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Found 28 results

  1. Hey everyone, I started with MMOs back in the day when WoW came out and the one thing I really liked was being immersed in the story and background of my character and having them grow in a fictional world. I would love to do this with the Division! I don't know how this would be done, but I would love to have another person, or group, who would be interested in role playing a second wave agent with me as we go through the streets of Manhattan. Probably sounds childish to do this, but I also write comics so I'm always in this creative state of mind. who would be interested?
  2. So last night none of the lads were online; I decided to solo dz as a result with a blatant disregard for my "No going rogue policy". I decided to test myself out and test the server out, but only when the opportunity arose. I was wondering around the DZ, minding everyone else's business but not going rogue, just sizing people up and chasing other rogues. Then I decided to go rogue. I went rogue on a group of two (consciously not going rogue on a single player, because I hate those guys); what a fight! I won in the end using my flame turret and grenades to shepherd them back into my turret. It was so much fun! Even more so when I got the two of 'em. I then went rogue on an extracting group of three and dropped my turret in the perfect place. It was beautiful dropping the three of them, I didn't hack their extract because that was theirs and I just wanted to kill folks. Anyway, long story short, every time I saw those groups again, they went rogue on me and killed me every time. I made a lot of enemies last night! BUT DAMN IT WAS FUN! Just curious as to what everyone else's success/failure stories are of going rogue in a solo DZ run and not giving a single fuck. :D
  3. Hi folks, just wanted to let you know about a new service that Upper Echelon Gamers are offering. If you need help in the Dark Zone to extract your loot, to fight off rogues, if you are ganked by checkpoint campers or just about any situation you might need a hand with, you can simply call 911 on the UEG Discord server and they will dispatch some members to join your game and help you. Here is the official website with details, instructions, Discord address etc.:
  4. Well, looks like Massive has did it once more to us...... I know,I know. Some will just reply and say quit crying and you go get the gear set. "WHATEVER"! Massive has ruined this game with every update!!! Now you can't run the Striker/Sentry unless you run 5 piece, but what good does it do when almost all the teams are running Reclaimer Set????? It's totally broken and any other team is at the disadvantage. I really like the game,but please Massive.......before you do anything else FIX YOUR GAME!!
  5. My dad and I are GS 235+ and need to other players to go get some 268 Alphabridge. My gt is iLynxist please message me if interested. I am 15 and my dad is 49. We need mature players who play often. Please message me (iLynxist).
  6. Hello there, i really need some help to level up in DZ and get the better gear. Who wants to help me? my psn is : MrKn1ght hopefully soon enough haha byebye
  7. Active experienced adult player looking for group to join up with. Gamertag: flhtcuu just send me a friend request and lets get busy.
  8. Can anyone please explain why the system persists in matching me to groups of agents when, the very moment I step into the DZ, all the other team members show up as "DZ Mismatch?" If their rating is higher than mine, or vice-versa, why would the system match us in the first place? It's getting really frustrating - I've been kicked off eleven teams in the past half-hour, and had "DZ Mismatch" for another four... I can't get at the really good loot without help, but I can't get the help either... Arrrggghhhh!!
  9. Hi all, We have players from a few countries like Aus, SG, HK and many more. All countries are welcome to join this group. There are players that play almost everyday, so you wouldn't need to worry if you cannot find anyone to play with. Please come and join this Discord group to play with us in DZ, incursion and many more. Click on the link and join us. We are mostly PC players
  10. Requirements: 190+ GS and a Mic So pretty much anyone is welcome. Ill have a groups doing HVT and running the DZ every night 7-12 EST. and most of the weekends. Add me GT: LZ LONGSHOT ZL
  11. So now I'm going to start a list of thieving gits whose behaviour in the DZ is inexcusable and damned unsporting. This is intended as a warning for decent players who are trying to enjoy the game, not screw each other over. My advice is: DO NOT RUN THE DZ WITH THESE PEOPLE. In each case, I will be specific as to why they've made my sh*t list. Hopefully they can then team up with each other and steal to their black heart's content (and leave the honest players the hell alone!). 1) xElong recon: This little creep joined a team, waited for his/her fellows to die and then picked their way through the good loot. There was no attempt made to revive the downed player - I'm fairly certain xElong arrived and specifically waited for the revive timer to run out.
  12. Hello Agents of "thedivisonforums" Mrgarrettadams here, Little about me: I'm (Finally) Level 30 with 14(DZ) I've have played PLENTY of 1st&3rd person shooters to know "how to aim". I live in Utah so that means i'm (MST) Schedule: Mon-Fri I get on around 8-8:30am and I play till 9:10am so a short session..... Wednesday is my main gaming day 8am-5pm and Sunday 12am-4am I'm looking for a team that will Hunt down Rogues and also be HUNTED from time to time! Mature team is a must 18+ WITH MIC!!! Comment back or send a request...
  13. You can not be shot by rogue if you carry between 0-3 items. Because doing an extraction every 3 items is a drag. You have to wait for almost 2 minutes. Which will make people take the risk and carry between 4-9 loot. The grinders can grind and the rogue and players with 4-9 items go crazy on each other. It also gives the low armor/rank an opportunity to rank up and get gear.
  14. Aburules

