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Found 38 results

  1. Jigga97

    Raid Group

    Looking for a raid group or active clan that raids regularly. Other than me I have two other friends that are active. Message me on PS4 gamer tag: Jigga9721
  2. Although we are an Adult Clan, it would be hard to tell at times. We try and have a blast while playing and we like to include any other Adult PS4 Gamers to join us. The issue with most games that have a Clan feature is that a bunch of small clans gets built and that is cool but I have always thought it was way better to get a handful of smaller clans and put them together to make one larger clan so that everyone benefits and gets to meet new people to play with. Basically, this is what we have done in other games and what we are doing here for The Division 2. If you are with a few friends or you are solo come to join up with Chemical Agents and if you are coming with a group of your friends to join up then let me know and you can nominate one of you to be an admin or whatever the equivalent is in this Game. Our base group is made up of myself Rise, and my buddies Ox and Juice and well we just enjoy grinding out and playing Game like The Division 2 and meeting chill new people to play with. We also have a Discord we use for chatting but that is not required it is extra if you want to use it. Hit me up on PSN - RISE_UP44 or Twitter @RiseUp44 or here and we can talk and get you an invite.
  3. Looking for a clan/community? About TG Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community. Why Join Tactical Gaming (TG)? Our experience has shown the average life expectancy of a common clan is about 3 to 6 months. Our community has been around since 2004 with members from around the world and our structure will allow us to expand if/when the need arises. Like-Minded Gamers Tactical Gaming is not for everyone and the different phases of our recruiting process enable us to find like-minded gamers. Active Gamers Tactical Gaming consists of active gamers by having mandatory and optional practices. Bare in mind, we have a “real life first” mindset. Different Type of Gamers We have found there are 3 main types of gamers (intro, casual and competitive) and our structure allows us to satisfy each type by grouping them with similar gamers. Different Platforms With the notion that so many people share the common passion for video games, part of our mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from multiple platforms (XBOX, PlayStation, PC and Mobile) bringing down the barriers between platforms. Different Genres We aim to satisfy our member’s needs for team-based gaming by having two franchises. Our Tactical Warfare franchise is for: First/third person shooters Massively Multiplayer first/third person shooters Warfare based simulators and more Our Tactical Adventuress franchise is for: Turn-based and other based strategy games Role-playing games Non shooter Massively Multiplayer (MMO) games Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and more Visit each franchise’s roster for a list of our supported games. Awards We value each and every member. Whether you show great practice/match attendance or show other qualities such as good conduct, dedication, leadership, teamwork, tactics, and performance on and off the field, our attendance points system and our awards (medals & badges) are there to give recognition to those who have earned it. Web Team Our large member base keeps us on our toes by asking for new features and coming up with exciting new ideas. This is where our Web Team comes in. We have a full staff of talented developers and digital media personnel that work daily on projects to keep our sites on the cutting edge of the gaming community. Feel free to message me or post here for any further questions. Head Quarters: HERE About us: HERE Why TG?: HERE If you decide to join, click the link below
  4. Fairly new player looking for a Division clan to do some PVE with. On Central time zone. Would prefer the group to be 21+. I'm already in a Destiny clan which I won't leave.
  5. Note, time is measured since launch not the last 30 days. You just needed to uave logged in during the last 30 days
  6. Hey everyone, I started with MMOs back in the day when WoW came out and the one thing I really liked was being immersed in the story and background of my character and having them grow in a fictional world. I would love to do this with the Division! I don't know how this would be done, but I would love to have another person, or group, who would be interested in role playing a second wave agent with me as we go through the streets of Manhattan. Probably sounds childish to do this, but I also write comics so I'm always in this creative state of mind. who would be interested?
