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Found 7 results

  1. OPERATION DARK HOURS WORLD FIRST WINNERS 21 May 2019 Agents! We'd like to extend a heartfelt congratulation to the world's first Agents to complete the Operation Dark Hours raid! Each of these groups showed superb teamwork and dedication to earn their spots as the pioneers of this challenging content. The agents that were the very first to finish it will now be immortalized in the White House, with their own portrait - complete with Ubisoft name tags - hanging on the wall to celebrate their accomplishment. The final version of the portrait is under production and will be revealed soon. Because of the heroism and tenacity everyone showed, we've decided to create three different portraits for the White House, celebrating the first teams on each platform (PC, PS4, XB1). The portraits will be shown on their individual platforms. PC Ranger_84 Sleepy0- TheSc4le. MarcoStyleNL SOLIDFPS eeL.gniM widdz Nick-Tew PS4 xxMr-_-BaTzXx Jaqev AZPRIMEMINISTER HaNdSoMeLaNcEr H2K-PREDATOR5 Inkist- BloodShy Tico79 XBOX ONE Bellicosi Ruthless Raptor Ruthless Wllzye Qolll The MafiaX don BeltedCactus Lowkey Shoplift Adjustix History will remember you, Agents. If you want to see the historical moment, and don't care about spoilers, check out this Twitch clip from SolidFPS as the team takes down the final boss of Operation Dark Hours. Well done, Agents, and congratulations once again! We also wanted to highlight the second completion of Operation Dark Hours, which was accomplished by members of the DUK clan just five minutes after the first successful run. The third group beat the final boss around 20 minutes later. It was a very close race! Runner ups: Abgott5chlange lolol934 Rammbob Rush-Runner ArranoxTV Ravenlord-117 Y-Lou corkyxx Everyone who has completed the raid has surmounted the biggest threat that is currently available in The Division 2. We wish the best of luck to all the Agents who are facing down the dangers of Operation Dark Hours. Operation Dark Hours is just the beginning! You can look forward to regular content updates throughout Year One. Stay tuned to our State of the Game streams for all the latest development updates. /The Division 2 Team
  2. Overview: WELCOME TO APPAREL EVENT #1: INVASION April 5, 2019 Agents! The Black Tusk Stronghold—Tidal Basin—is now available, and we want to make sure you are taking back D.C. in style. We are celebrating our first content update with Apparel Event #1: Invasion, live now! To recap, Apparel Events offer you an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items through a limited-time Invasion Apparel Cache and Invasion features 30 new apparel items to collect! Earn keys to open apparel caches through gameplay or direct purchase before Invasion's end to earn a unique reward! REWARDS The Invasion Cache pool consists of three outfits inspired by the factions roaming Washington, D.C. , one mask, four emotes and nine weapon skins. On top of that, players can earn the following exciting rewards: One extra mask, earned for completing the three Invasion outfits. A unique Black Tusk inspired uniform, earned for collecting all 30 items in the pool of the Invasion Cache. Note that this reward is only obtainable during the event. FREE KEYS To kick Invasion off, we are giving all players who log into The Division 2 during the first week of Invasion one free key! All Year One Pass holders will earn an additional three keys as a bonus, available until Invasion ends! We want everyone to celebrate with us wearing their new apparel items, so enjoy your first cache openings! HOW ARE KEYS EARNED? From there, keys can be earned from the following sources: Weekly Apparel Projects: three keys each Chance to drop when reaching Field Proficiency upon each level after 30 Chance to drop when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency Direct purchase with Premium Credits PHASES Here is a detailed breakdown and availability for Invasion: Event Live—April 5th to April 25th. During this period, Event keys can be earned from the sources listed above. Event Closing—April 25th to May 2nd. If you have leftover keys available, be sure to use them now! You can use your unspent keys, as well as purchase additional ones to complete apparel sets. Post Event—May 2nd onward. All items from the Event Cache are moved into the standard Apparel Caches to earn through gameplay, as well as put on the Apparel Store for direct purchase, with an exception for the Black Tusk uniform. Remember, Event Caches do not contain duplicates and all items yet to be collected can be viewed in the Apparel section in-game. For more information on Apparel Caches and Event Caches, visit our Year One Update blog. Be sure to jump in and share your new apparel with us using #TheDivision2Photos! Thank you, /The Division Team
  3. This weekend (July 7 - 10) you'll be geting double the rewards from your daily assignments.