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Found 4 results

  1. So with legendary missions I have been steadily grinding away to finally get some exotics (my Lexington runs failed to produce anything but frustration and boredom with that mission). What are your experiences with what you have tried and what are you after ?. My views are from the ones I have used and are based on my play style in the PvE environment. This week I finally got a ShowStopper from a General Assembly run on hard.... I was so happy until I found myself toe to toe with a Legendary shotgunner and found it did almost no damage to them (possible server lag... maybe but still). I now realise I wish it was the MedVed... The Skulls MC Gloves I use on my golden and exotic kitted Agent. This I quite like as she can run most missions and hold her own without any gear set bonuses. The Shortbow kneepads as ok I guess. The delay on grenades make them pretty ineffective on harder missions if used as more than a diversion. The lower delay is a bit better but they still get dodged alot. Not many better alternatives for non-gearset kneepad though. Barretts chestpiece I finally got last night. Just starting to try it out but have yet to us it tactically (leveraging the bonuses depending on the situation). Bliss holster does not really do anything for me as I dont use a sidearm very much. I would imagine a Defence shield build may see some advantages. Ferros mask I use all the time when doing Legendary Napalm. Bullfrog I seesaw back and forth with quite a bit, swapping with a M4 or LVOA-C. Caduceus I have not noticed proping when I have used it so the effect of its heal is clearly not helping me very much. I am using on my TA build and have modded it for crit but still not enough out of it for me to care at this time. Liberator didn't interest me so it just sits in my cache. Urban MDR I got last week and am enjoying it but like the Bullfrog, I change back and forth with the LVOA-C as it packs a punch but sometimes I prefer the burst damage. The Pakhan I use quite a lot. I bought a few before they became exotic only and they have served me pretty well. The Hungry Hog I recently got a couple of but I am not feeling a preference over the Pakhan. The slower firing speed takes a bit longer than I would like for Time to Kill. The talen is nice if there are big groups of enemies to take down though. The Historian I liked until they nerfed it but am finding use in it again as I have put two firearms heavy builds together. Love the secondary explosions. Tenebrae I find of very limited use. hitting the week points with a sniper is hard enough but then hoping they go off as well... I have unloaded more or less a full box off a MG5 into the back of a shield guy and not have it pop. This one just sits in my cache. Cassidy I bought before it became exotic. I have never really used it but the LoneStar dual Cassidy's sounded like fun. Not sure how practical it would be though. Eir is just consigned to the cache. Tommy Gun is also just consigned to the cache. Centurion is consigned to the cache. I am hoping to get a MedVed at some point and with 1.7 the Ninjabike bag. Apart from that, just better versions of items I already have but the grind will be on in 1.7 for the Classified Gearsets more than exotics I would guess.
  2. [deletia] (the patch notes are further below due to formatting ssues)
  3. Last Stand NormalizationWith PTS4, normalization will roll the max stat for all gear bonuses, gear mods, performance mods and weapons mods – in addition to the previous max rolls for major stats, weapon damage and weapon attributes – which means that your entire character will be scaled to a fully min-maxed 256 build. Your goal when putting together a build for Last Stand should now be completely focused around creating a build that suits your playstyle, instead of only trying to find a build where the stats are rolled fully to your advantage. Normalization now rolls the max Gear Score 256 stat for Your Gear major/minor bonuses Gear Mods Performance Mods Weapon Mods Major stats Weapon damage Weapon attributes Fortifications We have always wanted fortifications to help a solo player defend a tactical location, especially if the attacking team was not approaching tactically. With the previous tuning players were able to tank and heal against the turrets but the actual Time to Kill for the turret was fairly long. We are making the turrets more lethal if attackers are not playing smart, which should also help solo defenders hold down their home tactical location. The Pulse fortifications have not been changed. The damage of the turret fortifications has increased by 40%. The health of the turret fortifications has decreased by 25%. Join on the Fly The issues we had with joining a Last Stand match already in progress during PTS2 have been resolved, and you are once again able to join on the fly. Also, players who joined as a group should no longer randomly be split up at the end of a match. You can now join a Last Stand match already in progress again. Mercy Rule We continue to tweak the Mercy Rule and we will continue to adjust it as we gather more data. For now, we want to try to keep it more aggressive and see what players think. We would love to hear your feedback on this aspect. Mercy Rule now activates at 10 minutes instead of eight. Personal Score Up until now, the scores used to calculate rewards at the end of the match were placeholders until we had more data on what kind of scores we could expect during a match. With PTS4, the score thresholds for Last Stand rewards have been