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  1. "Always out numbered,never out gunned" This country was founded by a Ragtag Militia of Patriots so this group is formed to honor them in getting **** done. We are open to all and everyone and our main goal is completing missions, strongholds, bounties ,pvp,raids and Darkzone. Will help you level up and are open to trading gear. All levels are welcome. Dark zone codes we follow are we do not fire unless fired upon ,we hunt down rogue agents. We are currently level 30+ but will help you level up as quickly as possible. Group is led by a Air Force LT.Members age consist of 23 yo but all ages welcome. We only ask that no political conversations in the group or during gaming, and to please be mature. No mics are necessary but are greatly appreciated. Times we are usually on are week nights around 6:30pm and weekends are always open all day. We are always open to help you with the game we only ask you do the same in return. Trading is allowed and encouraged within the clan. Add me on Xbox CrankTheTank53 I'm currently second in command. Plan to continue the clan on future multiplayer games so look for us.
  2. Intelligence Annex: Welcome to the Dark Zones January 17, 2019 Dark Zones First on the list is the Dark Zone, or rather Dark Zones! Three Dark Zones are available in The Division 2—DZ East, South, and West—and you can access them early in the campaign. The Division 2's Dark Zones are PVEVP areas with enemy factions roaming the areas. Similar to The Division, our focus in the Dark Zones is to create social interactions between players characterized by tension. We have implemented a three-tiered progression system for Rogues in The Division 2. There are two ways for players to engage with our new Rogue progression – world interaction and toggling: Rogue Status—This early stage in the Rogue loop is new to The Division 2, with a focus on theft and greed. Once Rogue, players see nearby opportunities to complete new Rogue actions—stealing other players' loot, hijacking Supply drops, and cutting ropes to name a few. Performing any of these actions will toggle you Rogue. Here, the ultimate goal is gaining access to the Thieves Den—a hidden instance that houses vendors only accessible by Agents in this Rogue state. The entrance location varies and appears when you execute enough Rogue actions. After exiting the Den, players return to SHD status. If a player kills another player while in this new Rogue state, they will go Disavowed. Disavowed Status—This stage is the most familiar to fans of The Division. Killing players raises the attacking Agent's disavowed level, and killing enough players raises the disavowed Agent's status to Manhunt. SHD Agents can eliminate Disavowed Agents to claim their bounties. Manhunt Status—This is the final stage in the Rogue loop in which players have to clear their status at a SHD terminal in order to earn rewards. In The Division 2, you have a choice of three random terminals active in the Dark Zone to clear your Manhunt status. You also have the option to Increase Notoriety at any terminal, effectively raising your rewards but requiring you to cash-out at the next terminal. General terminal areas are visible on the mega-map for SHD agents while a Manhunt is active, but precise terminal locations are only revealed to the Manhunt player. This creates a cat-and-mouse style gameplay loop where SHD Agents can track down Manhunt Agents and attempt to claim their bounty. Matchmaking in the Dark Zones occurs in two separate brackets. On the one side, players are matched in level buckets (1-10, 11-20, and 21-30) and normalized to the same power level. On the other side, all players who have reached World Tier are matched together and normalized to the same World Tier. For players above the normalized power level, bonus statistics are applied to reward you for your time. We have also altered the Dark Zone matchmaking assignment to help solo players play in Dark Zones mostly comprised of other solo players. This is not a hard rule, and players are free to form groups inside the Dark Zones. Intelligence Annex is back, this time breaking down the dangerous, untamed regions known as the Dark Zones in The Division 2. The most notable change coming in the sequel is the introduction of three Dark Zones, each delivering a unique narrative and fostering new playstyles: Dark Zone East—the largest of all three Dark Zones, players utilize long sightlines in over-grown governmental parks. Dark Zone South—the smallest of the Dark Zones, emphasis is placed on close-quarters combat. Sightlines are easily broken with large interiors and choke points. Dark Zone West—split into two parts by a large canal, Georgetown is characterized by medium-range engagements and features European style architecture. Server Capacity With three new Dark Zones also comes improvements to server capacity and overall size. In The Division 2, we created smaller chunks of Dark Zone for a maximum of 12 players at any given time. While we reduced the maximum player capacity by