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Found 19 results

  1. Rapture gaming is an active and friendly community with well minded gamers a like. We are a community of mature gamers looking to have fun on Division 2. We host weekly game nights for our different battalions that are within the community. You will never have to play alone since we have members worldwide and on all times of day and night. Our Mission: We are a new community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We Have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. Our Environment: We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. We have 400+ members across 4 battalions for Xbox. We also have a newly opened PC battalion which we are trying to grow Requirements: Working headset 17 or older Good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. Ability to check our forums AT-LEAST once every 14 days Why Join? World Wide Community Multi-Game & Multi-Platform Community Active Discord Server (PC users) Active Website (400+ users between Xbox and PC) Mature Members (Friend/Family safe) Plus many more reasons! Register Here; Once signed up head on over to Join a Battalion tab and fill out our app for Skynet and then over to join a usergroup and submit for rG Skynet. Join a battalion; Join a user group; Please don't hesitate to contact me on discord if you have any questions; Arkose#3371 Happy gaming!!
  2. The Art Of Warfare, better known as TAW, is a highly organized gaming community which was established back in 2001. Since then, we have grown to over 2000 players across 40+ games world wide. Whether you’re from Europe, or the America’s, we have a home for you. Our Division Team is filled with friendly and very active players who are on throughout the day. Always willing to help out our members, whether it be with assistance in missions, doing other end game content, or just basic information and getting to know the game, we’re there for our members. What we have to offer you in TAW: Active and organized players in “TD2” as well as 40+ other games Structured gaming community, while having fun Our own forums, blogs, and wikis for access to information and community. Our Social Media Platforms: Twitch Facebook Twitter Discord Mature gamers that want a laid back environment away from foul language and offensive topics are encouraged to check our website to see more of what TAW is about! Requirements join: Be able to understand and speak English Have a mic, be mature, active, and respectful to others At least 16 years of age. How to join The Division 2: Go to The Art Of Warfare website On the top right click the register button. Fill out the application, select "The Division 2" as your game and "TD Combined Battalion" as the battalion. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me on here or through email or Discord. Email: [email protected]
  3. Looking for a clan/community? About TG Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community. Why Join Tactical Gaming (TG)? Our experience has shown the average life expectancy of a common clan is about 3 to 6 months. Our community has been around since 2004 with members from around the world and our structure will allow us to expand if/when the need arises. Like-Minded Gamers Tactical Gaming is not for everyone and the different phases of our recruiting process enable us to find like-minded gamers. Active Gamers Tactical Gaming consists of active gamers by having mandatory and optional practices. Bare in mind, we have a “real life first” mindset. Different Type of Gamers We have found there are 3 main types of gamers (intro, casual and competitive) and our structure allows us to satisfy each type by grouping them with similar gamers. Different Platforms With the notion that so many people share the common passion for video games, part of our mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from multiple platforms (XBOX, PlayStation, PC and Mobile) bringing down the barriers between platforms. Different Genres We aim to satisfy our member’s needs for team-based gaming by having two franchises. Our Tactical Warfare franchise is for: First/third person shooters Massively Multiplayer first/third person shooters Warfare based simulators and more Our Tactical Adventuress franchise is for: Turn-based and other based strategy games Role-playing games Non shooter Massively Multiplayer (MMO) games Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and more Visit each franchise’s roster for a list of our supported games. Awards We value each and every member. Whether you show great practice/match attendance or show other qualities such as good conduct, dedication, leadership, teamwork, tactics, and performance on and off the field, our attendance points system and our awards (medals & badges) are there to give recognition to those who have earned it. Web Team Our large member base keeps us on our toes by asking for new features and coming up with exciting new ideas. This is where our Web Team comes in. We have a full staff of talented developers and digital media personnel that work daily on projects to keep our sites on the cutting edge of the gaming community. Feel free to message me or post here for any further questions. Head Quarters: HERE About us: HERE Why TG?: HERE If you decide to join, click the link below
