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  1. Hey Dev's Not that I imagine will gazillions of people playing this that one guys plight would matter but... I was having a lot of fun, even worked my way solo up to tier 4 but now things have changed to the point as a solo player I cannot even take a control point. I died like 20 times trying all my different weapons and amour to take a control point solo, it took me maybe 3 tries before today to take one, so I say thanks for the game I feel I got plenty out of it but it would seem now it has turned into a multiplayer only game if a person wants to really succeed.
  2. I am grateful for the guys who respond to my call for help so I can get through missions that otherwise would have ended the game for me. I wish there was a way to text and say thank you in the game. Is there a manual or a prima strategy guide for this game? LoL I see all the stats and numbers about a lot of different things and have no idea what they mean other than higher is better. Like in DCS it is important to know the difference between a Aim9, Aim7 and Aim54 missiles. Great game and very addicting, I like just walking around the game world looking at all the stuff the created , it is just so well done . When I do finish a mission I go back through the buildings looking at all the rooms. Just plain fun 😉
  3. Well I guess I'm going to have to learn about the gear sets and try to get some, at level 14 I have a gun that suppose to hit with 3.3K but it takes 3 shots to down an enemy and they hit me 1 time and I'm dead. I don;t get how a level 8 rifle hitting 1.8k seems to be better than lev 13 3.3k weapon. Fun game anyway.
  4. I had great fun today, I like how you cannot just be a tank and blast away, a little strategy or approaching the combat from a completely different way works better all the time and the more planning the better the combat outcome. Great game, the best part is I am off when you release the game so I can play all I want...I told my wife to go have fun with her mom that weekend...LoL
  5. You guys are a lot better players than I will ever be I think. I did the 2 main missions, did a couple of DZ missions, after many many deaths. I tried the end game guys and I got slaughtered every time no matter how or what weapon I used playing solo. I love the free roam stuff and can see I will have to play this the same way I did the first one and that is do lots of free roam killing to get upgraded to a level where I can complete the story mission. It is addicting as well as frustrating so I am looking fore ward to playing the full game.
  6. Playing the missions solo is going to be very difficult, I went into the Sons of ???? hideout and the boss that comes out launching rockets, oh my ! I tried it as level 5 with level 6 gear and it is going to take alot more horsepower than that to get this done as a solo. Love the game though , it is just good fun at a great price. I do not understand the different colors for all the gear and what works best with what but I'm sure when it's released there will be an awesome WIKI. I'm glad I pre-ordered it.