half for The Division 2, we reduced the overall size of the Dark Zone by thirds to increase player density. The quality of your encounters in the Dark Zones are improved, making your experience more fulfilling. What's more, each Dark Zone reacts to player activity and engagements as you traverse the zone. If you are taking part in an activity in the northern section of a Dark Zone, events will begin appearing elsewhere to create draw in those areas and balance out the region. You need to be cognizant of your surroundings, as every Agent knows situational awareness goes a long way. Perk System In The Division 2, your Dark Zone Level matters more than ever. Senait, the new Dark Zone operator at the Base of Operations gives you access to the new Dark Zone Perk interface—a tree of bonuses that unlock every five Dark Zone levels. While these perks are not power based, they improve your Dark Zone experience based on your playstyle. Ranging from extra space for contaminated items, increased rewards for Rogue agents, or additional opportunities for loot, you have the power to select from a pool of perks that best suit how you enjoy playing The Division 2. Death as a Rogue in the Dark Zones comes at a great cost of experience, though. Maintaining your Dark Zone level and, more importantly, these perks are a priority in The Division 2. Extractions We are excited about a few big changes coming to extractions in The Division 2. While loot was static from the moment it dropped in The Division, it takes on a more dynamic role this time around. Firstly, only the rarer and more scarce gear upgrades found in the Dark Zones will be contaminated and require an extraction. The rest will flow straight into your inventory. Secondly, weapons and gear roll at the power level of the player who successfully extracts them. Contaminated gear is your best chance at finding upgrades within the Dark Zone. This creates more gearing opportunities for you as any stolen loot will always roll to your level. Normalization & Matchmaking A big change from Manhattan's Dark Zone is that the three Dark Zones in Washington D.C. will utilize normalization to level the player field. If you are new to The Division 2, normalization reduces the peaks and valleys between players who have high survivability or high damage output. While balancing is a factor to take in account when crafting your build, remember that your build choices are still unique and offer a variety of gameplay options. AI are not exempt from normalization either; they adhere to the same normalization rules players do. Matchmaking in the Dark Zones occurs in two separate brackets. On the one side, players are matched in level buckets (1-10, 11-20, and 21-30) and normalized to the same power level. On the other side, all players who have reached World Tier are matched together and normalized to the same World Tier. For players above the normalized power level, bonus statistics are applied to reward you for your time. We have also altered the Dark Zone matchmaking assignment to help solo players play in Dark Zones mostly comprised of other solo players. This is not a hard rule, and players are free to form groups inside the Dark Zones. Checkpoints Checkpoints are mounted with indestructible turrets to avoid checkpoint camping. These weapons target any Rogue or AI that crosses its path, so keep your distance! Occupied Dark Zones We have one more new feature on the list dedicated to our most dedicated PVP crowd. Today, we are introducing dynamic, server-wide events called Occupied Dark Zones. During these events, all expected Dark Zone rules change. The concept of SHD and Rogue are completely gone; you are simply a player trying to reap the best rewards in our most hardcore environment. This translates to no Rogue states, a limited notification system, friendly fire active, and no normalization, allowing you to utilize every ounce of your build. While one Dark Zone is Occupied, the other two operate under expected behavior. These end-game events are designed to be some of the greatest risk/reward opportunities in The Division 2. Are you willing to accept the risks? Thanks for joining us for today's Dark Zone improvements! There is still more information to come for our most dedicated Dark Zone players, so stay tuned. Be sure to join us over on the Official Forums or on the community Reddit to discuss today's article; we would love to hear your thoughts! We will be releasing these articles regularly, so remember to keep an eye out! /The Division Dev Team
  3. The Dark Zone experience has changed and that includes going Rogue. Instead of one we have three Dark Zones, with new rules, activities and PvP. In this video I will breakdown and give a simple overview of the new features implemented and old ones changed.
  4. The last few week more (credible) sources, including Ubisoft, have been leaking and releasing footage and information on Tom Clancy's The Division 2. From taken down Dark Zone and Rogue gameplay, PC features to the story trailer dropping today - we're covering it in this video.
