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  1. Sure this makes totally sense in the current form and state of the game - after all that's how they've designed and developed it now. I'm happy you like that approach and direction and I'm sure many other players do too. Just I personally think the game would have benefited more from a combined loot system and a global character creation concept... and if they would have launched the game with a PVP mode. But I do have to say I've had an awesome time grinding the original story and missions!
  2. Dope Playlist Btw extremly great news is that MarcoStyle is coming back to cover 'The Division' starting with the 1.7 PTS !!!
  3. Howdy, I just wanted to share some of my current weekly must watch The Division videos on YouTube RxlyaT's Weekly Vendor Reset: YouTube Channel Link 21 Kiloton's Weekly News Dump: YouTube Channel Link What's your favorite YouTube Content creator..?
  4. I agree, I totally don't get it why they completely separated the DLC's from the main game and don't make a better use of the sandbox and gunsmith system.
  5. Massive did planned a pretty huge companion app, but unfortunately they've pulled the plug on it for several reasons I do think that 'The Division" would benefit a LOT from having a companion app that let's you manage your inventory, builds, loadouts etc etc from on the road. It would also be pretty dope if Massive could take some inspiration from the current 'Mass Effect' mobile app concept - that let's you send out NPC Strike Teams to earn you in game loot... It's just some kind of mini game that keeps you involved with the games world and activities when being away from the PC or console. I really hope that's something they working on for the TD2... and if not I hope they gonna open up an API for third party developers to build their own apps - because I would for sure build one hehe
  6. I personally think 1.6.1 and Loadouts is an extremely dope update, that shows that The Division is moving into the right direction.
  7. Dope, I'll most defently run some of those today