  4. PTS 3 patch notes: Last updated: 12:23 UTC, July 18th - Revision 2Global Events Loot changes: As a first attempt to tweak acquisition rate of Classified Gear, our approach was to refocus the caches to make sure they provide something relevant. To keep things balanced, we modified the rhythm by which caches can be obtained, now that we’re sure they will provide something of use. Increased the price of Superior Caches to 1500 (from 650) Increased the price of Regular Caches to 900 (from 350) Increased the token drop rates of Normal and Hard missions to compensate the caches price increase. Superior Caches will now drop only one item. This item will be of either Gear Set, Exotic or Classified quality. The chances of this item to be Exotic or Classified have been increased. Vanity rewards are now awarded in Leaderboard Caches only. Outbreak Added a new stat for number of group headshots completed after you tagged the enemy. Fixed a bug where a player dying from contamination would be shown as having killed himself. Fixed a bug where Global Events would not be sorted alphabetically in the help menu. Commendations Fixed a bug where a Reward section would be shown in the UI of Commendations that do not yield any Reward. Recalibration Gear recalibration has been reactivated and made temporarily free on the PTS for testing purposes Gear Sets Striker’s Battlegear: Overall we were happy with the healing potential of the set in PTS 2 but we felt that players were getting too much base heal per stack while still being able to push their build towards high DPS. The new will actually allow slightly better max healing but require you to go all in on Stamina to get the bulk of the heal. 6 Pieces: Every hit adds a self-healing bonus for 0.01% of max health (instead of 0.1%) of max health per second. This bonus is further increased by 0.03% (instead of 0.01%) for every 2000 Stamina. Stacks up to 100 hits. Bonus is reduced by 0.01% (instead of 0.1%) every second. The 4 Pieces and 6 Pieces talents will now be paused by an EMP effect, instead of being completely reset. Example 1: 4000 Stamina and 100 stack: PTS2: 12% health/second (10% + 2%) PTS3: 7% health/second(1% + 6%) Example 2: 6000 Stamina and 100 stack: PTS2: 13% health/second (10% + 3%) PTS3: 10% health/second (1% + 9%) Example 3: 10000 Stamina and 100 stack: PTS2: 15% health/second (10% + 5%) PTS3: 16% health/second (1% + 15%) Lone Star: In the previous iteration the relatively low percentage change of gaining the buff mixed with the inability to chain bugs together greatly reduced the impact of the set. In this update, the chance of gaining the Berserk buff has been increased and players can now chain multiple Berserk buffs together. 5 Pieces: LMG/Shotgun damage bonus increased to 12% (instead of 8%). 6 Pieces: When a weapon has 50% (instead of 25%) of its magazine remaining, there is a 75% chance (instead of 50%) to receive a bonus that activates when the final bullet is fired from the current magazine. Once activated, the magazine is instantly refilled, weapon damage is increased by 20% (instead of 15%), fire rate is increased by 20% (instead of 25%), and stability and accuracy are decreased to 0 (instead of decreased by 15%). The bonus is cancelled by reloading or exiting combat. 6 Pieces: The bonus can now trigger of itself with diminishing chances. This means that each time the bonus triggers, the chance for it to trigger again is reduced until the players exits combat or reloads. Improvements were made to the visual feedback of the 6 Piece bonus. Fixed a bug where the 6 pieces bonus could be activated when shooting while out of combat. Final Measure: Our goal was for all the buffs to temporarily be very impactful to your play style in different ways. The way Armor was being calculated was unintentional and has been fixed to be an additive increase to your armor mitigation. 6 Pieces: All bonuses received from defusing grenades are increased to 20% (instead of 15%). This bonus is now a flat armor bonus instead of a multiplication of the existing armor value. This means that if your Armor Damage mitigation is at 35%, receiving the Final Measure buff will increase it to 55%. Fixed the description to correctly refer to Fragmentation Grenades instead of HE Grenades. Reclaimer: We wanted the Classified Reclaimer to be the ultimate support healer build. This led us to the new iteration which allows players building purposefully to guarantee that their cooldown resets when their station is destroyed by an enemy. 