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  1. DZ is not what it used to be since the latest patch. Personally I think they’ve ruined it by making it a hive of nomad and pred , two of the cheesiest builds in the game. im playing ghost recon wildlands on ghost mode , it’s a lot of fun especially with the permadeath element.
  2. Jaypeg

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    Yeah it is dude
  3. I did my hunters in one go and extracted 5 items in the same run. I then cheesed the five hours by going to a safe spot and waiting there until I died, rinse and repeat. Im not a big fan of survival but we did it on pvp. Played with some peeps who knew what they were doing. Good shout on the Lvoac, works a treat. good luck on your other Hunter
  4. House hits hard as ...bullfrog actually hits harder then the m4. showstopper is the reason the shotguns got nerfed. And has had a detrimental effect on not a fan. Stupid damage for a cheesy weapon , this is purely from a striker pvp perspective mdr is great until you get arthritis
  5. ok dude, some of your screen shots dont really tell me much but we can work around that..not sure how you have so much toughness with very little stamina, are you on world tier 5??? anyway lets sort your build out. Stats: As ive said before you really want around 6k stamina, you will not survive very long with 4k stamina in the DZ. Ditch the electronics , its not going to make that much difference to you You want to try and aim for 7k firearms. Banshee hits hard against rogues, the more firearms the quicker you will body them. Once you get the hang of pvp, you can drop your stamina down and add it to your firearms. What to roll: Chest: Roll: Roll Health and either skill haste or EDR Mask: Crit hit chance Knees: Crit hit damage Backpack: Crit hit damage Gloves, crit chance, crit damage, weapon damage Holster: Crit hit chance Weapon talents: Most peeps run with the house as it hits hard... vector is ok, but try the AUG if you dont have a house. SMG: Deadly, unforgiving and responsive secondary: up to you, you could either go for more damage talents or go with destructive, predatory and determined. Good for NPC's and getting your skills back. Sidearm: I would use a 204 pistol with coolheaded on to get your skills back quicker. Talents: Immune station You could use booster shot, but disruptor is pretty handy. Combat medic is a must if in a group, precision , adrenaline , strike back, critical save....on the move is also a good one. if you cant hit head shots then ditch precision. Play around and go with what feels right Gearset: Having one piece of nomad isnt going to help you... savage gloves are you best option. if you dont have them, use a barretts, or refreshed mask. Basically something to you wll get something from. Check the blueprints vendor... Gear Mods: You need better mods(higher level)- this will boost your stats. You want crit hit chance mods, you should be able to get to about 58% with savage gloves if you have the right bits. 60% is the max you can roll. Crit = damage. Weapon mods: Again its all about crit damage and chance. if you are running an smg , you should have good crit chance already as youve rolled it on your gear, so you want to be aiming for as much crit damage as possible. Other: The below site is a great place to see what gear is available Good vector at the special weapon vendor, you just need to roll off for responsive. 2% pulse Critical Hit Chance at dz 53rd east - buy 4 1% crit hit chance mods(firearms) at camp clinton, not bad stats Learn the map: This will help you when you are up against it.. DZ check list: Everyone dies, just accept it, youre going to get get ganked, accept it.. youre going to lose gear, accept it. There are no rules in the DZ, you will get shot in the back, you will meet people with cronus, spamming showstoppers... it sucks at times but best to find another server if you are up against people with no skill(basically those who need to cheat). Group: Find a good squad, i dont play solo, cool if you want to but for me its all about the team...i play with a great bunch, all dotted round the globe and are veterans in the DZ. Hence why we always go rogue. Have fun when your playing, learn to move around, when to pop a medkit etc. But keep it lighthearted... communicate with your team, see what builds your team are running to compliment, learn what builds people are using so you have the advantage eg identify a pred user and body him first. people will try and provoke you with emotes, dont bite...they will false rogue flag(mainly because they havent got the balls to go rogue). Have fun dude. let me know how you get on...
  6. No worries mate, let me know what your weapon talents are as well ...makes a lot of difference in pvp.
  7. I would run 5pc banshee with savage gloves dude. Roll crit hit chance on mask and holster. Crit damage on knees and backpack , if running an smg. AR I would roll stability on the backpack. 6k stamina and 7k firearms. Crit hit chance mods. Do a screen shot of your build so I can look at it mate.
  8. I found doing a two phase on hard(solo) the best way to get hunters . I was using striker and had no issues putting them down. Cant go wrong with a flash bang
  9. More then happy to help you with your build dude but you need to get some fairly decent gear first. Keep playing/farming and give us a shout. Have fun...
  10. I’m pretty much a dz player , some skirmish and a legendary once in a while if I need pc and dt.
  11. Like I said man just roll for 6k Stam and dump the rest into firearms ...
  12. If you intend on playing pvp in the dz most people run 6k Stam and 7k fireams ...dps builds .you could run a 9k striker build which will give you armour , damage and health return . Just don’t use the showstopper as it’s pure cheese . up to you if you want to roll health On your knees and backpack . Personally if it’s an smg build I would rather roll crit hit damage. Stability on the backpack if using an AR. But hit level 30 first and get some classy gear. Don’t look at dps, look at how much you are rolling into it.
  13. i think we need to move away from thinking optimizing gear is the be all of a build.. its not, i run with people with 275 gear scores who tear people apart... you could happily run any legendary with 256 gear and still complete it...
  14. To be honest dude your screenshot doesn’t give us a lot to work with. As we don’t know what your gear attributes are eg are you running skill haste etc if you are going to use electronics then I would roll a couple of pieces . ive recently put a nomad build together with 3 Stam and 2 electronics . Firearm mods with skill haste to unlock my weapon so talents (vicious and deadly). And skill haste rolled on chest, gloves and holster. i use overdose and immune station(19 dec cool down). I would ditch wildfire as your turret isn’t going to do a lot of damage (got nerfed in pvp) but turrets are good for crowd control. i rarely use nomad , it’s more of a hangover gearset for me.