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  1. Thankyou mate i appricate your help al see what happens
  2. How do i start a petition to see if it could be done
  3. What are thete twitter names so i can find them i willl try that.
  4. I dknt know how to. I thougght it be good idea to do tho for summet in his memory that hirl who died and had it done was called stefania poor girl died of cancer she was only 20. Thats were i thought of teying to get it done for me bro
  5. I have seen that a girl who died of cancer (god bless her) she played te divison and she had a painting mural tag or whatever you call it put on a wall in te dark zone in ger memory with i thought was a lovely way to remember a gamer and this gave me an idea. I lost ny brother 2 years ago it will be tbe anneversary of his death on tbe 24th of july. He died from having an asthma attack he was only 28 i played tbe divison with him all the time and he had put in 57 days of playtime he teally limed this game alot. I was wondeting if anyone could help me in teying to get something added in he darkzone in a wall in his memory just a picture i would live it if thst could be done and i would also live to show his son. I would pay aswell if i have to. So if anyone could give me any info on getting this done reply to this or my email is [email protected] thankyou
  6. How do i increase my threat level at tbe minite its on - 45 lol i have tried all sorts
  7. I would like to see the underground in the divsion 2 and i hope it will be open workd so we can explore it freely because i imagine in real life there will be all sorts if tunnels connecting important government budings aswell all tbe subway tunnels and sewers in washington. I hope ubisoft do this.
  8. Dors anyone know were a could get an easy to understand build guide for use in the dark zone please
  9. Am looking forward to finding out more about qhats going to be in the divison 2 hopefully it isnt to long until the bete is out.
  10. I like ge idea of the high value targeys we have to kill in the divison but i think that in the divison 2 this should be exoanded upon. I think there should be high value targets that you have to save in the divison 2 as well as kill because we are going to be in washington and thete are alot of very important politicians there so they could have them as high value targets we have to save. I think it would work well in adding to the immersion.