  5. Below are my thoughts on this, often, touchy subject. I’ve taken a long look at the concept and execution of the Dark Zone and its gameplay and have come to the conclusions below as to why it so harshly divides the community, why it should work and why it doesn’t work. Perception: Firstly, the learning curve is drastic! Unless you have great knowledge of the game meta, builds etc any PvP you face in the DZ will be very one sided. I see Players who are more used to PvE constantly complain as they don’t understand how they’re toon can be killed so rapidly…fact is they’ve only faced Ai…usually never tried a Legendary or Heroic mission, maybe never faced a Hunter in Survival. They don’t realise and have never had the experience of PvP. They’re build isn’t optimised for PvP. They fail, get killed constantly and, seemingly, too fast for it to be allowed in the game…must be hacks, exploits, cheaters… the DZ is full of cheaters clearly…crappy game. …see? Their perception is that the DZ is where all the Cheaters go, it’s a broken area and “Why can’t we just have a PvE Dark Zone?” What went wrong: Inexperience. That’s where it went wrong. Massive came with practically zero experience building a PvP arena style game, they didn’t do their research. They knew what and how they wanted things to go but forgot the first law of MMO's. - If players will be dicks in an online game, and they will do all they can to be the biggest dicks they can be. Suddenly you have players camping extraction zones. Spending dedicated hours creating meta builds and exploiting every loophole possible in the game mechanics. Players deliberately running into your shots so you go Rogue by accident … basically being huge Trolls and suddenly Massives' lovely game is broken to pieces. It's not how they wanted the play to develop. Players just weren't playing the game by the rules they wanted them to. How does it get better: The first step forward was subcontracting out development of the DZ and PvP to Red Storm. A development house with ACTUAL MMO PvP experience. Drawback is that how Massive built the DZ, how they built all the game mechanics meant that Red Storm have a HUGE uphill struggle. They’re constrained by the source coding deep in the game. Bottom line the Dark Zone will NEVER actually be “fixed”. There will always be some element of “broken” about it as it can’t be rebuilt from the bottom up. I say this as I'm pretty sure it would have been by now...this strongly means its just not possible. However, Red Storm have shown us how things could have been … firstly with Last Stand and now with Skirmish Mode. The key was shown as Normalisation. You can enter the mode with any build you want, meta'd to any level, but stats will be normalised…levelled out. Yes, there are still ways to exploit some builds but these are far more minor than the whole concern around the DZ. In Last Stand for example I’ve gone in with pure PvE builds and whilst I’ve not done very well, I’ve not had players kill me in one shot as they could in the DZ. I believe normalisation was the solution I proposed very soon after the game released (somewhere on these forums long ago). The reason it’s not been implemented into the DZ still, and it appears never will, are clearly due to the fact the bottom layers of core coding to build the DZ are focused on the same coding as the LZ and this will always prevent the obvious solution. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the players neither have the experience or knowledge of how games are actually built and how such early choices in game mechanics can influence areas of game play. All they see, all they vocalise, is that the game is broken. It’s true, it is…in that area but its broken BECAUSE the LZ isn’t broken, for the very same reason that the Light Zone is fun, makes the Dark Zone horrible for many. Red Storm can improve the situation. I also believe that modes such as Last Stand and Skirmish have been built DELIBERATELY to try to move gameplay focus out of the DZ…to lessen the number of dedicated PvP players in the Dark Zone artificially. Less players with the PvP meta builds physically in the DZ, ultimately the better for PvE players entering the DZ. The Logic is simple if flawed. Flawed because of course… First Law of MMO's: People will be dicks. Those who want to be dicks will realise exactly that there are less skilled, tooled up, players in the DZ…that the chances of running into a player who can face them down will be far less. …so less wolves = more prey. There will be a period of quiet as PvP players migrate to the new game modes but ultimately you will face a meta-gamer again. Conclusion: The Dark Zone is broken, long live Last Stand and Skirmish. PvE players ought to realise that there are far more PvE opportunities in the game and either visit the DZ rarely or take the hits more on the chin. The DZ won’t and shouldn’t be a safe place, unfortunately it will also never be a FAIR place. Red Storm can help to modify some issues but they're bandaids over a big wound. However, I don't see the Dark Zone as a failure. What it doesn't do is explain to players exactly what it is and how it works...sure it "tells" them...but clearly the full implications of it are not understood or there wouldn't be any issue, would there? Despite doing exactly what it says on the tin, I think the fact there are PvE elements in the DZ lead many to neglect the warnings or just choose to not understand them. Game on people….
  6. Hey everyone, I started with MMOs back in the day when WoW came out and the one thing I really liked was being immersed in the story and background of my character and having them grow in a fictional world. I would love to do this with the Division! I don't know how this would be done, but I would love to have another person, or group, who would be interested in role playing a second wave agent with me as we go through the streets of Manhattan. Probably sounds childish to do this, but I also write comics so I'm always in this creative state of mind. who would be interested?
