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  1. Well I would but the problem seems to be fixed now for some unknown reason. I figured I’d just check for the hell of it and it loaded in and worked almost instantly, I can assure you I haven’t changed anything or removed or added any settings or anything else. I’m honestly perplexed right now unless the problem was something on ubisoft’s end and they patched it.
  2. Well, I’m not really sure exactly what type of router I have. I know it’s a stock Verizon router I got with my internet package, but I bought a 50ft Ethernet cable and connected it to an extension router. From the second router it just splits into 4 Ethernet ports and my PS4 connects to that. I can get the SKU/Model numbers for both of them if that helps.
  3. Thanks daesu, I’m new here. also, g1nt3r, I have tried unlinking and delinking the Ubisoft account multiple times. It has never made any changes for me, but could you elaborate on the UPNP for my router? I haven’t heard or read anything about that so far, thanks again
  4. I recently reinstalled the game after over a year cause my mates starting playing again. Logged in successfully, got to the character selection screen, picked my main and perpetually loading until 10%. I decided to try every fix I could find, re-installing, unlinking and re-linking my Ubisoft account, rebuilding my PS4 database, none of it worked. I was able to create a new character and play just fine, but I want access to my old one. Just looking for any solution to this, don’t care how long or annoying it is. I appreciate the help if anyone has advice for me :)