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Found 16 results

  1. So preload for the beta is available. How much is everyone looking forward to it and what do you love / like / dislike / hate after playing. My main hope is that they have randomised the enemy waves in the replayable missions to add some variety. This was not the case on the previous round of testing and the suggestion was made on the official forums.
  2. Those who might be interested, Division2 beta sign up is open
  3. Official dates for the closed beta are 2/3-2/6 and the beta will be available for all platforms during that same window. Now on to the important stuff, has anyone gotten a code? As of yet I haven't, so I'm hoping they haven't sent them out yet, as opposed to me not getting into the beta. Post up here if you get a code so those of us that don't have them can judge you for being lucky ?
  4. Recently wrote up a acticle on my impressions of the new mission that was featured in the beta over at The Loot Cave. Give it a read, let me know what you think. :)
  5. Hey y'all! I'd be happy if I could share my experiences with you so far, so I'd really love if all of you could tell me what kind of positives and negatives you've found following a very short set of rules: - No comments about lacking content, because that's not what the beta was about; same goes for DZ-content as it has been said dozens of times: It'll be changed in major aspects as a beta test is for trying mechanics and not to show the games content - No graphic downgrade talk; the consoles can't handle anymore graphics and the pc version looks super good if you made the right settings for your monitor/ingame video settings So.. I think you want me to start?.. Yes?.. Well... okay then! I'll just take what impresses me the most because otherwise I'll need hours to finish again. The things that I'm really excited about is for one thing the Dark Zone Loot system. I'd love to see where that is going and what they imagined for that as it's been confirmed that there will be better drops and not this "extract 100 things and you'll get one good blue item"-thing anymore. So I'm pretty much up for a better system. But still: I loved the DZ. I did so many manhunts, we did 2-Squads-Rogue action aswell and so many fights and hunts on other Rogues that my guess is that I've spent about 85-90% of my time in there. And the other thing I'm super excited about is the Endcontent and it's difficulty. I'm still not sure how a raid system would look like and fit to the games mechanics and how it'll be to actually beat the final encounters. Personally I'm a huge fan of WoW and my expectations for raids are pretty high that way, but I'll have to wait I guess. But as far as PvE goes in the beta I'm impressed how much fun it makes, even though it was too easy in the beta! In the DZ there will be scheduled events and more surprises.. so there might be something like world bosses? My imagination about that is going crazy.. So guys, tell me about your positives and negatives! What do you expect from what you've seen? Post it!
  6. hi, Psn name is "streeler" , living in colorado and looking for serious players to grow in the game. i will be online every day for a month after game release so i need a good clan. please feel free to add me as a friend even though if you do not have a clan, maybe we will gather a good team and create our own clan
  7. overall great beta, obviously some glitches to work out, especially with character movement
  8. Hello Agents! Got my hands on The Division Beta and put together a video of the funniest moments we had. Really enjoying this game with friends. Hopefully the full game will have a lot more to explore and discover. Also, did anyone else see the Buzz Lightyear hazmat suits? Enjoy!
  9. Hey guys, the mules are looking to stream the beta on Thursday night. I also wanted to get a few other twitch accounts of people who will be streaming some Division as it comes out! Let me know what yours is!
  10. Hey everybody. Been listening to to the rouge agent radio podcast and can't wait for the game to come out... Boom, Dave, Doom got me super excited to get involved with the community. They referred me here! Pre-ordered the game back in July of last year. Now one that the beta is out looking forward to linking up with some of you guys and playing together. So I'm not a teenager anymore. College student And play in my free time. I got a gaming headset and I'm looking to maximize my time in the game by linking up with you guys. Huge RPG player and I see a lot of potential for build a awesome character build in this game. Let me know guys. Ps4: DroppedAssChild
  11. The new patch notes for the upcoming beta can now be found on the Ubisoft website. Improvements Interface Added support for multiple in-game languages: All platforms: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish PC, PS4: Japanese Weapon and Item Mods can now be changed directly from the inventory screen [Xbox One and PS4] Changed weapon swap button mapping to: [Tap] Primary/Secondary weapon [Double Tap] Switch to Sidearm UI improvements for better readability and usability Gameplay Additional balancing of weapons, enemy NPCs, and character progression Dark Zone Added another Dark Zone gate to the Beta Map area Changed Dark Zone brackets level range Depending on your level, you will now be matched with level 4-7 players and enemies, or level 8 players and enemies Landmarks have been added to the Dark Zone Map area With these landmarks you will find more challenging encounters rewarding you with better loot Performances Loading of textures and models should no longer suffer delays on console Bug fixes More than 10,000 bugs have been fixed, including many of the most reported bugs during the Alpha. Missing sound with specific weapons and mods combinations Repeating audio when opening the Mega Map Mission objectives not completing correctly Floating characters and weapons Character loading stuck at 95% Broken textures
  12. Hello everyone, I was just wondering, if I played in the Alpha and still have it downloaded, will I still have to download the Beta or will the Alpha be updated? Just curious. Thanks in advance!
  13. Someone on reddit messaged an owner on the website Funstock Digital asking about the beta and got a reply back that the beta would be starting on the 29th, here is a screenshot of the email. Looks pretty legit to me, if so I'm happy about that date and glad its not in February some time EDIT: Take this with caution, this could be fake so don't get your hopes up too much. You've been warned.
  14. I noticed this on my Uplay app and speculation leads to believe that this may just confirm the January beta date. Also, it looks like alpha players will get rewards as well a beta.
  15. So when do y'all think its going to drop!?
  16. Guys! Could we be getting a beta announcement today!?