  7. So.... I am Level 21 and Dark Zone Rank 35. I thought as soon as I reached DZ rank 30 I would see vendors starting to sell better gear with a level 30 rank requirement. This has not been the case. Everything has remained at a level 15 rank requirement which blows and leads me to believe I must rank up my characters normal level past 21. But that too cannot be correct so where is the better level DZ gear and what are the rank intervals for sale by the DZ vendors? I have searched and cannot find anyone listing these ranks in a table for the gear.
  8. Good day, agents. After taking some time to get to grips with the game's UI and gameplay style, I've started to take a keen eye for sniping (with the M700 Carbon) and handling close-to-mid range targets with an AR (typically the SCAR-L, or the Classic M1A (or any other variant of the M1A)). If the M1A isn`t working, I would typically switch to the MP5. Can you recommend any snipers or ARs aside from those two? Maybe just going through my loot consistently and switching up my weapons for higher DPS could help, but does the Recalibration station work well? On another topic, I've had some unfortunate luck in the DZ, too. I'm only a GS248, but that shouldn't be too great of a difference from GS256, right? I didn't have any many talents or attributes unlocked at that time, so maybe they might help. Back on the subject of gear sets, I have looked through what is available, and I must admit that there are more options than I thought. Anyway, I have been looking into the DeadEYE and Banshee sets. Do you think they would work well with the Sniper (M700 Carbon/SRS A1/whatever) and the AR (SCAR-L Variants, etc) or SMG application? Please leave feedback and thoughts below, I would love to discuss this! V.
  9. Hi folks, just wanted to let you know about a new service that Upper Echelon Gamers are offering. If you need help in the Dark Zone to extract your loot, to fight off rogues, if you are ganked by checkpoint campers or just about any situation you might need a hand with, you can simply call 911 on the UEG Discord server and they will dispatch some members to join your game and help you. Here is the official website with details, instructions, Discord address etc.:
  10. Hey Devs and Division Community, Casual gamer here with a quick thought on some things that I would like to see happen (sooner rather than later). Being more of a casual player, I find the grind less and less fun as countless friends drop off for other games. While there are plenty of streamers and hardcore gamers that have pointed out issues that need fixing (heck, some have laid out well thought out solutions just short of coding), there needs to be a plan on the devs end to tackle it. Weekly updates seem to lack the same planning effort of the year one content roll out, essentially causing this fix one, break two dilemma that keeps happening. While the effort in fixing games breaking (in the players benefit) is to be commended, the player base will continue to dwindle while other issues persist. Here is a suggestion: please fix one major community gripe every two weeks, prioritized by polls on forums, Twitter, Reddit, etc. (like delayed heal or framerate stutter on console) and alternating weeks continue focusing on whatever nerf, patch, rebalance was already in the works. I know it's tempting to tackle the low hanging fruit of what appears to be th easiest to accomplish, but some of the the things like removing the dab, and now rumor has it the extra med kit/ammo fix for police/paramedic backpacks, you will lose more than half your player base (if you haven't already). Now on to fun modes that could help bring some player back: WAR: Waves of Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers or LMB vs. up to squads of 16 Agents. Start with red bar and progressively crank it up. The only rewards would be weapon kits/crafting material and possibly weapon skins/clothing (ex: Rioter outfit and End is NY weapon skin). Location could be on certain streets (outside the Dark Zone, PvE map or Brooklyn) and joinable via matchmaking free roam. Hunter or Hunted: 231+ GS 1-4 man Rogue team with LMB as allies in lower PvE only (enabled for the 12 other agents) Dark Zone. Rogues stay on Manhunt until entire team is killed (then they spawn on new server) Rogue team can only be one DZ segment higher ex: 231+ Rogues vs. 201-230 DZ agents. Give the Rogues a mission like escort LMB VIP from A to B or secure supply drop. Reward could be lots of Divisiontech and/or Credits (DZ/Phoenix). Reward for agents would be Gear Set items and or named weapons based on Rogue GS segment (no need for extraction)
  11. Hello there! Is there any bug in Dark Zone? Saw today 2 players in dz20-24 with level 25. How comes they are here, as i know can join only on higher dz brackets.
