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Found 6 results

  1. @GhostRecon: Ghost Recon Wildlands is part of the Steam Summer Sale. Save 33% on all versions. #GhostRecon
  2. Hello everyone, I've been playing The Division since launch, but never really got into the community until recently (now that I have both my PS4 and PC characters at gear level). I fell in love with the game from when it was first announced! Cant wait to chat with everyone on here about their experiences, fun stories, and theories about what may have happened after the 'main quests' have been finished. I have tons of conspiracies myself! Also; is there a Role Playing group? I come from a time when RPing your character was a thing in MMOs, silly question but just wonder. Hope to chat and maybe meet up in game! ps: Here is a current build I'm working on right now. Firecrest+Tactician and winning with a flamethrower turret.
  3. my name is amine , i am from algeria ,if you dont know this country , its an arabian country in the north of africa ,beautiful nature with deferent weather ( coast , Plains , desert ) i like my country but the problem is , we have nothing to do outside ,no clubs no events ,nothing , just drugs ,fights ,bad things i dont like this things , this is why i spent all the time at home ,with my lovely pc till now everything is alrait , but unfortunaly befor few time i get some psychic trouble ,they call it (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) ,this problem make my days from dificult , to very dificult ,now i am 27 old, and believe me i dont remember when the last time i get happy , because all my life is misery when i write here , its not to make some sympathetic, i am strong belive me i can manage my misery this is why i make from video games , my world , when i play , i forgot all this ,i spent the day playing that make me happy ( a little ) to be honest with you i was playing in pirated games ,because in my country we dont have the ability to purchase online ,but after the video games make theire DRM strong with dinuvo thing ,that ruine my days ,now i spent the day so lazy ,bored ,jumping in giveaways websites , in hop i win some game to start my hobbies again if you read the acrticle till here , that mean you are a good one , this is why i will ask for a favor , if you can help me with any game (last games who use dinuvo) i will be so thankful , especially with the division , i really like this game , i see always the gameplay on youtube , and i hope to play it someday , so please make my little dream true in the end , i just want thank ubisoft , for all hapines that broght to as , these team are the best in game develepment , they are like picaso in video games , artiste , so you get all my respect , ubisoft developers , you are the best . and for the gamers in this forum , i hope all hapiness to you , and have fun playing this games :) thank you , if anyone want contact me , i will be so glad for that thats my mail : [email protected] and my facebook :
  4. Just a quick question as I don't recall it being like this when I ran the game before my rebuild....but.... I purchased the game in Steam, its activated and my uPlay account says I have the game BUT previously I could launch it via uPlay as well as Steam but now uPlay just has a Download option. Am I missing some links here? I have had to reinstall my OS and uPlay following a computer breakdown though my OS is on a separate drive to both uPlay and Steam
  5. ROGUE LETTER, a The Division fan-made cardgame, is now available on Tabletop Simulator's Steam Workshop.
  6. I pulled the trigger at Amazon for the Gold edition for the PC, physical (boxed) product, not the download version. Will I be able to use that key the disc comes with to activate my copy of the game on Steam? I'm sure it will just push the uPlay launcher like it does for Far Cry 3 for example, but I will see it in my Steam inventory and feel better about it :) This question is on Amazon, but the answer is unclear as it addresses the download version of the game: What game key do I get this on? Steam or Uplay? Hello (amazon user, not me), You'd receive a Uplay redeemable game key for The Division if you bought the PC Download Edition. This means you'll also need a Uplay account to install and play the game. Thanks for your question.Ubisoft Support MANUFACTURER answered on November 9, 2015 Key Question on Amazon Thanks all.