6 Pieces: Support station gains a 50% chance (instead of 25%) to have no cooldown triggered when it is destroyed by an enemy. This chance is increased by 10% (instead of 2%) for every 2000 Electronics (instead of 1000). Path of the Nomad Fixed a display bug where the talent cooldown icon would not display after the talent effect was triggered. DeadEYE 4 Pieces: Fixed a bug where headshot damage would do less damage than bodyshot damage when scoped in PvP. 6 Pieces: Fixed a bug where the bonus would trigger with any weapon type instead of only Marksman Rifles. Fixed a bug where deconstructing a Classified Gear piece would not yield any material. Fixed a bug with Classified Striker where only one bonus could be recalibrated instead of 2. Skills EMP Sticky Bomb no longer staggers the enemy. Fixed a bug with First Aid Defibrillator where a player equipped with a Vigorous chest rolling into the area would only receive the instant heal and not the heal over time. Weapons Added a hard cap on RPM for all weapons. It will no longer be possible to overcome the RPM limitation of a weapon, no matter what shooting method is used. Fixed a bug where Pakhan’s talent could be staked if the reload animation was interrupted. UI Fixed a bug where a dead group member would still appear as unconscious in the group UI. Fixed a bug in the Group Management menu where the Agent Details could overlap with the server warning “Poor connection to host server”. Fixed several instances of debug_text appearing in the UI. Survival Fixed a bug where Mods could not be equipped on items in Survival. Other Fixed a bug where equipping the Pork Pie hat would make it appear on the character’s feet instead of their head. Fixed a bug where players receiving a burn status effect right after throwing a grenade or throwable skill would disable the grenade or skill.
  5. On SotG it was announced that PC PTS will begin at 10a CEST/4a EST on Friday June 30th. While there is still going to be a console PTS, as promised, the exact release date hasn't been provided (should be sometime next week). For those on a console looking to get to play the PTS, there will be a limit of 10k players for each console. Players will be chosen based on whether or not they're playing end game content (lvl 30 stuff) and how much play time they have logged in the last month. Those that are chosen will receive an email at the email account they have associated with their Uplay account and will then have few steps to follow to redeem their PTS code. For someone that has been looking for a console PTS since the first PC PTS, I'm rather unimpressed that they're limiting access so much. I've been playing the game since the closed beta (no alpha cuz I'm on PS4) and will most likely not get a code since I can only play about 8-10 hrs a week because of adulting. I know there's mostly PC players left on here, but I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on gating access behind play time?
  6. On Uplay and Steam.!/promotions/ubisoft-e3-free-weekend/2 FREE WEEKEND JUNE 10, 2017 2:00 AM - JUNE 13, 2017 5:00 AM JUNE 9, 2017 4:00 PM UTC - JUNE 12, 2017 7:00 PM UTC
  7. Please support us by joining our Steam Group! You don't even have to play with us! Just being a follower in our Steam Group is greatly appreciated and helps Raptor grow! However, if you do wish to play with us! The discord link is below! Hope to see you soon! Steam Group Link: Discord Server Link: Thank you! Dusty Raptor One™
  8. Hello all, First of all, my name is Dusty. I run a discord server (yes, discord, we prefer discord) in which friends can come and play. However, I am looking into creating a role (basically a tag for those who use Teamspeak) known as "First Wave". The people assigned this tag, evidently, will be The Division Agents of Raptor 1. We aren't forcing anyone to join us. Just trying to make a group of friends bigger. This posted was also posted on Arma III's Forums as we also play a lot of that game! If you feel like joining, I will post the discord server link below! Just jump on, mention me in a message and I will assign the role! You don't even have to necessarily play with us! However, we are open and friendly and will happily team up. Feel free to come on and even bring your friends if you need a communication method and would like to be part of a small group who play this game regularly. More than welcome and we feel it is more the merrier. Discord Server Link: Hope to see you soon! Dusty Raptor 1 First Wave Agent
  9. djfiend2009

    Need Some Help

    Hi, guys. Could do with some help. I got the game on PC and playing it with Bluetooth PlayStation 4 controller. But the controller is not set up like the play station game is and all the buttons are in the wrong place. Anyone know how I can set it up like the play station game? So things like the heal friends don't work. I'm using the DS4 windows for the controllers. :) Please any advice would be wicked. :)
  10. Hi Community, With the release of The Division I know a lot of people will be looking to upgrade or buy new systems to run this game at its full potential so I thought I'd post a topic that is helpful and which is something I actually know a bit about..That and 'Best Title of the Year Award' goes to... If you've got any questions about yer hardware, any odd lumps or it not working correctly upon insertion then fire them this way. No pictures though, please, unless it's rock hard SLI GTX 980 Ti's then, mmmph, throw them my way baby. Happy hunting, Trans.