  12. Daily it seems there is a negative post referring to how an individual player has struggled to do anything in the Dark Zone, how they keep getting killed, or can’t damage rogues, how the game is rubbish, how they won’t play it anymore, how they’re a single player, they don’t team up and they don’t have hours to invest in the game and why that is, seemingly, the games fault but In the end I think the question should be ... “What do I actually expect from a game?” I ask you to throw away your preconceptions of a Tom Clancy title and embrace something more familiar with a swathe of other gamers … the world of MMORPG’s. The Dark Zone is this games equivalent of level 80+ PvP Raids in World of Warcraft, Tier 10 Clan Wars in World of Tanks (as two examples I’m most familiar with). These activities are Group Focused, Time Sinks, Team play sides of the games. Ultimately, if you examine them the whole games, they are aimed at moving players up to this level and extracting the required time/money from them to take part in these game play areas. However, would you play these games and expect yourself as a casual player to compete at that level?? No, why the hell would you? Would you blame the game that you can’t take part in those areas? No, of course not…why not though? Ask yourself then, what game do you think this is…really…I mean it? Do you think it’s a single player shooter? Wrong. Do you think this is a game that enables single player casual gamers to run at the highest competitive level? Wrong again (*some rare exceptions below) This is an MMORPG … If you know anything about high level PvP raiding in WoW then you know what this is! Why do you want to change that? Bored then? Feel you can’t progress your gaming experience without going into the DZ? Then you are taking the whole game experience for these types of games the wrong way. You know what, being honest, there isn’t masses of quests or places to go yet but in WoW when it was in its first year….guess what? There ALSO wasn’t masses of quests or places to go either and it was at least two years until World of Tanks had significant end-game activities as well. The Division is still a young game, as such its lacking in content if compared to other MMORPG’s but the rate of content coming out now is extraordinary. This is no World of Warcraft!! I doubt it will ever have the scope of that title as I don’t think that’s ultimately Ubisofts long term plan for the title (wish it was but….). This is, and will always be, a hybrid animal. With “quite a lot” for the single player, and casual player to enjoy for a great number of hours … 40-60hrs of gameplay for example, I class myself as both mainly single player and casual but I’m happily still at 80hrs now. The game also has high level PvP arena for the dedicated gamers with lots of time and who can run with teams. The game is built around people being gregarious and finding players to play with (lets be honest the matchmaker is a dream!!). It provides lots of content for the single player BUT stop expecting the high level team play PvP to be handed to you as well and accept that the game provides a LOT for you…have you really explored everywhere? Sure about that? I cleared all the echos etc but I am still finding “stories” to interest me as I walk around sight seeing. Not only that but S&D and HVT’s have added masses more single player content but they are NOT a route for you to take part in the high level PvP … again …. I have to suggest that you are expecting something that just is NOT the aim of this game or quite a lot of other MMO’s out there. Still unsure? Still think that the game should allow you to take part in DZ PvP at an equal footing to a person who puts hours and hours into the game and runs with a regular crew? Ok, then answer me this final question….. …what other MMORPG game would do that? I honestly can’t think of a single one that works on that premise and I don’t think they should either. If you want a pick-up-and-play-as-you-want, single player game you can play from start to finish then ARE you looking for an MMO at all?? …further to that… is this the game you expected? Is that the fault of the game or the fault of your own preconceptions? Lastly, there are always exceptions. It is POSSIBLE to solo the Dark Zone … it is POSSIBLE to run as a single player in the Dark Zone and do well. However, this takes patience, skill AND knowledge. If you have the time and drive to achieve that then brilliant…and if you can then why are you reading this?!?
  13. I will apologise now if my language gets a little extreme, but I am really getting tired of this. So many times now I have run the Dark Zone with a group of agents, only to have them turn on me at the extraction site. While everyone else may get this and accept it as "part of the game," I'm afraid I don't. Having served in a real-world military unit, turning on your fellows is just not done. When one of my team dies in the DZ, I stay with their kit, not stealing it (unless by accident, if I'm too close) until they respawn and come back for it. Now this may mark me down as a sap and a sucker, but to be honest, I don't give a monkey's! Why? I am also a recently-diagnosed high-functioning autistic. To me, when someone betrays me in the DZ and buggers off with all the stuff I have collected, it's infuriating. I don't have the ability to separate the game-world from the "real" world (so I don't behave differently in the game from how I would in the outside world), and I usually have to take a break to get get over my fury. I am also not a social gamer - I join teams in the game because I have no other choice if I want to progress. I'm sorry I don't have the ability to voice-chat - I'm still trying to work out why. I've had truly excellent experiences in the DZ too - a team where, without speaking (at least not that I could hear), we all read the various tactical situations presented by the game and acted as an actual military team would, backing each other up, going on the attack at the same time - the whole idea being to have an enjoyable time playing the game, not to screw each other over to gain the least advantage. I'm quite willing to do the grind for loot/rewards (repetitive situations in a "world" we understand is an "autie" thing!) but it's disappointing to have other people come in to spoil my fun just so they can get their jollies. It'd be nice if I was offered an option to exclude rogue agent interactions (they can't hurt me, I can't hurt them) before I entered the DZ. I realise this might be a little complicated to do for Ubisoft, and the vast majority of gamers seems quite happy to turn traitor at a moment's notice. So please do me a favour. If you are playing rogue, and you see my gamertag/agent name, please assume that I am not interested in doing you any harm and just pass me by. It's hard enough for me to get through the DZ without having people I don't know walk up to me and shoot me in the face just because they think it's funny. Besides, come the zombie apocalypse, you wouldn't like it very much if someone did that to you, would you? It's not like you can respawn at a checkpoint after taking a real-world shotgun blast to the mush, now, is it?