increased. If your team wins the match, you will always get a win cache, no matter your personal score. The Last Stand score thresholds are now 3000 for 1 cache, 6000 for 2 caches and 15 000 for three caches. Game changes Combat Time to Kill was too fast during PTS3 and didn’t give enough time to work skills into encounters, so we’re lowering the PvP damage multiplier in PTS4. This change is subtle and should not dramatically affect the current pace of PvP. Additionally, with the updated normalization discussed above, players are going to be more lethal in general, which means we need to pull back the Time to Kill slightly. The PvP damage multiplier has been lowered from 0.46 to 0.42. This change applies to both Last Stand and the Dark Zone. WeaponsHistorianThe Historian has been given back its base damage, which means that headshots and critical hit chance will once again have an effect on its performance. As noted during PTS3, the idea is to have a weapon that scales very well with Firearms, so we have given its explosive damage a further boost. The explosive damage will now equal 700% of the user’s Firearms. SMGsDuring the testing of normalization in Last Stand, we had the opportunity to observe legacy SMGs that still had Critical Hit Chance on them in action. While we had initially planned to remove those weapons from the game, we realized that they were in a good place and that people really liked playing with them. Because of this, we decided to give back Critical Hit Chance to all SMGs instead. SMGs have been given back their Critical Hit Chance, with a maximum roll of around 22%. Bug fixes Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player’s Last Stand rank was not displayed correctly. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player would not receive credit for reviving teammates using Support Station. Fixed bugs in Last Stand where the scoreboard would not display correctly. Fixed a bug where players would be stuck at a vendor if the group leader canceled matchmaking for Last Stand. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where kill notifications while the Points for Kills perk was active did not display correctly for the opposing team. Fixed a bug in Last Stand where the player would spawn in the Dark Zone next time they log in after using Alt-F4 to quit the game. Players can no longer open caches when in a Last Stand match. Fixed a bug with Mobile Cover where talents Adept, Competent and Capable would stay active until either the cover was destroyed or the player changed cover. Fixed a bug where sometimes the player would lose input functionality after closing the stash. Fixed a bug where backpack skins did not display properly on the NinjaBike messenger bag on female characters. Fixed a bug where your Turret and Seeker Mines would attack your own Support Station when Rogue. Fixed an issue with the Distracted talent where it would always be active when shooting at an enemy’s body even if no status effects were active. Fixed a bug where Banshee’s Shadow 4-piece bonus would stop working after changing phases. Fixed a vendor bug where the player was unable to use the mouse to select the item they wanted to buy. Fixed a bug where the LMB pants awarded from Legendary missions looked different on female character models. Fixed a bug where the Defibrillator’s heal over time would not be renewed on multiple uses of the skill. Fixed a bug where Seeker Mines with the Airburst mod would stay active even after being hit by an EMP effect. Fixed a bug where a Favorited item could be accidentally marked as junk. Fixed a bug where the Premium vendor would lose functionality if all items were bought. Fixed a bug where the Signature skill cooldown would not update on the party’s UI if used outside of party range. Fixed a bug where Dark Zone leaderboards would not display. Fixed a bug with the Chromatic aberration graphical setting.
  4. PATCH NOTES Here is the list of changes deployed during the PTS update of January 27. Note that all comparative values here are related to what was available in PTS 1, and not the live version. We have also updated the Global Patch Notes for better comparison with the live version of the game. Last Stand Last Stand is now activated and available to all Season Pass owners. Last Stand Gear normalization is activated: When entering a match of Last Stand, character stats will be modified in order to bring a more stable balance to player versus player combat. Gear pieces: Automatically increase to Gear Score 256. Main attributes (Firearms, Stamina, Electronics) will be increased to the maximum roll of the existing stat on each equipped piece. The following bonuses will be uniformly scaled: Weapon type damage Skill Power Health All other bonuses remain unchanged. Weapons: Automatically increase to Gear Score 256. Base damage is set to the maximum possible for this weapon. Talents unlock based on the normalized main attributes. Mods act as normal. Other stats (RPM, Reload speed, etc) are unchanged. All players will be set to the same armor mitigation value. Players talents, Gear Sets bonuses and Weapon Sets bonuses function as normal. Game changes It will no longer be possible to reload while sprinting. Increased Hip-fire penalties: Weapon spread is now wider while stability and recoil are also more impacted. Dark Zone: Koreatown is no longer classified as a Landmark. Gear Sets S.E.E.K.R. After the first round of PTS testing and community feedback, it became clear that the initial direction with this set was wrong. The proposed mechanic was promoting Hip Firing when we were trying