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Found 5 results

  1. Thirsty NPC's should have finishers or at least they should do emotes on your dead body. I mean, it sucks, it happens, you are the last one up on your team crawling away from danger in hopes to take cover long enough for a teammate to spawn in (If you are so lucky to be in a respawn zone). And some npc walks over and finishes you off. Yes it sucks, yes it happens, yes it would be freaking hilarious if they celebrated with an emote of their own.
  2. I'll start it, dont have much yet
  3. Yep. So there's a hot topic I participated in Ubi forums and Natchai, the community manager, said something and argued regarding the game and he got burned. I'll drop the link to the thread and copy. Sorry for the mess, I'm on mobile phone at the moment and I'll fix this thread later. I just want to share what he said before they delete it. It's all start from this, as quoted: Firecrest and Blind are more heavily distributed in the UG than the other gear sets, that's correct. Some thing to know about phases however; if you play 3 phase mission on Hard for instance, you have a good chance that the loot you'll get is of a higher tier than normal (the next tier, not the highest tier). If you're already on the highest tier of gear of course, there isn't a lot more we can do ... Mind you, I said they're distributed more heavily, you can however get all the other gear sets from the Underground as well AND the team is looking to perhaps up that ante in the near future, but I can't share any info regarding it. Regarding people who are requesting us to make it possible for all venues to drop all sets, there are a few issues with this. First, it will heavily sway even more in RNG's way. Think about it, at the moment you know which venues tend to offer certain sets more, thus if you want a specific set you can focus on that content. If it is not this way, you'll run whatever content you choose and might not end up getting the gear set you want for a long time, factoring in all the gear sets we have currently and possible future gear sets. Second, if we make all content drop all loot, unweighted, then most of the content will be ignored because players will look for the easiest/fastest way to gather loot and then not bother with the rest. This might seem like a great idea to some of you, as you might be able to gear up faster, but this will be boring and is not the dev team's intention. After all, we want players to play all content, or at least most of it, not just a tiny slice. I'm not saying our current system is perfect, but the devs are working on it to improve it. The suggestion of unweighted distribution for all content however, is not the way to go. Not for the dev team, and when you look at it honestly, not for the players either. ... I'm not going to wade in this discussion much further, but I ask you this: If all venues dropped all gear sets, i.e. incursions, HVT's, Dark Zone, Underground and whatever else may come along, do you honestly believe most people will play everything, or that they will play the one thing that is deemed most efficient re: time spent/rewards gained? Keep in mind we've already seen evidence of this in the past with Bullet King, Falcon Lost cheesing and what else... It's very unlikely in this scenario then that it will go as you mention ... Source: This guy screwed up real bad and people been busting what he said up there, especially regarding the loot spread on all modes, which if they are against it, that means they're against their own dark zone idea. What do you guys think?
  4. Damn. I picked up a green mask (Nomad) from the Dead Zone and extracted. The next day, I accidentally deconstructed it thinking it was the lower green. FML, I needed that one, because I bought the Nomad blueprints for kneepads and holster. At least I got good rolls from the blueprints, but damn missing that third green gear for the 20% health on kill...
  5. So i made a prepare for the division sketch.... appreciate a watch lol