    Xbox one DZ

    Looking for a dz group on Xbox one. . Must be dz 30+. My gamer tag is aburules
  15. So I've seen a page which discussed this matter. Well, don't have the authority to copy it here. So I'll just give you the link>Rogue or Manhunt: Which is More Rewarding in The Division So from what I've read, it looks like it's more rewarding to go rogue than going manhunt. But of course, I don't want to jump into any conclusion yet. I wanna hear some opinions from pros and experienced players regarding this matter. Yes, I know it's also a matter of personal preference but, I'm kinda of a number girl wherein I based 40% of my decision based on stats..LOL.. So guys...What do you prefer? Going rogue or manhunt?
  16. Hello group, i hope you are well. I am a 32 year old guy looking for other mature gamers to do DZ runs and what not. Although I am able to do DZ runs on my own, lately I have had poor lucks with Rogues and getting bum rushed by npc's at extraction. Ideally I would like to find a group of mellow, mature, like minded guys. I would like to be rogue hunters and in a sense grief the "griefers". A little xbox vigilante justice and protection for those that are having a hard go in the DZ. I live in the EST (UTC-4) and usually play in the afternoon around 2 or 3 and the evening around 9 or 10. My availability will change in the near future though as I am looking for a new job. If this sounds good and you are part of a squad in need of one more or just another lone wolf looking to team up either shoot me a PM or respond to this post. Cheers.
  17. *Recruit your squad specific to your needs** Looking for a group but hate the matchmaking process? Join my group finder for Xbox players to recruit a squad specific to your needs any and all players welcome that includes the part time player and/or parent


    Looking to complete the incursion.. Add ISISKLLER and no kids please I am 39 years old...
  19. Three guys, we're all in our 30's. We're competitive but like to have fun first; drinking is usually involved and giving each other a hard time is always involved. We're all lvl 30 and DZ lvls are 54, 50, & 46. We're all in the central time zone and play from around 8pm-1 or 2am almost every night. We're getting better and more cohesive and our gear is definitely getting better; slowly but surely. We'd really like to have a fourth player that we can rely on and play with consistently. If you've read about the upcoming additions to the game then you know that your lonewolf days are numbered. So, if you're in a group that isn't quite what you want or aren't in a group and what you've read on here sounds good, then reply to this with your gamertag and we'll see how it goes! I don't know what kind of response to expect from this, but we'll just operate on a first come basis. If there is a large response, then I'll start a clan and well get people matched up. Thanks and happy gaming
  20. Sleeper Core is openly recruiting. We are looking for agents with mics and good communication. Communication is key to successful runs. We play traditional MMO roles. For example, I tank, we have a dedicated healer and dedicated DPS. If you are interested in joining, please send me a message on PSN at TR3Y727. You can also hit us up in our Facebook group in the link below: Stay safe agents!
  21. Hi, I'm looking for active DZ/Daily Challenges groups. PSN: DaveyVAK410 Level: 30 Send me a message on Playstation if ur interested.