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Found 2 results

  1. Thirsty NPC's should have finishers or at least they should do emotes on your dead body. I mean, it sucks, it happens, you are the last one up on your team crawling away from danger in hopes to take cover long enough for a teammate to spawn in (If you are so lucky to be in a respawn zone). And some npc walks over and finishes you off. Yes it sucks, yes it happens, yes it would be freaking hilarious if they celebrated with an emote of their own.
  2. Soo I just put in 53hrs & 25min playing the Beta & absolutely loved just about every second. What I'd love to see in the full game: - Safe Houses ( safe & dark zone properties for sale by JTF that've confirmed the previous home owners as deceased. Upgradable with either $ or DZ funds. I think I'd be really awesome to have a place you call home & could invite your group over. Getting it in a mess & to be able to upgrade it & make it look really good & cozy. Maybe even have a pet. Which leads me to my next. ) - Pets ( Feedable/tame-able dogs & rats that stay in your Safehouse as well as cats that you can adopt from maybe the Base of Ops or a restored pet store. ) - Coffee ( Findable in Coffee shops & can replace one of your quick select consumables for faster reloads. ) - More Emotes ( Dance, push-ups, blow a kiss, stroke beard, thrust, flex, cut throat with finger. Just to name a few. ) There's a few more things I'd like to suggest, but I bet they're probably putting it in already. Things such as ; - Different style Backpacks - Wearable Hoods - Goggles - Gas Masks - Sunglasses . And a bit less "important" but I still think would be pretty cool is if there were patches you could put on backpacks & stickers you could put on your shield, or the door of your safe house...Yes I really really want my own place I can restock my ammo and invite my group over for a party. With Dance emotes. Another couple things that I really want to believe is coming is Season Change & last but deffinately not least... ZOMBIES! Please bring Zombies into this game. It would be the very best.