  7. Hello everyone, I've been playing The Division since launch, but never really got into the community until recently (now that I have both my PS4 and PC characters at gear level). I fell in love with the game from when it was first announced! Cant wait to chat with everyone on here about their experiences, fun stories, and theories about what may have happened after the 'main quests' have been finished. I have tons of conspiracies myself! Also; is there a Role Playing group? I come from a time when RPing your character was a thing in MMOs, silly question but just wonder. Hope to chat and maybe meet up in game! ps: Here is a current build I'm working on right now. Firecrest+Tactician and winning with a flamethrower turret.
  8. For the free Division weekend, I'm planning on starting a new toon for a 1-30 run tonight. If you know anyone that's looking to try out the game on PS4 this weekend, feel free to pass along my PSN (DeadSockPuppet) if they want help. I'll probably have 2 spots open and will be playing from at least 11p-2a EST.
  9. Hey guys. I'm looking for some people to play with. Missions, free roam, dark zone....I'm currently stuck on level 23 and want to level up and find good gear. Add me if you are interested! Psn- zombochic
  10. I have been playing The Division now for over 700 hrs and would say that I am experienced enough in the game to notice a change in the characters that you create on your Ubisoft/Division Account. Mainly because I have been playing the game for so long now which is coming up to 10 months. But I have discovered something that I feel I need to share with you all. A couple of days ago, I decided on creating a 3rd Division character but my partner to me "why don’t you create a Female character instead of another Male." So, I did just that. But … I have noticed something playing the game from a Female Gamers POV. Have Ubisoft made it easier for Female Gamers. Listen I am in no way whatsoever having a dig at Female Gamers. My partner is one of them and she is if not better than me with certain games and asked me. "Why! and how have I come to this conclusion and where is the evidence to prove otherwise." Okay the evidence is staring you right in the face. I have been gaming probably before some of our forum members were have been alive. I have often played both Male and Female characters in a game. So, I am no stranger to player either side in a gaming environment. My partner said, its bringing out your inner woman’s intuition and that is the reason why you are playing different. And because it is a woman and not a man so naturally you will be cautious and protective of your character than you would playing a Male character. You know what. She could be onto something here. I found weapons and gear that I didn’t fined on my second character. I have progressed to level 6 faster than my second character. So, going back to my earlier question… Have Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment made the game easier and less stressful for Female Gamers. Looking at it from a Male POV I think they have, but only slightly. It is still challenging but although, at the same time - I am finding it a lot easier to play. I asked my Partner the same question and she is a Gamer as much as me… and she said they haven’t. But I beg to differ because why am I finding it a lot easier that is the one thing that is bugging me and to be honest is Why...? I have know some awesome Female Gamers that are the real deal and they will take on any Male Gamer and beat them at their own game. My point is… If they have made it easier. shame on Ubisoft for doing so. Therefore, Could you Guys create a Female Division Agent and then confirm either way and concur if I am indeed correct in my assumption. Another thing is I have died less as a Female character than a Male one. How is this possible when it is the same game. :( Thanks,
  11. Alliterate Soldiers is a large gaming community on PS4, and is part of the Army of Prose network of clans for multiple systems and ages. We use groupme at present to communicate and looking to expand our player base on The Division to join our ex Destiny players that are looking for somewhere else to dwell. As there is no official clan system for The Division, players only need to sign up to our groupme chat for the time being. Once signed up, please change your username to the following format to make it easier to identify you in the chat. - PSN: Name Link to join:
  12. My GS score is 204 and I'm level 33 in the dz just looking for people to do missions and run around with..I'm tired of playing solo and getting destroyed add my psn: Awill2ill31
  13. Hello there, i really need some help to level up in DZ and get the better gear. Who wants to help me? my psn is : MrKn1ght hopefully soon enough haha byebye
  14. Hey looking for a fun group I just started playing but already at LVL 20, looking for people to do missions for now but will be doing DZ eventually when I hit LVL 30 I play mostly around 8pm onward Central Time Zone UTC-06:00 add me up PSN: Ventus0709
  15. Halo pemain The Divison Berhubung saya masih newbie Saya mencari teman untuk bermain divison regional Indonesia. Karakter masih di Lv 25 dan DZ lv 13 ID: TanGiPra90 DZ, Side & Main Missions Just for fun :)
  16. Looking for 1 man or 2 max to do the incursion with. Never completed it despite numerous attempts. Preferably someone who has completed and knows what to do. usually on week nights from 8pm BST. Gamer tag SNIP3R_LdN feel free to add me and join.
