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Found 1 result

  1. If you read the internets concerning The Division then there is a good chance that over the last week or so you have come across at least a reference to a video SkillUp has made saying that the game on the PTS (Public Test Server) in Week 3 is far too easy. I wanted to start a thread to get others opinions rather than just bogging down the PTS Week 3 thread. I will link in the YouTube vids later today when home so you can all watch for yourself. Anyway, the story, as I know it, so far... SkillUp posted a video with him doing the Underground solo and explaining in his opinion that is was far too easy and too much loot was being dropped. To test this he (check out his full video for details); Created a new character Opened the new character loot caches you get given in Wk3 PTS Sorted out his gear and did some calibrating Ran the Underground with each phase taking 10 minutes and him barely going below 1.5 health bars He could kill the end level boss with just 22 bullets IIRC he had 4 piece Predators Mark and 2 piece LoneStar. I did a test with a new character on the PTS and found challenging content to be not so hard in the Underground but pretty difficult in other missions although it was possible (with a number of deaths) for me. I was using 4 piece Strikers, two random other pieces and built for average across the 3 stats. I didn't use a Marksman rifle which could have helped significantly. Yesterday MarcoStyle released a video explaining why he thought SkillUp may have found it too easy. His conclusions were; Skillups 4 piece was arguably the strongest in the game. Lonestar 2 piece is also very strong. The tuning and re-calibration was from many hours game play and data analysis SkillUp has done. SkillUp has a lot of experience in the game, more than most casual players would have. Moving on to this morning, SkillUp has responded to MarcoStyles video with another video not using any matched gearsets, running Underground quite easily and doing WarrenGate solo on challenging. Things to note that I got from that video were; Skillup heavily put stats on to health (over 300k toughness) inc 50% damage mitigation. He also put some other constraints on himself including no cover, no headshots and a number of others I don't recall at this moment. Skillup admitted he dies in Warrengate a number of times and it was difficult until he learned how to avoid those difficulties. He also admitted he had to use headshots for the heavies as he could not realistically take them down otherwise. On the boss fight he sent down to half the last health bar a number of times. He still felt that is was too easy because of the restrictions cancelling out the fact he was dying. Personally I felt that video was pretty flimsy as a justification for his position. It should be made clear that I personally enjoy watching both these guys videos and agree with the vast majority most the time. They have both been talking to each other and this is not about one upmanship between them but more of an adult dialogue and it is great to see. One solution that seems to be going around in the community is for everything to remain the same and then put Heroic back in as a team only difficulty with the same quality but greater number of loot drops. I will update more / clarify details when home tonight. What are peoples thoughts. Videos; Too much loot, too easy (SkillUp) Marcostyles video has been taken down which is pretty disappointing. Update: He has removed it and now said he agrees. Reply to MarcoStyle (SkillUp) I think I will record a vid and post it up and