to encourage more interesting gameplay. The overall bonuses provided with the 2 and 3-piece bonus was also too strong. The proposed changes should rebalance the 2 and 3-piece bonus, and turn this set into more of a skill based long range combat set, particularly interesting for Marksman Rifle users. Set Bonus (2): +10% All Resistance (instead of +10% Body shot Damage) Set Bonus (3): +5% Body shot Damage (instead of +30% Critical Hit Damage) Set Bonus (4): After 2 consecutive shots to the body, the next headshot will have +200% Headshot Damage bonus. (instead of “the next shot is a guaranteed critical hit”) Banshee’s Shadow Many of you have been asking for a change to Banshee following the change to DZ rules where non-Rogue players no longer lose DZ XP and funds when dying. With the proposed change, we want to push the fantasy of the “Rogue Hunter” a bit further by providing a “revenge” type of bonus. Set Bonus (4): While Rogue, all ammo is completely refilled every 30 seconds. Damage takent from non-rogue players reduced by 10%. (no change) While not Rogue, Damage to Rogue players is increased by 10%. This bonus is increased to 20% for 10 minutes after being killed by a rogue. (instead of no DZ experience and funds lost on death) Tactician’s Authority To be more in line with the new Skill Haste values, we have increased the Skill Haste bonus of Tactician. Set Bonus (2): 15% Skill Haste. Weapons Hildr & Eir Obviously, the set bonus provided by these weapons didn’t work correctly as the Hildr could benefit from its own critical damage bonus. This has now been fixed. Valkyria: Each hit with Hildr increases critical hit damage by 1% to a max of 30. The bonus decreases by 1 every second. This bonus only applies to Eir. Urban MDR Requested by many, the Urban MDR is finally receiving a damage boost to bring it more on par with other Exotic weapons. The damage boost might seem huge, but we wanted to bring it more on par with Marksman Rifles since it handles similarly. Base damage increased by 65%. Distracted: Damage bonus increased to 18%. (instead of 10%) FAMAS To make it more unique, we have changed the name of this weapon. We also increase its damage slightly. FAMAS is now called Bullfrog Base damage increased by 11.7%. Midas We received a lot of feedback on the healing debuff of the Midas and decided to preserve the debuff idea, but with a different angle. Midas: Each bullet you hit with reduces your damage by 1% and your target's damage by 1% to a max of 20%. The effect is reduced by 5% per second. Showstopper Requested by many, the showstopper is finally receiving some love with this new PTS build. Base damage increased by 11%. Hungry Hog It became obvious during the PTS that the current instalment of the Glutton talent could lead to ridiculous amount of damage. We have decided to limit the amount of bonus damage that can be received from its talent. Glutton now provides 10% extra damage per kill and can stack up to 5 times. Historian It was reported on the PTS that the explosion sound of the Historian was a bit too loud, and could disturb gameplay significantly. Explosion sound of the Historian has been lowered. L86 Base damage increased by 4%. Damage falloff at range reduced by 40%. Gear stats With the last PTS, we removed Armor as a gear bonus and replaced it with Health. While we consider this to be a step in the right direction, we also noticed that the Health bonus was still too strong and that Health remained a Best in Slot choice in many cases. In order to address that and make other choices just as interesting, we have decided to lower Health bonuses but also implement a new concept: Base Health which is determined by the World Tier you are currently in. The end result means that players who don’t invest in Health will have more Health than in the last PTS, while players who invest heavily will remain at similar levels. This should make for a more consistent Time to Be Killed. On top of the already known changes to Toughness and Skill Power, we also had a pass on all Gear bonuses: getting rid of those that were deemed uninteresting, replacing them with more interesting choices as well as making sure that each piece had options available for damage, tanking or support. (the changes listed below do not include Armor being turned into Health and Health turned into All Resistance) -bonus is removed +bonus is added =bonus remains Chest -Damage to Elite -Damage from Elite +Skill Haste +Enemy Armor Damage =Health =Health on Kill =Exotic Damage Resilience =All Resistance Backpack -Skill Haste -Signature Skill Resource Gain +Weapon Stability =Health =Critical Hit Damage =Skill Power Mask -Damage to Elite +Enemy Armor Damage =Critical Hit Chance =Health on Kill =Exotic Damage Resilience =Skill Power =All Resistance Gloves -Damage to Elite +Enemy Armor Damage +Skill Haste =Critical Hit Chance =Critical Hit Damage =Health on Kill =Assault rifle Damage =LMG Damage =Marksman rifle Damage =Shotgun Damage =SMG Damage =Pistol Damage Kneepads -Damage to Elite -Damage from Elite +Enemy Armor Damage +Skill Power =Health =Critical Hit Damage =Exotic Damage Resilience =All Resistance Holster -Damage from Elite -Pistol Damage +Critical Hit Chance +Reload Speed =Health =Skill Haste Other changes to stats: Enemy Armor Damage is now a Major bonus and no longer a Minor. Damage to Elites is now a Minor bonus and no longer a Major. Damage from Elite values has been halved. Pistol Damage is doubled on gloves. Recalibration With all these changes to Gear stats, here are the details of how existing gear should convert with this update. It is important to note that “new bonuses” will not all be available on existing gear when recalibrating. Some will be automatically changed, others will be available when recalibrating, and others won't be available at all. A more detailed list will be published later. If you had a native Armor bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into health. If you had a recalibrated Armor bonus, the recalibration will reset and you will be back to the initial bonus when the item was acquired. If you had a native Health bonus (not recalibrated), it will be turned into All Resistance. