is fun for me. And after all this is a game. Part of this game, for me, is maxing out. While not the only part - this is one aspect from TD1 I wish had crossed over. As noted in another post - having that 'max' GS is boasting - and hey - that is also fun. I still see plenty of toons with a GS lower than 500. This hidden recalibration score just does not provide the bragging rights that I enjoy. Don't get me wrong, talents and attributes are extremely important to the play of TD2 - your attitude is what I call into question. ...gene
  8. wholly crap - you're old like me 😁 ...gene
  9. That is not my point. NOTHING I have on any weapon mixed with any other weapon moves the recalibration score of any weapon. I spent over an hour working through all combinations. And while I agree that talents do not contribute to recalibration score - IMNSHO they should 😎. ...gene
  10. BAH! Nothing about the extremely spongy NPCs. Nothing about the 'average' gear drop. Nothing about recal of weapons. The first was hilarious. The second was fun for solo up to Threat Level 3. The third - good fix. ...gene
  11. genedjr

    Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

    So I will not be buying anything Sapphire again. First the good - they responded to my issue within 24 hours. Really good. And follow-ups were equally as fast. But that is where the good ends. The bad: No trouble shooting assistance. Constant questions on my build - I gave then DXDiag full listing when I sent the first ticket. Questions on is it only this game.... More than once. No GPU BIOS qusetions, or upgrades/changes. After almost admitting it might be hardware, nothing. I RMA'd to Amazon at week 3. It's gone. Benchmarks with this make/model showed 90FPS+ for 1080P on ultra. I could not get 60FPS, and was low 40s when things got interesting. I was only getting 2FPS more on high from the Vega 56 as my GTX 970 in the benchmark. At $300 its a steal - but the support Sapphire provides, while very quick, sucked. Lesson learned. ...gene
  12. Cool as with others, the weapon recal is just broken. I thought i was stoned when I went for it 🤣🤣🤣 ...gene
  13. OK is am confused - lvl 60? I will admit I don't do conflict. ...gene
  14. OK< it's essential that you walk around the white house alot. I too was a bit confused for a while, but its just a part of the game. ...gene
  15. OK how did this VEEEEEEEER off the RAID? Guys come on... jeeze - without a way to matchmake the RAID IMNSHO is limited to a very small audience. ...gene
  16. genedjr

    Sapphire Pulse Vega 56

    UPDATE: So I went on-line and watched several videos with this card, running on ultra, and producing over 60FPS continuously (over 100FPS mostly). I even applied a couple of different WattMan profiles to see if that would help - no help. I get spots of less than 30FPS taking a control point. Even changing to Medium settings, I get spots that drop toward 50FPS. I am talking with Sapphire - but they are still asking questions on what I am doing. I think I will just send this card back to Amazon as I am well within the 30 days return policy. /sigh - I am a bit of a AMD fanboy, but this is driving me back to my first choice for a GTX 1070ti. ...gene
  17. Here is what I understand so far from using recalibration (all my gear is at least +50, most is +100). As with TD1, only one attribute can be recalibrated. The recalibration scale is 0 to 100 on gear and weapons. 'Moving' an attribute destroys the source item and costs various resources (i.e. electronics) Recalibrating a second (and future times) has a higher cost of resources (more than the first recalibration.) Purple items, while having a smaller 'pool' of stats, have fewer attributes, so a particular attribute has the potential for larger stats value. OK, now my experience. Resources take an inordinate amount of time to collect and have a very low drop rate. Gear recalibration seems to work OK, but the cost of a second or third recalibration is very high. This would drive the behavior of not recalibrating until you have a attribute you want that maxes the recalibration score. Maxing the recalibration score would seem to indicate that attribute stat is the highest you can get, or that you can apply to that piece of gear. Getting a piece of gold gear that has one high and two low stats will allow that high stat to be replaced (or upgraded) to a higher level than the same piece of gear that has three average stats. The 'pool' is only so big. This seems to hold true, but only tested on two pieces of gear. Weapon recalibration seems to be broken. I have sifted through literally 100s of weapon combinations without a single piece raising the recalibration score even +1. ...gene
  18. I read all these wonderful comments about the Sapphire Pulse Vega 56 and when it came on sale for $300 - I picked one up. Well, it runs like crap (Sapphire ticket submitted). Even during the benchmark it never reaches 50C so the fans never start. Yet in stage 4 is drops below 50FPS. Afterburner shows it's not even keeping standard max clock let alone boost. During game play is constantly drops below 50FPS - even my old GTX 970 was this good. IMNSHO - it should just work out of the box. I know I can go to wattman and screw with settings, but HEY - this is a signature AMD game. On high settings, at 1920x1200 is should never drop below 60 FPS. I see videos of this card running 130FPS+ on high and 1080p. what am I doing wrong? ...gene
  19. OK, I did get the RMA from ASRock. That is fantastic in my opinion. But as noted, I have to send mine back first. To make up for the loss, I ordered and received today Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 WiFi. $150 from NewEgg. I am just too cheap to go the Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero route. So another build weekend. I will be selling the RMA MB when it arrives. The're $160 on Amazon. ...gene Missed the sale - $190 with tax
  20. I was lucky enough to play the technical alpha and closed beta. These were very much what I expected from the game. Look and feel of TD1 but in a new place with additional mechanics and items. I was elated that pistols are actually useful. And to be sure the low level game is alot of fun. As there was only one end-game mission, it really did not allow for a feel of the end game. I also played the open beta and on launch day. That began the march to WT5. I don't remember the exact number of hours played to get WT5, but it was less than 50. Fun Stuff! Now before this last massive overhaul, my two/three man team was able to complete all the content at heroic - but hey, challenge was enough to get blueprints, so that is what we mostly did. So here we are now, where I just don't want to play TD2. /sigh ...gene
  21. Also Agent. Mostly as I am just not into PvP. But also partly because I also don't like the concept Massive has proposed for the rogue. ...gene
  22. OK, I realized this evening, I just don't want to play TD2. I can smash all threat level 3 and below content - but with the reward of a single GS500 (maybe) item, the work (45 min to hour+) is not worth it. As noted in other posts, I got more GS500 stuff before the TU3 patch. I am mostly a solo player - UBI/Massive has - imnsho - forgotten about us. Or, as noted with the RAID - shunned us. Alas - I am looking to move on. As watching the TD2 official forums indicates this is what UBI/Massive wants. /sigh ...gene
  23. I know this has been a while, but - what do you mean by 'stuttering'? When I use the mouse for look, my cheapo wired mouse has not issues. The pan is smooth and fast. I do have a Vega 56 and R5 1600x with the latest drivers. ...gene
  24. So I went to the official UBI TD2 forums and read their excuse for not having matchmaking for the raid. I am not satisfied. Who are they to decided we can't get 8 folks together and on a Saturday grind it out and have a gas dying alot. They say they are listening, but hey - if they listened, there would have been matchmaking from the git-go. This exclusionary decision just points the whole game it the wrong direction. Again from a previous post - did they not learn from TD1? Now I have heard that practiced teams (on PC) are clearing the RAID in 20-30 minutes. So why can't a rando team figure it out. And if a team member bugs out, get a replacement, that is how combat/games works. This is just a poor decision - I hope they fix it. ...gene