  14. Firstly ... and please read this ... this is not a thread just to bash the Dark Zone. Remain constructive, this is an effort not to remove Rogue Agents or even make things more difficult for them. This is intended as an ideas thread on how we can keep the Dark Zone challenging but also make the PvP aspect "Competitive" ... that is to say reduce the instances where a single player character (Agent OR Rogue) can take down multiple player characters in rapid succession without prior preparation and seemingly taking no damage in return. I would like a Dark Zone that encourages teamwork, tactics, cunning ambushes ... from both Rogues & Agents. A Dark Zone where, if you're alone you're still "prey" but you will get a chance to defend yourself or cover your rapid retreat with an even chance of success. Rogues should still be able to take down Agents and steal their stuff but it shouldn't be just two shots "bam-bam!" and the Agent is down (though critical head shots, from high rolling sniper at range perhaps so). So, how can Massive balance this? What stats or figures from characters can they use?
  15. So now I'm going to start a list of thieving gits whose behaviour in the DZ is inexcusable and damned unsporting. This is intended as a warning for decent players who are trying to enjoy the game, not screw each other over. My advice is: DO NOT RUN THE DZ WITH THESE PEOPLE. In each case, I will be specific as to why they've made my sh*t list. Hopefully they can then team up with each other and steal to their black heart's content (and leave the honest players the hell alone!). 1) xElong recon: This little creep joined a team, waited for his/her fellows to die and then picked their way through the good loot. There was no attempt made to revive the downed player - I'm fairly certain xElong arrived and specifically waited for the revive timer to run out.
  16. Open thread to share your Dark Zone...Agent vs. Agent/Agent vs. Rogue builds. What skills and stats do you ensure you never leave home without before going into the DZ? What builds and tactics do you always do to ensure survival against Rogue agents? What dirty tricks do you throw out there when you Rogues ambush those foolhardy Agents? Obviously this is to highlight that PvP is VASTLY different in tactics and builds to pure PvE and even PvE solo play. This might help Agents survive longer, or help Rogues cash in better.
  17. This is my gear as of right now, I'm looking for a group that plays pretty frequently, I play everyday just about, psn name is BobTheFNxBuilder send me a friend request
  18. You can not be shot by rogue if you carry between 0-3 items. Because doing an extraction every 3 items is a drag. You have to wait for almost 2 minutes. Which will make people take the risk and carry between 4-9 loot. The grinders can grind and the rogue and players with 4-9 items go crazy on each other. It also gives the low armor/rank an opportunity to rank up and get gear.
  19. Hey guys, my 2 friends and I are playing the division and are in need of one last group member. We are level 24 and all have mics. We're looking for a player lvl 20-24. My PSN ID is : Trinity_122 Message me if anyone is interested.
  20. Just posted this here in another agent's thread, but I figured I'd throw it up on General so it's easier to find for everyone that needs/wants it. (Right click and select "view image" for a zoomable version)
  21. So I've seen a page which discussed this matter. Well, don't have the authority to copy it here. So I'll just give you the link>Rogue or Manhunt: Which is More Rewarding in The Division So from what I've read, it looks like it's more rewarding to go rogue than going manhunt. But of course, I don't want to jump into any conclusion yet. I wanna hear some opinions from pros and experienced players regarding this matter. Yes, I know it's also a matter of personal preference but, I'm kinda of a number girl wherein I based 40% of my decision based on stats..LOL.. So guys...What do you prefer? Going rogue or manhunt?
  22. I am looking for a team to run the dark zone with and the incursion my psn is StinchTrench add me.