  17. I've been having issues while playing the Division, randomly i receive the "Cannot continue using the application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and insert the disc again.". So far i have done the following: 1. Tried a new disk 2. Deleted and re installed application 3. Re built database 4. Initialized 5. Initialized/ Re installed system software 6. Upgraded HDD Internet connection has never been an issue, also all of my other games work 100% fine on and off line. I am just about out of options and am ready to give up all together, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. 38 yr old father Tactical Game Play. I'm looking for a squad that is dependable and isn't to serious. Able to devote an hour plus each game session. Mic -- Always PS4 Gamer Tag -- Either Hoolix or Hoolx21 (I don't remember) Current LVL 10 Also have a LVL 7 that I am running with another friend that we would love a couple more people to run with.
  19. Hello there. I'm currently Level 26 (and 14 in the DZ). I'm looking for some players who want to get together regularly. As it stands now, I typically play every night from around 9pm ~ 12am CST. I'm 41 years old, and would like to find some players around my age, but that's not a requirement. I just ask that you be mature, with a good attitude. I'm taking my time through the game, trying to really take in the experience. I'm located in Canada and play on the PS4. Give me a shout if you're interested and we can exchange info. My gamertag is: Slicer-X1304
  20. Looking for a good group of guys/gals to take on the hardest challenges in this game. Especially this new Incursion, I'll get the season pass soon. I can't seem to find a group where everybody has a mic. (PS4) What I'm looking for: -MICS!!! I want to communicate. If you've played this new Incursion, you know it can't be done with a team of mimes. -Swearing, but no intense gamer rage. I prefer it but as long as you're ok with it, that's good enough for me. -Min lvl 30, gear score 160+, currently I'm 178 -18 or older. If you haven't hit puberty, don't even think about it. (I'm 23) -Weekday evening/weekend players. Usually after 3 pm PST during the week. Overall, I'm looking for team players who love a good challenge and what to enjoy this game. Hit me up on here or look me up if you're interested: zionlion556
  21. check this out, brand new way on how to get into the police academy final checkpoint. The fist part can be challenging but i promise you its worth it. If you for what ever reason cant get past the first step. Complete the mission* meaning go through everything and do the last step on the video place the mobile cover on the door
  22. Sleeper Core is openly recruiting. We are looking for agents with mics and good communication. Communication is key to successful runs. We play traditional MMO roles. For example, I tank, we have a dedicated healer and dedicated DPS. If you are interested in joining, please send me a message on PSN at TR3Y727. You can also hit us up in our Facebook group in the link below: Stay safe agents!
  23. after installing the season pass in which I never saw download but my code was accepted. The only stuff I was able to get from the rewards vendor was the free Ubisoft stuff not the actual season pass content . I hear others are experiencing similar issues, any word on a resolution?? Btw I'm on ps4.
  24. I really need help at the min in the dz my dz rank is 18 please help
  25. I was wondering if anybody is having problems with the chat volume with PS4? So far I've only played with 3 groups of randoms but I've had a very hard time hearing the team mates, and they have trouble hearing me. (my headset works flawlessly in other games and in PSN party). Alternatively the guys in the team with out head sets say my voice is coming in very loud. I have my in game volume turned all the way up and my chat volumes turned up all the way. I haven't noticed any voice coms with proximity chat either. Does anyone know is this a bug? Is there a solution? I have searched and only come up with problems in beta from months ago and it is usually a PC issue. Thanks