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Kneepads, the Health roll will remain. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and no native armor roll on this piece, the Health roll will remain. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in Chestpiece and a native armor roll on this piece, the recalibration will reset as you would otherwise end up with 2 Health bonuses. If you had a recalibrated Health bonus in any other Gear Piece, the recalibration will reset. If you had a recalibrated Skill Haste bonus on your backpack, the recalibration will reset If you had a recalibrated Pistol Damage bonus on your holster, and the holster was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset If you had a recalibrated Enemy Armor Damage or Damage to Elite and the item was acquired after update 1.5, the recalibration will reset All recalibration on Exotic weapons will reset Unique talents on Exotic weapons cannot be recalibrated Free talents on Exotic weapons that don’t have a Unique talent (Liberator, Centurion, Eir and Hildr) can be recalibrated Note that when a recalibration resets, the money spent will be reimbursed, based on the recalibration costs of Update 1.6. Since recalibration now has a cost cap, if the initial recalibration costed more, you will only be reimbursed according to this cap. Note that recalibrations will not be reimbursed on the PTS as recalibrations cost 0. Skills After this first PTS, we noticed that Skill Power builds have had a second life and have started to shine. This is a good thing, but it shouldn’t become a new extreme that makes any other kind of build worthless. We will keep monitoring the situation for future PTS updates. We are also aware that First Aid is considered too weak in its new version, which hurts solo players. We will address the issue if it persists, however, we want to give some more time to the community to adapt to the new meta before doing any changes on the skill. For the time being, we decided to modify Skill Power’s impact on cooldowns to help players who have low Skill Power, and make more room for Skill Haste as a valuable stat. We also rebalanced a few skills that appeared to be slightly too strong in PTS 1. Updated the impact of Skill Power on all skills’ cooldowns. The result is that Skill Power will have less of an impact on cooldowns, leading to slightly faster cooldowns for players with low Skill Power and slightly slower ones for players with high Skill Power compared to their cooldowns in PTS 1. Sticky Bomb Disruptor: Explosion radius increased to 9 meters. With this very large radius, Dirsuptor becomes a strong counter to skill proxies such as Turrets, Support Stations or Seeker Mines. Support Station All mods: Radius decreased from 8 meters to 6 meters. All mods: Healing rate decreased by 16.7%. Life Support: Revive time increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. The base stats of the Support Station were a bit too strong, especially in combination with the Reclaimer gear set. Vendors We had a quick pass at Vendors costs to take into account the addition of Exotic items. Exotic items sold at Vendors have had their prices slightly increased. Gear Set items have been lowered to be equivalent to High End prices. Legendary Difficulty Our goal with Legendary Difficulty is to add an activity specially tailored for very optimized players. Thus, we purposely designed it to not be achievable by everyone. With that said, we also want to make sure the experience is fair, and that failing feels deserved or at least understandable. Slightly decreased accuracy, aiming and weapon spread of NPCs. Several updates to NPC behavior in Legendary Mode. Slightly increase NPC damage to compensate for accuracy and aiming changes. Bug fixes Fixed a bug where NPCs would often get perfect aim. Fixed a bug where Hildr was still named Valkyria. Fixed a bug where Incursions weekly rewards would not correctly contain an Exotic Cache. Fixed a bug where Exotic weapons would end up with incoherent talent requirements if they had been recalibrated before the update. Fixed a bug where Skill Haste value was not correctly doubled on Gear Mods. Fixed a bug where the collision in The Armory landmark did not match the geometry. Modified some roamer paths in the DZ to reduce amount of AI that can be pulled into engagements. Player can now fast travel to all DZ gates, including the ones along Central Park Wall. Fixed a bug where Uncomplicated could be recalibrated. Fixed a bug where Tactician’s Authority 4-piece buff would be lost after 10 seconds if not consumed by using a skill. Fixed a bug where the Quickdraw talent on Damascus had attributes requirements. Fixed a bug where the Glutton talent on Hungry Hog would provide more bonus damage than intended. Fixed a bug where mods could be unequipped randomly when relogging into the game. Fixed a bug where Dark Zone leaderboards would not work properly. Fixed a bug where High End weapons only had 3 talents available when recalibrating instead of 6.