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  1. Hey everyone, I started with MMOs back in the day when WoW came out and the one thing I really liked was being immersed in the story and background of my character and having them grow in a fictional world. I would love to do this with the Division! I don't know how this would be done, but I would love to have another person, or group, who would be interested in role playing a second wave agent with me as we go through the streets of Manhattan. Probably sounds childish to do this, but I also write comics so I'm always in this creative state of mind. who would be interested?
  2. I'll be up for some DZ runs as well. Just getting back on the game for the PS4 realm as well. Add me and send me a message on when you're on. I'll need to get my gear up to at least 230 (I'm 203 at the moment)
  3. Dude, much love to you! That would be amazing!
  4. Just jumped on my PS4 character for the first time in a while. Gear Score 195 lv 33 DZ. I wouldn't mind running some stuff with you, but I need to get a little bit better gear first...
  5. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be at home here!
  6. Hello everyone, I've been playing The Division since launch, but never really got into the community until recently (now that I have both my PS4 and PC characters at gear level). I fell in love with the game from when it was first announced! Cant wait to chat with everyone on here about their experiences, fun stories, and theories about what may have happened after the 'main quests' have been finished. I have tons of conspiracies myself! Also; is there a Role Playing group? I come from a time when RPing your character was a thing in MMOs, silly question but just wonder. Hope to chat and maybe meet up in game! ps: Here is a current build I'm working on right now. Firecrest+Tactician and winning with a flamethrower turret.