  11. Hey everyone! Check out my very first review. I've also included a small animation at the beginning of the video, if that's what you are interested in. Let me know what you think!
  12. check this out, brand new way on how to get into the police academy final checkpoint. The fist part can be challenging but i promise you its worth it. If you for what ever reason cant get past the first step. Complete the mission* meaning go through everything and do the last step on the video place the mobile cover on the door
  13. Hello, I started playing The Division yesterday on PC but have encountered some problems. Although I'm playing with almost everything on max settings and even streaming on FullHD 60FPS without having any single lag, my game still keeps freezing after about 20min of playing time. If I don't log my character in, it's fine, but when I do, then after about 20min my game freezes, without any error messages, and I can't do anything but disconnect my computer from the power supply. My components: • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K 4C/8T / 4,0 GHz • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti 6GB GDDR5 • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 3, Intel® Z170 • RAM: 16384 MB 2133 MHz DDR4 • OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit Any help is very welcome. Thank you. Greets, Exper
  14. Has anyone found a valid work around or fix for this issue? Playing on PC and since playing open beta I've been unable to add any new friends to my uPlay friend list (I've even tried linking via Steam!!). No one gets my invites and I never get the ones sent by them. The only work around I've seen says "Restart uPlay App"... what the hell?? I restart my PC even and I'm not getting any movement. I've tried signing out and back in to uPlay on the desktop application and on the main uPlay website (via Chrome). I've also signed out and back in via the Android Mobile App! I'm running Windows 10 but I don't believe that's linked to it (not read that anywhere). I'm currently running completely solo and reliant on random PuG groups via the random match maker. At level 15 I'm really feeling the strain as I didn't buy this game to go solo...I'd rather play as a team even in the pre-DZ areas. I had planned on buying the annual pass this week but as it stands I'm inclined to withhold my money as I can't experience the game as its intended ... a co-operative game. Any help or pointers would be very helpful. I'm in the UK but generally game quite late at night (after 11pm) meaning even the PuG's I get aren't ... erm ... great.
  15. is looking for more players to join us on release, we currently have around 15 active players all preordered with either Alpha or Beta experience and are looking to increase those numbers greatly to insure enough people/active groups are running on release. Our aim is to be the worlds best Division clan in all aspects. Our goal is simple and we will do whatever it takes to reach it. We are a bunch of Hardcore gamers from all forms of games originally formed in 2007 on World of Warcraft. If you plan on playing the Division on PC in EU and are looking for a group to join you've come to the right place and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  16. Hey Everyone! Since the game is all handled by my Uplay account, can I purchase the game on Xbox and PC and access my agent on both platforms? My gut tells me no, but, I have friends that play on both systems, and I would love to be able to join them both. If Yes, do I need the season pass on both systems? Thanks!
  17. We are a group of 7 UK PC gamers who formed up during closed, open Beta and from Reddit - average age is 37 - we have lives, but are passionate about gaming. We intend to develop content, and have Discord setup with chat / txt channels to make comms as seamless as possible. We are not a clan - so none of that bollox - just a group of guys having a laugh (but ready for the grind). IF you generally play solo and group with randoms; if you want to enjoy the solo journey in the Division, but would love to have friends talking rubbish in the background and know that come end game, group content or DZ, you will be able to jump into the action with people you know .... then skip to the last line in the post! As we stand we want 8 - but we may go to 9 (team dynamics + play time schedules). Male or female - doesn't matter: what matters is that you are as mad as we are; what would help is if you are interested in taking your gaming a bit further and dipping into streaming, blogs, podcasts and mini movies ... Drop a response here - Leave your Uplay ID - and I will be in touch.
  18. Aodan

    [PC] The Select Few

    This group has disbanded.
  19. to make things easier, i ask that you contact me on the official forums. the link below will give you details about me, what im searching for, and how to contact me.